How To Fix Cracks In Walls? | 9 DIY Ways To Hide, Camouflage And Fix Hairline Cracks In Walls

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 24, 2024 | 7 mins read

How to fix cracks in wall fir your home

Not everything broken cannot be fixed. Here are our nine DIY design and decor hacks to fix hairline cracks in walls 

The crack in the wall can be your piece of imagination if you will let the light come through it!

Cracks in walls can be of many types. And depending on its depth and structural damage, you can devise the perfect wall-crack fixing plan. But before jumping to conclusions, here are a few cracks in wall types that you must have come across over the years of living in the same house. Some of these types are as follows:

  • Expansion concrete cracks
  • Hairline cracks
  • Horizontal cracks at the roof-slab junctions
  • Random cracks in various directions
  • Earthquake cracks

For structural cracks in walls, you might need a professional to help you repair and fix them. However, for hairline cracks in walls, you can DIY and solve your wall woes. These are surface cracks that do not imply any structural damage. Therefore, they require minimal rework like repaint and re-taping to get going. But re-taping might not look pretty on your walls. Today, we thought of mentoring you through our designer-approved suggestions for fixing hairline cracks in walls with design and decor. These are the perfect ways of camouflaging your hairline cracks in walls. Try them now and thank us later!

1. Wrap Your Hairline Cracks In Walls With Designer Wallpapers

Wallpapers aren’t just decoration charms but are also a saviour for your walls, especially if you have hairline fractures in them. Select an appropriate wallpaper and paste it on the walls with cracks. You can work on your wall cracks before applying wallpapers. However, if the crack is very thin and doesn’t need attention, feel free to cover it up with wallpaper. This wallpaper hack can also be a great design element at your place, so choose something that looks appropriate with your room’s interiors. There are different wallpaper styles that you can go with — floral, patterns, stencilled, contrasting, toiled wallpapers, etc. 

How to fix cracks in walls especially if you have hairline fractures in them
A bedroom with a light yellow wallpaper design

2. Save Time With Timepieces On Your Hairline Cracks In Walls

Fix a hairline crack in walls by covering it with clocks. You must place the clock appropriately so that the weight of such clocks doesn’t amplify the damage. You can go for floor-to-wall clocks too in case the crack damage looks aggravated. For this, you can try vintage grandfather clocks or modern floor standing clocks. 

How to fix cracks in walls and save time with timepieces
A hall area with an elegant chandelier and a grandfather clock as main design elements

3. Get Creative With Your Hairline Crack In Walls

You can create modern art with your wall crack. Yes, use some imaginative skills and paint your wall cracks into beautiful art to not just hide away the broken parts but to use them smartly. Try painting with different colours and giving a shape or an expression to your wall crack. You can also let the cracks become a part of your rustic interiors

Get creative with how to fix large cracks in walls and use some imaginative skills and paint your wall cracks
A rustic seating area with wall cracks as a part of the interiors
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4. Add Papercraft To Fix Hairline Cracks In Walls

You can also DIY and fix your cracks in walls by using papercraft around them. You can make easy paper birds or leaves and use the crack as a part of a tree branch to use it as a decor piece. You can also place paint on the cracks and the birds around the cracks instead of using papercraft. If neither of these ideas works for you, go with wall stickers that are readily available online. You can cover the crack tracks with the stickers. 

Add papercraft with how to fix cracks in outside walls
A kid’s bedroom with innovative wall stickers

5. Smartly Use Your Furniture Sets To Cover The Hairline Fractures In Your Walls

You can also work on your furniture arrangements to hide those wall cracks. If you have a bookshelf or a rack, place it in front of your cracked walls. These will also protect your walls from further damage as the furniture pieces will block the cracked areas. You can even decorate these shelves and racks with string lights or display pieces to make them an active decor item in your room’s interior. 

How to fix hairline cracks in concrete walls where work on your furniture arrangements
A living area set-up with an interesting display rack

6. Reflect On Your Mirrors To Hide Away Your Hairline Cracks In Walls

Mirrors are one of the most trending modern home decor ideas. And if you have hairline cracks in your walls, covering them with these trendy mirrors can do the trick. You don’t have to use this hack just to hide wall cracks; you can use it to add some glamour to your room too. Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, so play around with these and select a mirror design that works great for your home’s interiors. You can go with a large-size oval, round mirrors.

Reflect on your mirrors to hide away on how to fix cracks in walls
A living room’s seating area with a lounger couch and mirror hanging on walls

7. Weave Words To Conceal The Hairline Cracks In Walls

Instead of art and paintings, you can also go with words, if they are your thing. You can either conceal the cracks with wall quote frames (which are easily available) or write the words yourself. Have fun with this DIY project; use your favourite movie quotes or your favourite poems. Place the crack in between the words so that it blends well with your wall wordplay.

Weave words to conceal on how to fix cracks in plaster walls
A bedroom with an accent wall with an inspiring quote

8. Go With Textile Art To Disguise The Cracks In Your Walls

If you are into boho decoration stuff, why not hide your hairline wall cracks with traditional textile art fabrics. These are found in different styles: macrame fabric wall hanging, hipster wall tapestry, Jaipuri fabric hangings, mandalas, hippie fabric art for walls, etc. These are affordable, readily available, and unique ways to hide those hairline cracks in walls. Textile art can also add personality to your home interiors. 

Go with textile art to disguise on how to fix large cracks in walls
A relaxing corner with a macrame fabric wall hanging decoration

9. Put Memories In Those Cracked Walls

Another great way of hiding your cracked walls is by adding memories around them. Photo decoration is a popular way of adding personality to your home. It also brings an intimate angle to the place, giving it a personal touch. So, print some polaroids and hang them with strings on the walls to hide the hairline cracks. You can add fairy lights to ornate your photo display. 

Put some memories on how to fix cracks in outside walls
A pink and white room with a photo frame wall display

These hairline cracks are easy to hide or camouflage. And with the above ideas, you will surely be sorted with your fractured walls. However, being attentive to any such cracks or damages is imperative, especially in old homes that have been around for some time. To help you identify the damages, here’s an insight on how to fix cracks in plaster walls. 

Six Common Reasons Why Walls Crack

  • Walls can have cracks because of regional temperature fluctuations
  • Low-quality wall paints can lead to fractures on walls
  • Natural processes such as earthquakes can cause wall cracks 
  • Insufficient bearings in walls can also create such wall cracks.
  • Overloaded ceilings and attics can initiate wall cracks too

Cause Of Hairline Crack In Walls

Hairline cracks in walls are mostly due to humidity. These cracks can also occur due to earth shifts during earthquakes. These shifts may also occur due to the old age of homes, so homes need maintenance over periods. 

How To Fix Hairline Cracks In Walls?

Besides hiding them, hairline cracks can also be fixed. You can follow the below steps to fix your hairline crack in walls:

  • Clean the crack by removing loose debris or paint particles
  • Fill those cleared cracks with cement, apply smoothly on the cracks
  • Use sealants to give final touches to the cementing
  • Then even out the fillings by using a scrapper
  • Instead of cement, you can also use water-based paints to fill those cracks

How To Fix Large Cracks In Walls?

While hairline cracks are usually DIY jobs, you cannot fix large cracks in walls at home. These cracks may lead to severe damage and may even lead to accidents if not taken care of. So, our suggestion would be to check with professionals to treat these damages. They are primarily structural damage and require expert assistance that cannot be hidden with design or decorations.

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