Hyderabad In 2024: Interior Designs To Please The Hyderabadi In You

by Devna Tiwari | January 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

Latest interior design trends for hyderabad 2020

Hyderabad, once the city of Nizams, palaces and forts now houses an urban populace of IT professionals and upscale localities. Here is the low down on interior design trends for 2024 in Hyderabad.

Embraced in the arms of rich history, flocked with people and bustling markets, the city of Nizams – Hyderabad is reminiscent of India’s ancient past. One can get lost in the streets of this city packed with its chai joints and Attar merchants and not to forget infamous biryani and haleem eateries. Here you will experience a swarming urban cocktail of colours, traditions and commerce. Toppling over this pearl city is some of the most impressive architecture. 

Hi-Tech City, or ‘Cyberabad’, and other upscale residential-cum-commercial areas like Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills shimmer with finest malls, pubs and eateries. Amidst all the modern glitz and glam, the interior designs of Hyderabad homes still crush over or let’s say fall in love with traditional designs each passing day. Large apartments decorated with antique accents, understated modern elements, decked up balconies and pooja units to keep  modern homeowners fastened to their roots.

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  1. Luxury interiors with lavish decorative hanging lights.
  2. Italian marble for flooring and staircase designs.
  3. Hyderabadi homes come with vibrant colour palettes.
  4. Furniture with Royal Nawabi features.
  5. Mix of traditional and modern elements in interiors.
  6. Mediterranean interiors with an emphasis on the outdoors.

And with our personalised designs and thoughtful interior styles, we bring a list of trending interior designs in Hyderabad that are sure to make news in 2024!

But before we jump into the list of interior design trends for Hyderabad homes, here are some design aesthetics that are common in the city:

“This year Hyderabadi homes will be a lot about contemporary interiors. We see people are moving towards modern and functional designs. Other than that, wooden elements with royal decorative aesthetics will remain popular in the city. You will also see a lot of wood and mirror paneling in Hyderabadi home interiors in the coming season,” says Gangishetty Akhitha, Senior Designer, DesignCafe Hyderabad.

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Traditional Style Living Room With A Modern Twist!

As mentioned above, Hyderabadis love traditionally styled interiors but with a modern twist. It’s the minute details that create magic. Step into any home in this city and you will be welcomed with antique accents, wooden furniture vibrant colours and some drama! The city is a melting pot of big families as well as young techie couples buying and designing their dream houses. This blending of two generations has given birth to a style that’s an elegant balance of traditional and modern interiors. See this image that beautifully tells you what a typical living room in Hyderabad looks like. We see a centre table, a sideboard made out of wood balanced by a massive back panel in marble, a false ceiling with cove lighting that binds this space together.

Traditional style living room interior design trends with modern twist in Hyderabad 2022 trends

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A Bedroom Where Comfort Meets Royalty!

A subtle yet upscale, elegant bedroom but one that is not flashy, Hyderabadis wish to sleep like the Nizams but not without the comforts of modern times in their master bedrooms. Sleek designs with sophisticated accents and decor is the blueprint of an ideal master bedroom that you will find in the city of young millionaires. 

A rich false ceiling design with recessed lights, copper inlays, wood flooring, mirrors and glass play together adding a touch of royalty to this bedroom. Look closely, this bedroom will not make your eyes clinch but make your jaws drop in awe!

Bedroom interior design in hyderabad with sleek designs with sophisticated accents and decor are new design trends in hyderabad

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A Contemporary Kitchen So Perfect, Just Like Hyderabadi Biryani!

Spacious kitchens designed with modern functionalities for all chefs in the family is what we are talking about! Also, Hyderabadis give utmost importance to Vastu when it comes to designing a home and a kitchen is certainly not left out when it comes to abiding with the principles of this science. This means  water and fire elements must not face each other as they are opposing in nature. Notice how the hob unit and sink are perpendicular to each other? Yes, this is the secret ingredient to a happy, harmonious home!

Modular kitchen design in hyderabad with modern functionality is a latest kitchen design trend in Hyderabad

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Elegant Balcony Interior Designs In Hyderabad Homes

Talk about living with the perfect view! Hyderabadis love the idea of decking up their balconies just like their living rooms. Comfortable settee options, vibrant upholstery, smart storage hacks are like the teaser to the movie called – It all started with a perfect balcony! Here is where millennials and the hardworking IT crowd will spend their evenings with friends and family.

Elegant balcony interior designs in hyderabad homes 2022
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Don’t Worry! We Haven’t Forgotten The Pooja Unit!

A pooja unit is a must have element in the interior design of any home Hyderabad! It exhibits the belief of Hindu families that no matter how progressive and modern their lives are, they still follow their traditions to the core. A typical pooja unit in a Hyderabadi home is simple, made from wood, marble (as a backsplash or countertop) with just the right amount of lighting on the idol. Doors with brass hanging bells, jaalis (latticed screens), and intricate detailing is commonplace in these homes.

Pooja room interior design in hyderabad is simple, made from wood and marble

So did we please the Hyderabadi in you? Let us know what you would like in your dream home in the comments section below. We’re open for orders, do visit our experience centre at The Platina in Hyderabad and get yourself a fantastic home now!

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FAQs On Hyderabad Interior Design Trends

1. How can I create a fusion of Hyderabad design trends with my personal style and preferences?
To create a fusion, incorporate Hyderabad’s traditional elements like wooden furniture and vibrant colours into your space while adding a personal touch through upholstery and decor choices inspired by local motifs like Charminar or Nizam jewellery.

2. What are some budget-friendly ways to incorporate Hyderabad design trends into my home?
To incorporate Hyderabad’s design trends on a budget, explore cost-effective options like sourcing decor from local artisans, thrift stores, and refurbishing existing furniture. These approaches allow you to embrace the essence of Hyderabad’s design without straining your budget.

3. What are some upcoming or emerging design trends in Hyderabad to watch out for?
Stay on-trend with Hyderabad’s design style by focusing on eco-friendly architecture and smart home features. Consider incorporating cooling elements such as courtyards and intricate jali work into your home’s design for an authentic Hyderabad touch.

4. Are there any specific design trends in Hyderabad that cater to the climate and weather?
Design trends ideal for Hyderabad’s climate include incorporating features like jali screens inspired by Charminar’s architecture, facilitating cross-ventilation while ensuring privacy and cooling courtyards with soothing fountains to combat the city’s warm weather effectively.

5. What are some popular color palettes in Hyderabad design trends?
Hyderabad’s design trends often feature vibrant colours like the rich reds of Golconda Fort, the royal blues reminiscent of the Nizam era, or earthy browns like those found in traditional havelis to infuse your space with the city’s warmth and elegance.

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