Aamchi Mumbai: Design Trends 2021

by Devna Tiwari | January 30, 2023 | 5 mins read

Design trends for mumbai mumbaikar homes in 2020

Mumbai is the cosmopolitan we all enjoy. It’s loud and unapologetic. From design styles to kitchen trends and colour schemes, we have got it all! Mumbaikars get ready to dazzle up your house with the latest design trends for 2021!

Mumbai is a charming city. A financial powerhouse, fashion capital, home to the country’s largest film industry and a melting pot of cultures – the city holds a special place in people’s hearts. Homes therefore for its inhabitants are precious given the limited space available in this large metropolitan area.  Mumbaikars these days take immense pride in making creative use of limited space. Changing lifestyles and preferences, especially with millennials, have given way to innovative design trends set to woo Mumbaikars all through 2021. We’ve got it all listed for you. Here are interior trends for Aamchi Mumbai that will delight the Mumbaikar in you!

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Give Your Home All The Space It Needs

What do Mumbaikars want more than a vada pav or a seat on a local train? Space!  As the city of dreams grows with opportunity each day, so do its property rates. And a big consequence of urban development is shrinking apartments. This is why space-saving designs never go out of trend in a city like Mumbai. The idea is to make optimum use of dead spaces in your home so it appears more spacious. An enclosed balcony can double up as a study corner, vertical kitchens, or murphy beds that go fold into the wall when not in use. Pick a colour palette smartly to make your space look brighter.

Best space saving design trends for mumbai mumbaikar small homes in 2020

DESIGN TIP: Neutral tones open up spaces and is an excellent space-saving hacks for small homes.

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Kitchens For Mumbaikars

Two-toned kitchens have been in vogue for a while now with Mumbaikars and we don’t see this changing anytime soon! The trick is choosing a dark shade for cabinets at the bottom and a lighter tone for overhead storage. However, if you prefer a single colour, opt for tropical colours like turquoise, aqua coral or add a bold statement with black. A white kitchen is an evergreen choice. However, Design Cafe’s alchemists will tell you how much Mumbaikars appreciate black and tropical colours for their kitchens, even for studio apartments. However, opt for an L-shaped or an open modular kitchen design. These designs work best for small to medium kitchen spaces as they add volume, especially in modest-sized homes.

Modular kitchen design trends for mumbai mumbaikars homes in 2020

DESIGN TIP: Include accessories like a pantry pull-out, magic corners, sink-top strainers for smarter storage in your kitchen.

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Interior Style That Is Just Right

Minimalism All The Way

‘Less is more’, is a mantra any Mumbai homeowner will swear by when it comes to home interior. Minimalism as a style is visually pleasing, gives you ample breathing space, and is also quite easy to maintain. Clean and straight-line designs are also in trend this year.

Mumbai house owners choose minimalism as a style is visually pleasing styles in 2020

DESIGN TIP: Symmetry is vital while bringing together contrasting elements.

A Pop Of Design

If you are decorating your Mumbai home from scratch then textured walls, brick walls and tiles are a unique way to add a pop of design to your space. If you are not a big fan of textures, add a hint of it with throw cushions, rugs, and a settee. An easier way to bring stylise your interiors is to concentrate more textures than just colour.

Decoration trends for mumbai homes in 2020 by choosing textured walls, brick walls and tiles are a unique way to add a pop of design

DESIGN TIP: Layering patterns in an assortment of scales adds visual depth to a space.

Bring In New Colours

The pairing you’re looking for is tropical, modern and homely! Mumbaikars have always had a crush on eye-popping shades for upholstery and sofa cushions. This year, you have got to go bold! Pick neutral tones for your walls and choose vibrant hues like blue and yellow for your furnishing and decor.

Mumbaikars mumbai homes colour trends in 2020 like blue and yellow for your furnishing and decor

DESIGN TIP: A monochrome wall in a sunny shade of yellow makes your living room bright.

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Dreamy Decor For The City Of Dreams

Think of antique clocks and  mirrors! Hassocks, footstools, accent items in gold and copper as well as wall art are a popular pick for this year. Place large potted plants in those nooks or smaller ones on side tables and countertops. A Mumbaikar’s heart is intrinsically vintage  that explains the love for antiques and decor from yesteryears.

Mumbaikars mumbai homes decor trends in 2020 by choosing nooks or smaller ones on side tables and countertops

DESIGN TIP: Black and white prints or photographs bring in a nostalgic vibe to any space.

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