What’s Hot And What’s Not? | 6 Home Design Trends To Know For 2022

by Mehnaz and Sreya | January 7, 2024 | 8 mins read

Interior design trends 2022 for your home

Home interior design trends for 2022 tell us it’s a brand new year for design styles!

Another year has passed, another year to come;

check out this list and unfold the trendy interior designs that are fun. 

Yes! We’re at that time of the year again when we look back, relive the memories and plan ahead for a brand new start. This is the time when each of us looks for a fresh beginning in our lives. What is more crucial in life than your home, eh? So, it IS the place, to begin with! And fresh starts demand new and innovative ideas. Thus today, we will look at the newest and best home interior design trends for 2022. 

From design themes to furniture styles, our list of interior design trends 2022 is straight out of our design studio and will be your go-to style guide for the year. So get set ready to see the trends that are making news already!

Warm Minimalism Will Make Waves In Interior Design Trends 2022

Minimalist interior design has ruled our hearts for years. And it will continue in 2022 as well. So, the mantra ‘less is more’ will still be relevant in home design trends this year. However, we will witness a whole new kind of minimalism this year. In 2022, a warmer version of the minimalistic style is ruling the new home design trends.

Now, you may be wondering what is warm minimalism! Well, it is a minimalistic design theme with warmer details. So, instead of a plain white colour palette that usually rules minimalistic interiors, we will see a lot of light yellows, cream and off-white tones in trending interior design styles. We will also see a lot of walnut and oak wood instead of grey wooden designs. Warm minimalism also brings in a lot of handwoven fabrics. These create a homelier vibe than the classic cool minimalistic appeal. 

Some of the features of Warm Minimalistic Design are:

  • Undertones of yellow, tan and creams are essential for this new trending house design
  • Multifunctional furnishings will rule this trending interior design style
  • Oak and walnut furniture pieces are integral for warm minimalism
  • Add handwoven rugs and throws to keep up the homely appeal of the design
Warm minimalism home design trends are ruling the new interior design trends 2022
Warm minimalism trendy interior design for dining room creates a homelier vibe
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Personalised Designs Are Leading Home Design Trends In 2022

While minimalistic interiors will undoubtedly be trending this year, we will also see a lot of personalised interior design trends in 2022. So you will see a lot of curated designs with mixed patterns, excessive collections and maximalist themes. From user-centric furniture pieces to lifestyle-centric layouts, 2022 will be all about you!

“When you go to design your home, think about enjoying that space for the next five-seven years. Thus it is essential that your home is about you. Make sure you love it, and it loves you back. That’s what makes a house a HOME. And at DesignCafe, we prioritise personalisation over anything else. We believe homes are an extension of their members. That’s why we design curated and personalised furnishings and layouts–which are the two main pillars of maximalist design,” says Tasneem Arsiwala, the Lead Design Alchemist at Design Cafe, Mumbai.

So embrace your personalised style to create an expressive space and be in line with the home design trends of 2022. You can mix and match design styles and even bend the rules to build a home as unique as you. 

Some of the features of Personalised Home Design Trends 2022 are:

  • Colour palettes that go with your sense of style
  • Decorations that don’t conform to a single design theme
  • Furnishings and storage that are personalised to your requirements
Personalised designs are new home design trends in 2022
Let your home reflect you with personalised home design trends

Bohemian Will Be Another Trending Interior Design Style

Another significant interior trend in 2022 will be Bohemian themes. Bohemian is a nonconformist interior style that celebrates freedom. It is a carefree design theme that doesn’t follow structure. Think carefree layers of pattern with relaxing textures and colour palettes. The core of the bohemian aesthetic is that it’s a personal and relaxed style of design. Like maximalism, bohemian is also about expressing your unique and individualistic style. Yet, it does not follow strict rules like the former.

Some of the features of Bohemian Design include:

  • It features both neutral and bold colours, depending on your taste
  • This design is inspired by art, literature and music 
  • Indoor plants are an essential part of this design theme
  • Layers of eclectic patterns are popular in bohemian interiors
Bohemian is a trending interior design style in 2022 that lends a unique and individualistic style
Bohemian interior trend 2022 is a nonconformist interior style that celebrates freedom
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Home Design Trends? Open Space Designs Are So In!

In 2022, homes will continue to be the go-to place for get-togethers and hangouts. Thus, you will see a lot of open layout designs ruling the 2022 interior trends. We will see free and carefree design cues for homes – from open kitchens to open living areas. However, to make these open spaces feel more homely and warm, we will see a lot of personalised furnishings. 

From multifunctional TV units to sectional sofas and purposeful crockery units – we will see a lot of user-centric furniture to fill the open spaces. Such open layout homes will also witness many bright colours and patterned rugs to make spacious areas feel warmer. 

Some of the key features of Open Space Design are:

  • This interior trend of 2022 features a mix of bright and vibrant colours
  • Glass partitions are prevalent in such spaces to create visual demarcation
  • Multifunctional furniture will continue to trend in open homes
Open layout interior design trends 2022 with personalised furnishings make it homely and warm
An open layout is a trendy interior design in 2022 with a partition between the kitchen and living room
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Crafts Are Here To Stay For Interior Design Trends 2022

Living with the pandemic for days, most of us have rejuvenated our inner artists. So, elevating your home with handicrafts, artistic works and decorous paintings will continue to be in trend for quite some time. From DIY hanging planters, macrame wall hangings to handmade paintings – these pieces are sure to be the showstopper in your home. The craft pieces also add layers to your home interiors and help in lending an artistic edge. With the internet full of tutorials on DIY handicrafts, it’s time to get in on the action. And if art and craft is just not your thing, buy them online and get ready to infuse your home with an authentic indie touch.

Ways to add a crafty touch to your home interiors in 2022:

  • DIY hanging planters lend a personalised touch to your space
  • An accent wall with some textured wall painting
  • DIY handicraft pieces and wall hangers elevate the look of your home
2022 interior trends go for craft pieces that add layers to your home interiors and help in lending an artistic edge
Make your home interiors the canvas to display your crafty creativity in 2022

Biophilic Designs Will Continue To Be Popular In 2022

With the work from home lifestyle continuing, it is quite natural that people will find ways to bring the outdoors into their homes. So we will be seeing a sharp rise in the popularity of Biophilic designs in 2022. Plants have a calming effect on your mind and body while adding freshness to your home. They improve the air quality in your home and help you stay connected to nature. So get ready to embrace nature while embracing a new year with zeel, positivity and lots of home.

Some of the features of Biophilic Designs include:

  • Indoor plants are easy to maintain and a great addition to your home
  • Make the most of your balcony and turn it into an urban jungle
  • Hanging planters can help you add some greenery to your home without taking up any floor space
  • Opt for some sustainable furniture to match your biophilic home design
  • Flora- and fauna-patterned fabrics and wallpaper can also be used to add playful touches throughout your home
Trendy interior design in 2022 add elements of nature like indoor plants lends freshness to your home
Bring elements of nature into your home with biophilic interiors

What’s Hot In Home Interior Design Trends 2022?

  • Printed upholstery will be trending all through the year
  • Round and irregular mirrors are so in!
  • Fluted tiles in the bathroom are making news, and how!
  • Go for round glass pendant lights
  • Rounded edges in furniture are going to be quite trendy
  • Large artwork in the living room is a good idea for 2022!
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What To Avoid In Home Interior Design Trends 2022?

  • Grey is likely to take a backseat and a bright pop of colours will be trending 
  • With Very Peri being the new colour on the block, people will move away from monochromes, especially Grey (the Pantone colour of 2021), and choose lively and vibrant colours 
  • With urban lifestyles getting busier, people opt for easy to clean and fuss-free culinary experiences so modular kitchens are here to stay
  • Heavy and shiny accents that gained huge popularity in 2021 will be replaced with minimalistic accents and sustainable furniture for a chic contemporary look

Now that you know how the interior design trends of 2022 are, let’s see how it is different from interior design trends of 2023. This will help you go ahead and plan a trendy interior set-up for your home. And if you want some professional guidance for your home interiors, reach out to us and plan your home with the expert designers in town. Book a free consultation with us today, and we will take care of the rest.

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