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How To Plan The Dining Room Style Design For Your Home

Different dining room style designs for your home

Model your dining room into a fancy restaurant with a dining room style design

A dining room is more than just putting together a dining table and chairs. It’s also about creating an ambience and mood to enjoy your meals and make memories. When you plan the dining room style design right, you can turn the dining room in your home to no less than your favourite fine dining restaurant.

There are many different types of dining room styles. You may have a separate room altogether for a dining room. Some homeowners prefer to have a combined dining and living room with distinct decor setting apart the areas. Those with an open kitchen format could make the most of it by combining it with a dining area. No matter your preferences and home layout, this blog post shows you all you need to know about dining room style design.

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Indian-Style Dining Room In A Combined Living Room

Homeowners with a large living room can consider setting up their dining area in the same space. For an Indian-style dining room, you can set up your dining area behind the sofa. It creates a clear distinction for the dining area. Since there will already be different types of furniture in the room, it’s best to keep the dining room furniture styles simple. For such a set-up, the classic wooden dining table and chairs would be ideal. They lend a minimal but elegant look to the space. Don’t forget to complete your Indian-style dining room with a full-length crockery cabinet.

Indian style dining room in a combined living room with a wooden dining table and chairs classic.
Classic wooden dining room furniture styles give the space a neat look

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Dining Room Style Design Next To Large Windows

Meals with a view get a whole new meaning with dining room style design next to large windows. Let the view outside be your company for every meal instead of the television. Not to mention the abundance of natural light your dining room will enjoy during breakfast and lunch. At dinner time too, the night-time view complemented by candles will create a pleasant and romantic ambience. If you’re open to remodelling, you can think about replacing the balcony wall with large picture windows.

Dining room style design next to large window creates a pleasant and romantic ambience.
Enjoy meals with a view from the comfort of your home with this dining room style design

Intimate Dining Room Style Design Close To The Kitchen

Don’t despair when you don’t have an entirely separate room to spare for a dining room. You can create a sweet nook close to the kitchen with this dining room style design. A round set-up of dining room furniture styles is more compact and takes lesser space. You can go with or without a wall or screen partition between the kitchen and dining area. These dining room styles assure intimate family mealtimes.

Kitchen cum dining room style with round table and four pink chairs
Round dining room furniture styles are a convenient space-saving hack

Indian-Style Dining Room In An Open Kitchen Format

When you have an open kitchen format in your home, make the most of it by setting up the dining area right next to it. You can go for a straightforward Indian-style dining room design with simple dining room furniture styles. Invest in a large dining table to make mealtimes a hearty family affair. The kitchen platform doubles up as a great serving area to lay out an elaborate Sunday brunch.

Open kitchen in Indian style cum dining room with a rectangular table with a rounded edge.
Opt for a rectangular table with rounded edges for contemporary dining room furniture styles
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Offbeat Dining Room Furniture Styles For The Modern Apartment

When you’re looking for something unconventional, how about ditching the regular dining room furniture styles and going for something offbeat? You can place chairs on one side of the dining table and a cushioned bench against the wall on the other side. Take your modern-style dining room a step further by opting for upholstery in contrasting and bright colours. The dining table in classic wood gives a smart contrast to the contemporary seating.

The dining room has an offbeat dining room furniture style with cushioned bench and chairs.
Recreate the ambience of your favourite all-day cafe in your home

Modern-Style Dining Room For Those Who Like To Host

If you enjoy inviting guests for meals to your home, you may like to splurge on your dining room decor. When you have a separate dining room and like to entertain, model it into a modern-style dining room to make a lasting impression. Go for luxury dining room furniture styles and ensure the rest of the room’s decor matches the sophistication. Be strategic about the wall paint and light fixtures that you choose. Keep it simple with a functional crockery cabinet and adorn the walls with artwork.

The modern style dining room has a dining table, chairs with cushions and a crockery cabinet.
Make a lasting impression with a modern-style dining room

How you choose your dining room style design will depend on many factors, from where in your apartment you would like to set it up to whether it’s in a separate room or a shared space. Next is deciding whether you would like to keep it a family affair or expect to entertain guests frequently. All of this will help you determine the kind of ambience you wish to create, the dining room furniture styles to consider and finally, which dining room style design to pick.

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