Cook And Dine: 6 Kitchen With Dining Room Design Ideas For Your Home

by Ekta Poddar | February 25, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas

Why do we love a kitchen dining room combine? Let me count the ways. It allows easy transfer of food to the table and makes sure that the food reaches the table piping hot. It is a great design for small spaces or open plan layouts such as studio apartments. You can work in the kitchen and yet have company close by. Or you can keep an eye on the goings on in the dining area. The proximity of a dining table also means that you have extra working surface at a pinch for your preparation. Our guide to combined kitchen and dining room layouts is guaranteed to inspire you to create a design that helps you avail these benefits and more!

Interior Design Ideas That Combine Kitchen And Dining Spaces

Have a small kitchen dining space that is seemingly limiting your design ambitions? Stretch your wings with the tips and tricks from this space as your muse for design ideas. Using a white colour palette immediately creates a sense of airiness. To keep white from being boring, add touches of metal. Notice how the gold accents of the vintage cabinet-pulls ties in with the contemporary pendant lights above this dining table. The decor unites the two spaces together. The wooden elements of flooring and furniture such as the table top are also kept pale to enhance the sense of calm in this combined area. Armless chairs further contribute to the open look. In a final design trick, this dining table has an additional leaf which can be put up converting it from a four-seater to a six-seater when the need arises.

Kitchen dining table which allows easy transfer of food to the table
An open space combination of kitchen and dining room that has both form and function

A Subtle Partition For Your Living And Dining Room

While an open kitchen and dining area affords you great ease of movement, it often works to zone them to create two distinct spaces. Here are some easy design techniques to help you ace your zoning game. We love the ‘wall’ divider set up between the kitchen and dining room here. It works brilliantly to psychologically break the two areas up. Yet its open look allows the eye to travel across, making it seem large and spacious. A convenient shelf doubles up a buffet sideboard and extra storage and display surface. The choice of distinct colours further enhances the feeling of two separate zones. The dining area has warmer tones of wood while the almost grey and teal combination keeps the look cool in this kitchen. A round pedestal table with contemporary chairs ups the cool quotient of the dining room.

Kitchen dining room where an open kitchen with dining area affords you a great ease of movement
An open divider creates the illusion of two zones while retaining the flow of space
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SA Modern Kitchen And Dining Room Design For You

An open floor layout that combines the kitchen with dining room and even the drawing room is a double-edged sword, a blank canvas full of possibilities and yet easy to get wrong. The design in this combined kitchen and dining room has no trouble in navigating the tricky waters. 

To begin with one is immediately drawn to the modern design of the kitchen dining table and chairs. The floating table has unique proportions and is attached to a high breakfast bar. The clever style allows the high bar chairs to be slipped in when not in use freeing up valuable floor space. The breakfast bar forms a natural divider between the dining and kitchen space, with rows of pendant lights further zoning the dining area. An L shaped kitchen cosily fits into the corner and the cabinets are kept low to let the natural light to flood in. The bold charcoal and white colour palette provides the finishing touch to the elegant modern space.

Kitchen & dining that combines the kitchen with dining room with full of possibilities
A modern design in which the bar chairs can be cleverly slipped in under the table

A Minimalistic Kitchen Design With A Dining Table

In fashion, they say that less is more and true style is in elegant simplicity. The same holds true in the world of design as demonstrated by this simple and stylish space. Clean unbroken lines and seamlessly integrated kitchen and dining room design are hallmarks of this room. The kitchen cabinets and countertops are done up in warm wood and white, colours that are carried on to the dining table and chairs. Concealed handles and drawer pulls add to the streamlined look. The kitchen dining table is placed parallel to and is proportionate to the shorter arm of the L-Shaped kitchen. This lends a natural symmetry to the space increasing its aesthetic appeal. Pops of colour in the soft furnishings add interest and a hint of drama to the room.

Kitchen and dining room where seamlessly integrated kitchen and dining room design are hallmarks of this room
A fuss-free and elegantly designed kitchen and dining room with a symmetrical layout
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A Kitchen And Dining Room Table Design For Small Spaces

A small kitchen and dining room may mean that certain compromises are inevitable. But don’t lose heart, as long as you have a functional and beautiful space you will come out tops, as this kitchen and dining room design shows. A narrow ingress into the kitchen means that there is limited space for the kitchen dining table to be placed. A compromise is made by leaning the table against the wall. It means losing one side of the table. But what is lost is made up by placing chairs at the head and the foot of the table resulting in adequate seating for four. The simple shaker style chairs with vertical slats echo the overall simplicity of the room.  The table and cabinets are similarly designed to be fuss-free. Ivory cabinets have a gloss finish making for a classy and modern design. The theme can also be seen in the dark frosted glass enclosing the crockery cabinets and on the tabletop. Given that it is a small space, the choice of flush lamps are perfect for the low ceiling.

Kitchen & dining room tables where a compromise is made by leaning the table against the wall of kitchen
Experiment with the layout such as leaning the table against the wall in a small space
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

An Open Kitchen Layout With A Dining Area

Sometimes what you don’t put in matters more than what you put in. This kitchen and dining combo with its great use of negative space illustrates just that. In a clean layout that maximises free movement, the open kitchen is set in a corner and the dining table placed across the natural passageway. This creates a virtual corridor allowing easy access to the rooms beyond and divides the space up. The kitchen cabinetry is continued to the closet housing the extra sink and both are built to the same height. This makes for smooth lines and is a thoughtful element that ties the spaces together. Modern pendant lights in striking colours are installed above the dining table making it the focal point of this room.

Kitchen dining room combo design ideas where kitchen is set in a corner and the dining table placed across the natural passageway
Leaving empty space promotes free movement and results in a clean and clutter-free look

Our list may have ended but we hope you are just getting started. Be it a small space or a large open plan layout,  be it divided into distinct zones or integrated into a cohesive space, be it the luxury look or a budget-friendly one – there are plenty of ways to combine a kitchen and dining room and make it a dream one!

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