Studio Apartment Interior Design Ideas

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Studio apartment design ideas for your home

Stylish smart studio apartment design hacks curated fresh for you!

Studio apartments are known for their warmth, cosiness and the personal cocoon they create around you. However, when you live in a studio apartment you have a gigantic task of making the most of every nook and corner. And thanks to the pandemic all of us are converting modest spaces into a  living room, kitchen, bedroom, even and a home office.

How Do You Style A Studio Apartment?

A badly designed studio apartment can create a lot of clutter and even make it a claustrophobic place to live in. That’s why we are here to your rescue. These design tips will help you transform a small space into a peaceful abode. So, take inspiration from these small studio apartment design ideas and magically make your home look Pinterest worthy!

How to do small studio apartment design styles
Take a look at these studio apartment design hacks to make your space more breezy and streamlined

Place A Partition As Part of Your Studio Apartment’s Interior Design

One of the great ways to design your  studio is with a striking partition. Also, a great thing about a partition is that it doubles up as decor, declutters your small studio and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Image Caption: An artistic partition is just right to make your studio apartment neater and more tasteful.

Studio apartment’s interior design with an artistic partition
An artistic partition is just right to make your studio apartment neater and more tasteful
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Include Wall Art To Liven Up Your Studio Apartment’s Design

Wall art is versatile and it enhances the aesthetics of your studio apartment as well as marks different zones in your apartment in one go. Pick up varied textures, hues, and make an artistic backdrop to liven up your studio apartment.

Studio apartment’s design with wall art makes your space chic and classy
Handpicked wall art makes your space chic and classy

Play With Colours

You can segregate your studio apartment into various sections with more than one colour of wall paint. Choose complementing shades of pastel colours and see them create an expansive mood for your den! This interior design hack will make your studio apartment beautiful and livable.

Studio apartment interior design with two or more complementing colours
Go for two or more complementing colours to make your studio flat look more expansive

Add Wall Accents

Wall accents play a key role in making your studio flat look luxe and refined. You can incorporate materials like wood, cement or even fiber to bring life to otherwise plain walls of your studio.

Studio apartment interior design with wall accents to add more warmth
Make use of elegant wall accents to add more warmth to your studio apartment
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Double Up The Bed

Whether you have severe space constraints or not, foldable furniture such as a murphy bed can help make your studio apartment more liveable. Include a sofa cum bed for your studio apartment so that you can host guests for an overnight stay and save some space at the same time.

Space saving murphy bed for studio apartment interior design
A murphy bed helps save space and is functional too

Pick Pretty Paintings

Paintings are a great way to make your studio apartment stand out. Select a work of modern art or an abstract one and let it set up an interesting tone for your living space. You can use art in your dining space above your bed. In this image here we see a large painting that makes a statement. With a piece of art such as this you really don’t need much else in a  small space.

Paintings are a great way to make your studio apartment stand out
Paintings make your studio apartment look like a dream

Divide The Space

Thinking about the layout for your studio apartment? Divine your space into zones for a functional and neat layout. You could use the tiny space between the living area and the kitchen to accommodate your dining table and a couple of chairs. On the other hand, you could allocate some space for your work from home set up near your bed. Just demarcate it all beforehand and you will have enough space to dance around in your studio!

Tiny space between living area and kitchen for studio apartment design
Seamlessly declutter your studio by allocating spaces for different activities before setting it up

Choose Dark Hues

Dark wall paints, accents and even furniture can make your studio apartment comforting, iconic and warm. Pick blacks, browns to enhance the overall look and feel of your studio apartment. You can also experiment with dark coloured wall-papers and make your studio space all the more contemporary.

Studio apartment interior design with dark hues wall paints
Want a luxe studio flat? Choose dark hues, wallpapers for it then
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

You have made us spill all the beans for creating just that stunning studio apartment with these design hacks. Put them in practice soon then? We got your back if you need further assistance for the interior design of your studio apartment. Do book our consultation for the same.

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