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Organisation Tips That Will Keep You On Top Of Your Home Game

Home Organisation Ideas for your home

Homes are the messiest places and cleaning them is overwhelming. What if you devise a plan and stick to it no matter the effort? You’ll come home to a place that you love!

Homes need professionals. That’s what we hear when most homeowners speak. The time and effort that goes into maintaining one need at least 20 hands, and then some more. Keeping track of children, keys, books, furniture, stools and more can have us multitasking beyond our capacities and its unnerving. Add to this general tasks of cooking, keeping schedules, running around and it’s no wonder why organising a home can be overwhelming and seemingly a task.

So what goes into organisation? When it comes to the home, its lots of little things, dependent on a whole lot of factors and areas. The drawing-room, for example, may not take much, but look closely, go deeper, into niche spaces and there lies the devil in the details. Often times you will be lost sorting just that.

Sorting out a home and organising it involves strategy. Yours may be different, personal yet there may be those that others have adopted. Below are a few tried and trusted strategies to enhance the effectiveness of organising your home. Be aware of messy hotspots you need to focus on, double down your work there and plan smart approaches that will save you time, money and stress.

Put The Mess Away The Minute You See It

How easy is this tip on organisation? Because seriously, it doesn’t take any effort! People, in general, make organising for themselves difficult, because they don’t do it immediately. We see, observe, postpone, delay and then get stressed when it goes beyond our control. It is also human nature to hide away clutter spots. Laundry baskets in the back of closets, piled clothing on chairs in corners, the list of these is endless. Instead a few changes can do wonders for the mess. Place bins where they can be seen, without lids wherever possible – for laundry, garbage, crafts, toiletries etc. Pick stuff up the moment you see it. Toys on the floor, clothes awaiting a wash, papers and crafts when picked immediately make organising that much more easy and quick.

Home organisation where you can put the mess away whenever you see it in organising cupboard space
Messes are made up when we continuously ignore what we see. Do it immediately and organisation becomes so much more easy
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Buy Storage Only When You’ve Actually Begun The Work

For a majority of us, organising means putting stuff away in different bins. Therefore we run to the nearest thrift or home depot store to purchase them. But this cannot be a solution. Instead, think about why you have so much in the first place. Is there a way to reduce it at your home and give it to someone else? Are there too many books, too much stationery?

What purpose will bins serve except to just segregate stuff that you may never use? Always remember the 80/20 rule while deciding what to keep and what to discard. Most of us use only 20% of what we have and 80% can be discarded. Once you’ve arrived at this, segregating will be so much better and easier. Additional benefit of this is the money saved up on buying storage bins and knowing what exactly your home has.

House organisation tips put all the stuff in different bins and in home storage organiser
Bins, boxes and baskets are additional storage and only needed when excess spills over. First know what is the kind of excess your home has!

Segregate and Organise Items According To Their Age, Genre, Usage

Placing things in their designated spaces to be retrieved at another time is actual organisation. This takes no more than 15 minutes. If you’re taking longer, then figure out what is impeding it. Does it help if books are stored according to age or genre? Will it help if gadgets are segregated according to their usage. Group things based on occasion or use and it becomes easier for a family to do it together. Always store in open containers which becomes easy to see and access. Keep improving systems every couple of months to make it optimised.

House organisation tips where you can segregate items according to their age and usage for small house organisation
A well-segregated home library is a delight to get to, helps in easy recall and is an adventure in itself

Respect Your Drawers, They’re Not Waste Bins

Drawers need respect, especially given the amount of abuse we put them under. Drawers need organisers or they can be a catchall for everything – bills, pins, clothes, odds and ends. Separators or organisers in metal/plastic help in separating drawers into well-defined areas. This can be done everywhere – kitchen drawers for cutlery, wardrobe drawers for inner-wear, bathroom drawers for toiletries and more. Also, plan drawers according to item usage. Frequently used items can be in upper drawers. Cotton swabs and brushes can be on the bathroom counters, towels in an inner drawer. Things used every day when separated from things used frequently, make organisation that much more saner.

Home organisation ideas keep your drawers organised by keeping all things at one place
Well organised kitchen drawers with separators make storing different cutlery and utensils simple and convenient
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Eliminate Clutter Spots Including Flat Surfaces Immediately

Tables, kitchen counters, coffee tables and TV units are all clutter hotspots. Walk into your home and you tend to dump keys, bills on them. They also have food, files, gadgets and then some more. Make it a point to empty these spots before you tuck in for the night every day. Don’t make it a weekend-only chore which will seem humongous. If this is too tough, keep a large item on these surfaces so they don’t seem attractive enough for excess dumpers. Even putting a flower pot in the middle of the table with placemats all around sends the signal to the family that the area cannot be used for anything else.

Small house organisation with tables and counters eliminate clutter spots
Home office desks are clutter-magnets. There’s tonnes of things on them everytime. Segregation, separation and storing away daily is absolutely essential.

Store a Discard Bin/Extra Cabinets In All Main Areas Of The Home

As the name suggests, a discard bin or box holds all kinds of things pertaining to the room. A bill you see that you may not immediately need, craft items that cannot be stored away immediately, clothing that needs to move across rooms. Place them in bins or boxes or additional cabinets that can be cleaned out and segregated if anything is no longer required. Toys, clothing and cutlery that are no longer in use and must be given away, can do with such bags too.

Home organising tips to store or discard extra cabinets in all main areas for organisation of home
A pine packing box or even cardboard one works well to collect broken toys, discarded clothes and items to be segregated or given away.

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Sort Items Smartly And Organise Intelligently

Organising is a planned, intelligent move. It’s not just a cleaning mechanism. Approach it in this way and it becomes easier. When you are ready to begin organising, do it on a war footing by following these steps.

Firstly, do it all in one go, start to finish and not staggered over days. Set up a staging area where you can dump everything that must be organised. This will help you spot excess, giveaways, discards.

Secondly, put together a few quick organisers or bind to pare down generic items. All clothes in one basket, toys in another. These without lids can be quickly accessed and further segregated.

Lastly, label everything. Mark boxes and bins with ‘easy to read’ labels that will further help the entire family segregate better and smarter. Keep this ongoing for a while at least, and it will become second nature to you and the family.

Home organisation ideas to sort out and plan all the items intelligently with organising and decluttering services
Built-in bed surrounded by wall niches that are organised neatly based on their items and accessed just as easily.
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Organisation is about the coming together of three things – intelligent planning, smart work and consistency of action. When this is done well, does it become easy to manage the home, and definitely stress-free.

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