Brilliant Home Organisation Ideas: Your Room Wise Tidying-Up Guide

by Pulkit Singh | February 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home organization ideas and hacks for you

Tidy up every room with our favourite handy home organisation tips. 

Nothing spells competence and mental well-being like a put-together house that looks ready to make it to the cover of a magazine. Home organisation seems like an uphill task, what with the drawers stuffed with junk and closets filled with odds and ends. DesignCafe’s effective, practical and simple home organisation ideas will take the pain out of what seems like such a tall order. Ready? Let’s go.

Home organisation hacks

Home Organisation Ideas For The Living Room

Let’s roll the carpet for home organisation from the living room. Here’s our checklist: 

  • Make your furniture do double shifts. Always purchase pieces that you can spin around the home or have a storage option available. 
  • Floating shelves provide visual interest and help declutter the room. These are especially useful in small apartments. Prop a few books, a plant, your clock with whatever you want to store — be it quirky figurines or your collection of cars.
  • Use coffee tables with storage — it could be in the form of a bottom shelf or closed drawers. 
  • Make your bookshelf space-savvy by using it to display your enviable collection of books with decor pieces.
Home organization hacks for living room that welcomes guests with enthusiasm
A living room that welcomes guests with gusto
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Home Organisation Ideas For The Dining Room

The ample flat surfaces in the dining room should ‘not’ invite clutter. Keep the mess at bay with these intelligent moves: 

  • Lazy susans are a great addition to the dining room, especially in Indian homes where we have many pickles, podis and other condiments to punctuate our meals. They ensure nothing gets forgotten, plus they look good. 
  • Use large trays to organise your cutlery. Yes, compartmentalise the forks, teaspoons and serving spoons and watch your dining room thank you. 
  • Use shelf risers to double up the capacity of your cabinets if they have considerable space between the shelves. Store more crockery in the same area without putting in big bucks.
  • If your home doesn’t have space for a bar, bring in tiered trolleys to your rescue. They look good, can store a whole lot of stuff and are mobile.  
Easy home organizing ideas for the dining room will delight you daily
Your orderly dining room will delight you daily

Home Organisation Ideas For The Kitchen

Does your kitchen look messy? Here are some hacks you should consider: 

  • Jars. Decant your dals, spices, powders and other stuff in readily available mason jars. Glass jars provide an instant facelift to any kitchen, we promise. 
  • Hang your utensils on the side of the cabinets. The pans, ladles and whisks look pretty when displayed and make room in the drawers for other items. You could even have a pot rail in your kitchen to localise all the utensils.  
  • Stack what you can. Use stacking racks for bottles and lids to tidy up your cupboard.
  • Do you have a kitchen island? Use that to hide away larger pots, chunky cookbooks and appliances that you don’t use regularly.  
Home organization ideas for modular kitchen you should consider
Messy kitchens are so passe

Home Organisation Ideas For The Bedroom

Nothing spells rest like a bedroom that is orderly inside out. Here’s how you can achieve that: 

  • Clever furniture like dressers will help you stow away items and keep them out of sight. Use a flat surface to place interesting decorative objects and a lamp to keep the pretty vibe going. 
  • This one is for your dressing table. Use small baskets and drawer organisers to separate your makeup from the medicines. We bet your mornings will be fuss-free after this. 
  • Corral your hair styling tools like blow dryer, flat iron and curler in a cutesy file organiser and place it on your dresser. They’ll look good and the unsightly wires will be out of vision. Also, use a magnetic strip to create a home for bobby pins, tweezers and nail cutters.
  • In the kids’ bedroom, use the window seat bench. Place toys and playroom paraphernalia in similar baskets and store them under it. 
Home organisation ideas for bedroom that refresh your tidy little nook
Refresh yourself in your tidy little nook

Home Organisation Ideas For Your Home Office

Give your home office an upgrade with these home organisation ideas: 

  • Collect all your books and stack them up in one place in your home office. This will make the place look grand and feel decluttered. You could use bookshelves, staggered shelves or if you have in-built wall shelves, then those. 
  • Repurpose the old bar cart as a side table to display your favourite stationery items or stack all the files around your desk in an attractive file organiser. 
  • If you have spare wall space, use it to hang all the artwork and photographs that have yet to find their niche. 
Upgrade home office organization ideas to inspire productivity
An organised home office inspires productivity

Home organisation hacks don’t demand you to throw out all your stuff. Decluttering isn’t always about minimalism — using up your space to the hilt is how you can achieve the best out of it. So, whether it is minimalism or maximalism that floats your boat, our home organisation ideas will work for all lifestyles and homes.

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