5 Marvellous Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Designs

by Pallabi Bose | February 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Mid century modern kitchen ideas for your home

Mid-century modern kitchen design elements include clean, symmetrical lines and colours like orange, yellow and green.

The world has been obsessed with the mid-century style of interiors and furniture since its inception. And it is rightfully so. It perfectly marries style, simplicity and functionality. You can pair a piece of mid-century-style furniture with another decor style without jarring. However, the terms mid-century and mid-century modern are interchangeably used by most people to refer to the same style. But in reality, they are worlds apart. So, if you’re looking to style a mid-century modern kitchen, let’s begin by taking a look at the differences between the two interior styles.

What’s the difference between mid-century and mid-century modern?

– Mid-century refers to interior styles that developed in the 1930s whereas mid-century modern style came into existence in the post-World War II era.

– Mid-century style focuses primarily on bare minimum functionality and conserving wood for other household necessities. On the contrary, in the post-WWII era, designers became more playful with shapes and colours, borrowing inspiration from Scandinavian and Danish countries.

– In the mid-century style, furniture features low backrests and deep green and brown tones. The mid-century modern style focuses more on clean, symmetrical lines and colours like orange, yellow and green.

Now that you have a basic understanding of distinguishing between the two, here’s how you can incorporate this style into the heart of your home, the kitchen.

Style Your Mid-Century Modern Kitchen With Patterns

Mid-century modern interiors are big on the use of colours. So, don’t be afraid to let your inner Picasso out while planning your mid-century modern kitchen design. You can layer multiple patterns and colours as you wish, yet you can never go wrong. The kitchen below is a mix-match of vivid hues. The mid-century modern kitchen backsplash sports multi-coloured mosaic tiles. The tile colours match the colours of the cabinets, walls and appliances. The tiled floors and kitchen floor mats layer colours and patterns in the most striking way, giving the space a vintage vibe.

Mid-century modern kitchen backsplash with multi-coloured mosaic tiles
Go vividly vintage with mid-century modern interiors

Use Smart Space-Saving Furniture In A Small Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

When you have limited space to design your dream kitchen, optimise every square foot to the fullest. The highlight of this L-shaped kitchen is the multipurpose spice rack-cum-foldable dining table. It saves precious floor space and optimises the wall space well. Additionally, the colour scheme — in green and natural wooden colours — gives this small mid-century modern kitchen a vibrant and spacious look. To match the overall colour scheme, mid-century modern kitchen hardware like pendant lights and dining chairs are used in the same mustard yellow. If you want to add a distinctive vintage look, use thin wall tiles as a backsplash.

Small mid-century modern kitchen with multipurpose spice rack-cum-foldable dining table
Maximise space with multipurpose furniture

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Give Your Minimalist Kitchen A Mid-Century Modern Twist With A Dining Set

The easiest way to add a mid-century modern touch to the heart of your home is by using the right dining set. Something sleek, minimal and not-in-the-face is the essence of this interior style, like the one shown in the image below. The use of hardwood in its natural colour in combination with white seamless kitchen cabinetry works best if you are a fan of bright and airy spaces. Take a cue from this kitchen. The owner definitely loves hardwood, which is why it has not only been used in the mid-century modern kitchen table but in the ceiling, floorboard and window panes too.

Mid-century modern kitchen with dining set and white cabinet adds a bright and airy look
White cabinets balance the abundant use of wood
Upgrade your kitchen with our modular interior solutions!

Add A Variety Of Cabinets In A Small Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Not all of us have the luxury of a big kitchen space in our homes. Living in small apartments in big cities means making do with a shoe-box size kitchen that gets over-filled with stuff and makes the space look extremely cluttered. Investing in a mid-century modern kitchen with white cabinets is a good way to avoid a space crunch. Customise your kitchen with multiple open shelves and frosted glass cabinets to eliminate monotony. Let natural light and air in with large windows and glass doors bring a roomy feeling. Add a couple of stools in mid-century modern style, and there you have it!

Small mid-century modern kitchen with multiple open shelves and frosted glass cabinets eliminates monotony
Cabinet designs that make a small kitchen spacious

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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design With Shapes And Colours

The mid-century modern style is all about functionality and comfort. But blending them with a hint of finesse doesn’t hurt. It emphasises using clean, softly-rounded edges and natural and easy-to-clean materials. Hence, we installed a modular straight kitchen made of BWP plywood with a blue acrylic finish and a unique ceramic tile-lined backsplash. Furthermore, the kitchen island made of Italian marble doubles as an additional workstation. The bar stools turn it into the perfect breakfast nook! The bar stools have rounded edges but distinct shapes that make them the centre of attraction.

Mid-century modern kitchen design in blue and white with an island that doubles as a breakfast countertop
Luxurious kitchen island made of Italian marble

Each of these mid-century modern kitchen designs is so different, yet all of these blend style and function so beautifully to create a cutting-edge yet immensely welcoming space. After all, a hearty meal can only come from a drop-dead gorgeous kitchen! If you are swooning over these stunning mid-century modern kitchen designs, maybe it’s time to re-do yours. However, a complete overhaul of a kitchen is not a small endeavour. Reach out to our interior experts to assist you.

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