8 Ways To Eat Your Breakfast At Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Kitchen island with breakfast bar ideas for your home

Get ready for some cosy breakfast nooks around the home to enjoy your first meal of the day with family and friends.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is cosy and intimate which brings our family close together. But breakfast at the dining table can get boring and monotonous with time. Multifunctional home interiors give you the independence to personalise your home and turn any corner of your space into your favourite nook where you can spend your precious time at peace with friends and family. With homes getting cramped up with time, modular, space-saving and multifunctional interior designs come in handy to create separate spaces for different activities even in compact apartments. From the kitchen island countertop that can be used as a breakfast counter to a wall-mounted breakfast counter we have some unique modular furniture ideas to change the way you have your breakfast at home.

A Cosy Breakfast Corner At Aparna Serene In Hyderabad

This kitchen in Aparna Serene in Hyderabad, designed by our team, features handle-less base and overhead cabinets for a clean look. The high gloss laminates and metallic borders add a luxury vibe to the space and reflect light beautifully. We have added Moroccan tiled dado to cut the monotony of a single colour. But the highlight of this kitchen is the simple ledge that acts as a cosy breakfast counter for the residents to enjoy a cosy breakfast time with each other. If you live in a small apartment, this design is a perfect choice for you.

Island kitchen with breakfast corner perfect choice for small apartment
A Design Cafe kitchen in Aparna Serene, Hyderabad

Two-Tier Breakfast Counter At Urban Serene In Bangalore

A two-tier breakfast counter is an excellent option to improve the functionality of your kitchen. While the lower tier can be used to prepare quick meals like salads, it can also be turned into a bar counter. The upper tier acts as the perfect breakfast table. Just add two tall chairs on the other side, and you are good to go. Since the base cabinets are more prone to wear and tear, our team designed them with stone finish laminates. While the overhead cabinets in this kitchen in Urban Serene in Bangalore are designed in laminates to reflect ample light. The kitchen looks compact yet spacious, exactly how our clients wanted it to be.

Island kitchen with a two-tier breakfast counter is an excellent option to improve the functionality of your kitchen
A multifunctional counter at Urban Serene in Bangalore
Looking to transform your kitchen this season

Kitchen With Breakfast Counter That Separates Kitchen And Living Area

Home interiors with open layouts are gaining popularity as it creates an illusion of a bigger space and helps in lending a clutter-free look. Here we have placed a dining table between the kitchen and the living room to create a subtle boundary between the home’s living room and kitchen area without making it look heavy to the eye. The red and white colour combination creates a striking contrast and lends a gorgeous vibe to the space, while the wooden side cabinet with hidden storage and the dining table compliments the colour palette and lends a sense of warmth to the entire room.

Open kitchen island with breakfast counter idea in red and white, creating a striking contrast
A hack to create a boundary between shared spaces

Breakfast Table With Bar Counter To Enjoy House Parties

If you are looking for a kitchen island with breakfast bar ideas, this kitchen interior is perfect for you. The wall-mounted bar unit can be used as a breakfast counter during the day and a bar counter in the evenings. The kitchen also has multiple drawers and overhead cabinet units for ample storage space. The appliance garage helps keep all your electrical appliances in one place and saves up a lot of counter space. The white and green combination looks lighter to the eye and adds vibrancy to your kitchen, perfect for young uber-cool home dwellers.

Kitchen island breakfast cum bar counter interior is perfect for all-day house parties
A breakfast-cum-bar counter for all-day house parties

Breakfast Counter In A G-shaped Kitchen

If you want a coffee nook in your kitchen, this kitchen is sure to melt your heart. We have turned the breakfast counter of this G-shaped kitchen into a cosy coffee corner. The coffee machine on the counter and wall-mounted shelves utilise the space beautifully while the two bucket chairs complete the look of your personalised coffee corner. The white and pink laminates on the cabinets add to the cosy quotient of the kitchen and elevate the functionality of the kitchen as well.

G-shaped island kitchen with a breakfast counter and coffee nook will melt your heart
A cosy coffee nook in a small G-shaped kitchen

An Open Kitchen With Dining Table

If you don’t have a separate dining room, try fitting in your dining table inside your kitchen area. This will add to the functionality of the space and give you an opportunity to entertain your guests while preparing meals. Here we have used stone and wood finish laminates to lend a rustic look to the kitchen. The modular setup like multiple pull-out units, an appliance garage, open box storage with backlighting, and a designated space for the fridge elevates the functionality of the room and facilitates a free flow of movement around the kitchen area.

Breakfast island kitchen with a dining table adds to the functionality of the space
A kitchen with a dining table to enjoy meals
Want modular kitchen interior design with islands for extra storage

Wall-Mounted Folding Table In Kitchen

This kitchen has a folding breakfast counter with hidden storage space, making it perfect for couples living in compact apartments. You can keep your breakfast essentials on the shelves for clutter-free organisation. Just pull down the table during breakfast or quick meals and put it back when not required. The olive green and white colour combination lends a trendy vibe to the space, while modular storage solutions like oil pull-out, appliance garage, multiple drawer units, and cabinets with lift-up shutters make your culinary experience easy and hassle-free.

Kitchen island breakfast table in foldable style with hidden storage is perfect for couples living in compact apartments
Smart modular furniture to save floor space

Island Kitchen With Breakfast Counter And Hob Unit

This kitchen has an island counter with multiple storage units and an in-built hob unit. The pull-out drawers help to arrange all your utensils in one place, while the hob unit makes your cooking experience smooth and hassle-free. You can add two tall chairs on the other side of the island counter so you can enjoy a quick breakfast with your family, especially on your busy work days.

Island kitchen with breakfast counter and in-built hob unit makes your cooking experience smooth
Breakfast counter with hob unit and ample storage

Want to incorporate these cool and unique breakfast space ideas into your home? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Book a free consultation with our expert designers today, and we will help you with personalised home interiors that match your taste, budget, and lifestyle perfectly. You can also check some of our modular kitchen interiors for some inspiration to design your dream kitchen.

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