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Leading living room interior designers in Kolkata
Living/Dining Room
TV Unit, TV Back Panelling, Crockery Unit, Bar Unit, Bookshelf
Affordable bedroom interior designers in Kolkata.
Wardrobes, TV Unit, Bed with Storage, Dressing Unit, Study Unit
Best modular kitchen designers in Kolkata.
Countertops, Backsplashes, Accessories, Shutters, Storage
Space saving residential interior designers in Kolkata.
Innovative Storage
Janitor Unit, Skirting Drawer, Pantry Pull Out, Appliance Garage, Hidden Bar Cabinet, Magic Corner
Complete home interior design solutions in kolkata
Interior Design Services
False Ceiling, Wall Panelling, Decor Accents, Lighting, Furnishing, Appliances
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Home Improvement Service
Painting, Bathroom Remodelling, Tiling, Plumbing, Electrical, Civil Work, Deep Cleaning

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400+ Designers

Magic corner unit, D-carousels, lift-up shutters, wall units and janitor units.. TV cum study units, pooja units, and more… Ever wondered what’s the best interior design plan for your dream home? From interior design styles, colour combinations, layouts, space-saving innovations, accessories, and decor DesignCafe spans the length and breadth of home interior design. That is why we have a team of 400+ designers to advise customers.

Best interior designers in kolkata for home interiors.

Award Winning Interior Designers In Kolkata

FAQs on Home Interiors in Kolkata

DesignCafe has an upstanding quality code, with award-winning, in-house interior designers, intelligent designs, and functionality-first protocols. Our handpicked interior designers in Kolkata are among the crème de la crème of the industry, and our quality standards are mirrored in the slew of positive customer reviews on our Google and Facebook pages!

To find the best interior designers, you can factor in recommendations, customer reviews, years of experience, and compatibility with design vision. At DesignCafe Kolkata, we have some experienced in-house designers to cater to your needs

When choosing an interior designer in Kolkata, consider the following factors, 

Experience: Evaluate their experience and previous projects to gain insight into their working style and capabilities.

Budget: Clearly discuss your budget and inquire about their design fees to ensure a seamless and transparent process.

Credibility: Verify the interior solutions company’s certifications and credibility to ensure reliability and professionalism.

Compatibility: Select a designer whose design style aligns with your vision and preferences to ensure a harmonious collaboration.

Hiring a residential designer in Kolkata from DesignCafe offers professional expertise, personalized interior solutions, and cost-efficiency. Our designers will create unique spaces that align your expectations with utmost creativity and quality, ensuring you have a rewarding home transformation experience.

DesignCafe’s home interior design services starts from Rs 3.5 Lacs. The cost of interior design will depend on various factors including the size of your apartment, the materials and finishes you choose, and designs you select. Every DesignCafe home is customised to the taste and budget of the customers. Talk to the designer to get the customised quote for your home.

To maximize space in a small apartment, an interior designer at DesignCafe Kolkata will employ space-saving furniture solutions, such as sliding doors, built-in storage, and clever use of minted spaces. They will work with neutral tones and textures that promote openness and spaciousness, creating a harmonious and functional living environment.

The timeline to complete an interior design project in Kolkata can vary based on the project’s scope, size, and design complexities. Typically, an interior design project can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on numerous factors. At DesignCafe, we follow a thorough step-by-step process to ensure a quality project, delivering beautiful and functional spaces that meet our client’s unique requirements and expectations.

Yes. At DesignCafe, our interior designers offer end-to-end home interior solutions, ensuring a stylish and functional home. With their keen eye for detail and trends, the designers curate furniture pieces that perfectly complement the overall design of your home, creating a harmonious and beautiful living space.

DesignCafe follows a one-of-a-kind approach for each home. Our team of talented designers works closely with every client, providing personalized design solutions that cater to their specific requirements and preferences. We believe in creating unique and tailor-made spaces that reflect the individuality and style of each homeowner.

In Kolkata, popular design styles and trends include contemporary elegance, traditional charm, rustic and bohemian aesthetics, sustainable and minimalistic designs. However, the design styles depend on individual preferences and requirements.

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