Awesome Wooden Almirah Designs For Your Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wooden almirah designs for bedroom

Transform the interiors of your bedroom by opting for a space-saving and decorative wooden almirah. Check out the latest wooden almirah designs for your bedroom from our curated collection and take your pick!

Almirahs are an essential piece of tall furniture in any bedroom that you cannot simply do without at any cost. Why? Because they help you store many things that you need in an organised and aesthetic manner. If you’re looking for an almirah that is durable and has a timeless look, think no further and consider buying a wooden almirah for your bedroom.

Wood As A Material For Your Almirah Has Many Benefits

  • It adds an element of nature, warmth and richness to the bedroom space and looks even better in lights.
  • It offers a unique combination of natural aesthetic appeal and structural integrity through its solid built and luxurious finish.
  • It is versatile as it comes in different qualities, designs and shades, most popular of them being sheesham, oak, mango, mahogany and teak.
  • It is also weather-resistant so your clothes and shoes are pretty well protected.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It seamlessly blends in with the existing decor of your bedroom, be it traditional or modern.
  • It is quite easy to maintain as any finger marks, dust or dirt can be removed by wiping the surface with a soft moist cloth. However, keep it away from direct sunlight else the natural finish of the wood might fade away with time.

Tips And Tricks To Design Your Wooden Almirah

Keep a couple of things in mind while designing the perfect wooden almirah for your bedroom. You’ll thank us later!

  • The number of shelves and drawers to be incorporated (as per the storage space required) and whether you want them fixed or adjustable.
  • You will also need to plan the depth and height of each shelf and drawer beforehand.
  • The height of the wardrobe so that you can easily access each shelf without any assistance.
  • The amount of floor space, layout and measurements of your bedroom.
  • The use of hooks or a clothing rod for hanging big clothes and scarfs 
  • The colour scheme of the bedroom and the shade of wood needs to be considered.
  • It is recommended that you first test out some samples and then go in for the final almirah makeover.
  • The design and mechanism of the door is an important aspect of design that needs to be looked into: sliding doors, hinged doors, glass doors or mirrored doors are options you can consider.
  • Your wardrobe can be freestanding or one that’s built into the wall depending upon floor space that’s available in your bedroom.

Let’s now dive into the stunning collection of wooden almirah designs for your bedroom that we were talking about. Here they are:

Three-Door Wooden Almirah

This three-door natural-finish wooden almirah with loft space is a perfect choice for those who want additional storage for their personal items. Although the look of the almirah is quite simple but it lends a rustic vibe to this white-walled bedroom.  The dressing table on the side also blends in with the wooden almirah and looks like a single unit. The door opening mechanism is pretty easy. All you need to do is just slide your hand in the groove and pull it out.

3 door wooden almirah design for your bedroom
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A Floor-To-Ceiling Built-In Wooden Almirah

This floor-to-ceiling wooden wall almirah saves your precious floor space as it’s built into your bedroom wall and extends right to the ceiling. It gives you a lot of vertical storage thanks to its design that has multiple shelves and also complements the furniture and decor in the room. The design also looks sleek and sophisticated.

Floor-to-ceiling built-in wooden almirah design

Wooden Almirah With A Mirror

A wooden almirah with a mirror serves many purposes. It not only saves the floor space but also pace for a separate dressing table. This is one of the oldest tricks in the interior designing guide as the light reflections from the mirror make the bedroom interiors look visually larger and more airy. It looks classy and modern too.

Bedroom wooden almirah design with a mirror

Wooden Almirah With An Attached Dressing Table

This wooden and white laminate almirah has an attached dressing table with it. It lends a modern and contemporary feel to the bedroom interiors. Brown tones in the space complement each other and the silver-colored woolen rug accentuates the cozy and warm vibes. Green plants bring in the beauty of nature into your heavenly sleeping space.

Wooden almirah with an attached dressing table in bedroom
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Wooden Almirah With Hinged Doors

This multi-level wooden almirah with hinged doors looks absolutely mesmerising. The dark ebony wood finish makes a bold statement in the room while the potted flowers add a pop of bright colour. The almirah stands out against the white interiors of the room. The multi-shelf system also provides ample storage space.

Latest wooden almirah designs for bedroom with hinged doors

Wooden Almirah With Sliding Door

The sliding wooden almirah design is an ideal choice for a kid’s bedroom. It’s pretty easy to handle as the doors open sideways instead of outwards. This means it will not interfere with any other functions making it safe with less chances of bumping or hurting. It adds a subtle yet stylish statement to the kid’s bedroom. It merges well with the decor of the room as well as the geometric patterned rug on the floor.

Wooden almirah design for bedroom with sliding door

All in all, wooden almirahs are a boon as they not only help boost your mood but also offer great and organised storage space for all your essentials – shoes, clothes, jewelry and other stuff. It’s now time to rethink your bedroom space to create an everlasting  impression, so don’t waste time and get the ball rolling.

Also, if you need any guidance on your dream bedroom project then don’t hesitate reaching out to us. We’re just an email or phone call away. Head out to our website to know more.

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