10 Foyer Designs That Make a Stunning First Impression

by Ekta Poddar | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

Beautiful foyer design to make your home entrance and foyer area look stunning using entryway decor.

Looking to impress people with your foyer design? Want a home decor design that welcomes in style? Our guide on foyer area designs will have you buzzing with ideas.

Studies show that the first thirty seconds of a job interview is crucial towards determining its outcome. Think of your foyer design as those first few seconds that will impress your guests and make them feel welcome in your home. You may also need your foyer area to serve practical purposes such as providing storage for your shoes, umbrellas, spare change and keys, and having seating space. Our guide will help you combine style and practicality with results that will surely create a great impression.

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Breeze Your Way Through

If casual and chic is the look you are aiming for, this foyer design will be right up your alley. Open shoe shelves conveniently located pegs and an umbrella stand make it a practical solution. The white brickwork coupled with the pale colours of the furniture and a free-standing mirror make it an ideal apartment or flat entrance design.

Foyer area or entryway design using soft colours and open shelves makes a modern home entrance.
Soft colours and open shelves make for a breezy entryway design

Save That Space In Your Foyer Design

If your main door, has space behind it, don’t let it go to waste! Instead, commission a custom solution as done in this home entrance design. The clever storage is finished off with some delicate lattice work, keeping the furniture from appearing clunky. The set of drawers has an upholstered seat making it a convenient spot to put on or take off your shoes. Care has been taken to not block the natural light streaming in from the window.

Entrance foyer design with seating, table and storage space makes a home entrance beautiful.
Build storage or seating or both in the area behind the main entrance door to utilise foyer space well
Foyer design ideas

Go Clutter Free with A Foyer Table

We love how this entrance foyer chooses an elegant foyer table over boxy storage and seating. A white console table is positioned behind the door and a vintage clock of grand proportions hung over it.  Framed artwork adorns the adjacent wall. Keeping the floor space open and clean allows for entryway decors such as the clock and artwork to be generously sized.

Home entrance design with foyer table, foyer seating makes a clutter free flat entrance design.
The simplicity of a foyer table keeps the foyer looking open and free of clutter

Reach For The Ceiling

Have an Imelda Marcos like obsession with shoes? You will love this foyer area design which gives you plenty of storage. The cupboards stretch nearly to the ceiling and are in line with the main door entrance. Muted colours and a few open shelves bring freshness and style to the entryway. A gorgeous chandelier and mirrors add sleek metallic tones to go with the rest of modern foyer design. This space-saving design works quite well as a flat entrance design.

Entrance foyer area design with cupboard, wallpaper, decor, entryway furniture with storage and seating.
Build-in additional storage by vertically extending cupboards
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Or Stay Low

After reaching for the skies, here’s a foyer area design that achieves dramatic results by keeping it low. The wall area is clad in wood with an extra-long bench lining it. The bench has in built-in storage beneath in. Some box shelves and a few cushions further create space, comfort and style. The overall look is pristine and classy.

House entrance lobby design with foyer seating, bench, wallpaper, storage area, shoe shelf and more.
Aim for graceful elegance with low seating with built-in storage

Make A Grand Home Entrance Design

Those wanting to make a big and bold impression, have your home entrance design play its part. Guests walking into this home will be greeted by graceful white columns set off against Prussian blue walls. A magnificent pedestal table acts as a lovely centrepiece and does justice to the size of the foyer. A richly intricate carpet atop hardwood floors completes the look of grandeur.

Entrance decoration using table, modern entrance arch design, foyer wallpaper, wall decor, door design.
Use striking pieces and features such as a pedestal table and graceful columns to make a grand statement

Create Comfort with Foyer Seating

There are so many ways to add seating to your foyer, install a bench, add a chair or even put in some stools or ottomans. You know the owners of this space take their foyer seating quite seriously. A cosily upholstered seat with plenty of cushions invites you to linger a few moments longer at the doorstep. A handsome console with cabriole legs provides a flat surface to hold your keys and change.

Foyer means home entrance area in a building or flat used to welcome a guest when they enter your home.
Soft furnishings can create a cosy nook in the foyer

For Small Entryways with Stairs

Some houses have small entryways that lead to bigger lobby areas. These are typically flanked by stairs leading to a higher level. The dimensions of the foyer leave you with limited area to experiment with. But with some imagination, you can use constraints of space to your advantage. In this entryway, a vintage cabinet and chair grace the wall of the staircase. Striking wall decor adorns the one opposite.

Small entryway with stairs decorated using foyer table, wall decor, arch design, door design.
Utilise the walls of small entryways to create a welcoming look

Magic With Floating Shelves

Using wall mounted furniture such as floating shelves is a fabulous idea for those looking to save space in narrow or small entryways or a small apartment or flat entrance design. In this home, the entryway décor is kept spare. An open rack for shoes runs along the wall, with an organiser to hold keys and the likes. Floating corner shelves utilize the awkward space in the corner. These can be used to display items, or they can be extended to form storage.

Apartment entrance and foyer design using floating shelves, table, gate, wall and door entrance decor.
Install floating shelves at varying heights in the foyer to create an illusion of space
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Of Smoke And Mirrors

Mirrors are commonly used in the foyer area. Here you will find mirrors used not only as wall decor, gilded with gold frames. You will also find them used in panels of the shoe cabinet, their silvery sheen contrasting against dark wood. Ottomans in matted gold form seating on either side of the cabinet and carry forward gold hues of the styling forward.

Flat entrance design with foyer seating, wall decor, door design, hall furniture, ceiling design, shoe cabinets.
Use mirrors on furniture and as wall decor to dial up the style of your foyer area

From using wall decor, wall panelling, to putting in shoe cupboards, open racks, floating shelves, benches and ottomans, there is so much you can do make sure your foyer design is dressed to impress. All you need is a few square feet of foyer space and design creativity to completely charm your visitors.

FAQs On Foyer Designs

1. Are there specific design elements that can help create a welcoming and inviting foyer?
Yes, elements like warm color schemes, a vibrant entryway rug, and decorative items like artwork, antiques, or plants can instantly create a welcoming atmosphere in your foyer.

2. Can I incorporate storage solutions into the foyer design to keep it organized and clutter-free?
Yes, you can keep your foyer organised and clutter-free with built-in cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, or stylish entryway benches with hidden storage compartments.

3. What lighting options work best for enhancing the ambiance and functionality of the foyer?
Choose pendant lights, chandeliers, or wall sconces that can provide both ambient and functional lighting in the foyer. Make sure they match the overall interior style while offering ample lighting.

4. What are some popular furniture choices for foyers, such as benches, tables, and chairs?
Foyers often have a mix of functional and decorative pieces, including entryway benches for seating and storage, stylish tables, and wall decor to showcase art pieces.

5. How can I incorporate mirror designs in the foyer to add depth and light to the space?
Placing a well-positioned mirror in the foyer is a great way to create the illusion of a larger space. Consider incorporating decorative framed mirrors, mirror panels, or art pieces with mirror work to add both depth and light to the area.

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