Do You Need A Kitchen Sink For Every Personality?

by Ekta Poddar | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Kitchen sink designs and kitchen sink sizes available in india

From the practical minded, to the multitaskers and the DIYer, we have a kitchen sink designs for every personality type!

The sheer variety of kitchen sink designs and kitchen sink sizes available in India can be mind boggling. Material, price points, ways to install, the permutation and combination of options can leave you overwhelmed. To narrow down your choice, we have built a fun guide that matches sink type to personality type. Read on to find the kitchen sink that you shall surely swipe right on!

The Single Basin Sink For Those Who Keep It Compact

The single basin or single bowl sin is perfect for those who have a small kitchen or who otherwise like to keep things compact. Available in a variety of kitchen sink sizes, this design lends itself to larger spaces as well. Since there are no partitions or dividers that take up space, single basin sinks can typically accommodate the wash up of larger items and utensils making them a great choice for many kitchens.

Single basin kitchen sink great choice for compact kitchen
A streamlined single basin sink adds elegance to the kitchen

The Double Bowl Sink For The Multi-Tasker

Multi-taskers like to have multiple things going on at the same time. It is but natural that their kitchen sinks are equally productive and serve multiple purposes. It is little wonder that the double bowl sink is tailor made for such people. Such sinks have two bowls, one that can be used for washing and the other for rinsing and draining. Given their practicality, they are a popular choice In India as well, especially in those kitchens that don’t have a dishwasher installed.

Double bowl kitchen sink will make washing and drying less of a chore, its multi-tasker
This handsome black double bowl sink will make washing and drying less of a chore
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The Top-Mount Kitchen Sink For The DIYer

If you are a dab hand at home renovation projects or like to keep things simple, then the popular top-mount kitchen sinks are ideal for you. Such sinks are commonly found in Indian kitchens. These are a breeze to install and the kitchen sink price is relatively low. A hole is cut into the countertop and the sinks are installed from the top or ‘dropped in’ hence their other name, drop-in sinks. Since their rim juts out over the countertop, they are also called self-rimming.

Top-mount kitchen sink easy to install and the kitchen sink price is relatively low in India
A top mount kitchen that is easy to install and looks stylish

Undermount Kitchen Sink For The Meticulous

The undermount is well suited to those in love with seamless smooth finishes and meticulous about cleaning every crumb. As their name indicates, they are the opposite of the top-mount and are installed such that they are recessed below the countertop. Since there is no protruding rim in the way, cleaning is a breeze. Simply sweep from the countertop into the sink. Additionally, the rimless look can be a pleasing sight. If you don’t mind springing the extra buck, and are obsessed with cleanliness, then the undermount sink is for you.

Undermount kitchen sink is one of the types of kitchen sinks and simply sweep from the countertop into the sink
An undermount sink keep the lines of this stone countertop looking flawless

The Farmhouse Sink For Those Who Like Making It Large

Some people live life king size and want a sink that can accommodate their lifestyle! A long guest list, a big family, or just a big love for cooking! Such people need a sink that can hold plenty of washing up and large pots and pans. The farmhouse sink is a match made in heaven for these large-hearted people. The sink design has the added advantages of being visually appealing and ergonomically friendly. Be warned though that this large sink makes a sizeable hole in the wallet.

Farmhouse kitchen sink installed on the kitchen island, this kitchen sink design suitable for big family
This gorgeous kitchen features a farmhouse sink installed on the kitchen island
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The Integrated Sink For Luxury Lovers

Those who are fans of style and substance and don’t mind springing an extra buck for it, will fall in love with the integrated sink. Made of the same material – stone, metal or solid surface – as the rest of the countertop, such sinks are truly rimless. This means no more putting up with unsightly and difficult to clean grime that accumulate with other types of sinks. The absolute seamless look also makes them a hit with those who don’t like the look of rims. Since they are made to your specifications and premade at the manufacturer’s these are more difficult and expensive to source.

Integrated kitchen sink design made of marble, same as the countertop
An integrated sink made of marble, same as the countertop

The Sink With Drainboard For The Practical Minded

Having a draining board adjacent to the sink can be a very practical solution for those who handwash their utensils and who want a draining board for their washed vegetables and fruits. Those with a practical bent of mind will love the drainboard sink. Such a kitchen sink design is often seen in Indian kitchens. The drain board is built in such a manner that excess water is trapped and drained into the sink. However, having countertop space being taken up by the draining board does make the design smaller in terms of kitchen sink sizes.

Kitchen sink with drainboard fits for small kitchen, this kind of kitchen sink sizes are often seen in indian kitchens
A sink with drainboard fits in perfectly into this small kitchen

The Bar Sink For The Well Prepared

Also known as the island sink or the prep sink, the bar sink is perfect as a second sink – installed on an island or at the other end of the countertop. The cook who likes to be well prepared will love this. One sink to do the main wash up in and another for bartending or secondary prep purposes. The bar sink is a small one, much smaller than the primary sink. If you can afford the counter space and have the need for another sink, put your money into a bark sink and you won’t regret it!

Bar kitchen sink is perfect for a bartender’s needs or on a kitchen island
This small sink is perfect for a bartender’s needs or on a kitchen island
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The Stainless Steel Sink For The Pragmatic

We have the type of mount, and the number of bowls covered. When it comes to choosing the material of the sink, our vote goes to stainless steel. This is especially true if you are pragmatic and looking for a cost-effective and budget solution. Stainless steel is resistant to both heat and stains and for even a small budget, you can get a good variety and finish. Most of the types of sinks are available in stainless steel making them a versatile solution for any kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are double bowl sinks made of stainless steel
A double bowl sink made of stainless steel that will always get the job done

From double bowl, to integrated, to top mount and rimless to stainless steel and stone, from large to small, your options are endless. Consider your budget, practical requirements, overall kitchen style and countertop type and of course personality type to find the ideal kitchen sink for you.

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