Glam Up Your Home Interiors With These CNC Cutting Design Ideas

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

cnc cutting design for your home

When the light plays hide and seek through the interlaces of the jaali window, the place becomes magical!

CNC cutting designs are the new cool in home interiors. CNC aka Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting is a design material that uses a computer-controlled cutting machine that typically cuts various materials such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, glass and foams to create versatile design elements. Most popularly known as ‘jaali’, CNC cutting designs are finding a new way into the Indian home interiors market. However, the design element has been present in the country since the Mughal era, when intricately carved marble and other types of stones were used to create jaalis. The current home interiors scene depicts a new form of CNC cutting designs. They are fancier, easier to develop and often practical for many design reasons. Let us take you into the intricate world of jaali designs that have been ruling our clients’ hearts and our designers’ blueprints. 

1. Use CNC Cutting Designs To Separate Your Dining Cum Living Room

These days, most living rooms come with an attached dining area. Thus you can separate the two regions without permanently blocking or demarcating them by using jaali partitions. You can use different types of jaali partitions such as single partition or folding jaali partitions. The main benefit of using such partitions instead of a wall or a curtain is that the jaali patterns allow a clutter-free division that doesn’t obstruct the view from the living room and the dining corner.

CNC cutting design for partitioning dining cum living room allows a clutter-free division
Segregate sections in your home without compromising on the design’s openness

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2. CNC Cutting Design For Mandir Is A Popular Choice

One of the most popular uses of CNC cutting design is for the pooja units at home. The jaali screens are perfect for ventilation. Thus pooja units or praying units that require diyas or incense sticks can use jaali partitions to let the smoke get ventilated through the open geometric patterns. Beyond the practical use of CNC cutting design for mandir, these cutting designs also help develop great looking pooja units for Indian homes.

CNC cutting design for pooja room door also helps develop great looking pooja units for Indian homes
Try CNC cutting designs patterns on the door of your pooja unit at home
Want to see your dream home before its built

3. Style Up Windows With CNC Cutting Designs Patterns

Just like the old Mughal era, you can sport jaali work on your windows if you are up for an Arabic style interior. This Arabic jaali design will be ideal for small windows or ventilation areas in open rooms. The use of delicate jaali on the small window openings can add an artistic angle to your home. You can also go ahead with jaali decorations if you already have an Indian periodic style interior design at your place. If you want to add these to contemporary home interiors, try to use more of jaali design in different interior setup aspects to keep the jaali work connected across the house.

CNC cutting design pattern for a window adds an artistic angle to your home
Give your windows an interesting look with CNC cutting designs patterns

4. Ways To Use CNC Cutting Designs Patterns In Modern Home Interiors

Have a contemporary interior setup at home but want to add a touch of CNC cutting design? Well, you can try and go with some small and safe jaali designs. The goal is to not overwhelm or deviate from your original modern interior setup but use jaali design as a tiny but significant design element. Here’s one example where we have added a small storage cabinet with a jaali door on this modern, compact TV unit. The jaali adds appeal to an otherwise regular TV unit without endangering the contemporary appeal of the interior.

CNC cutting design on a storage cabinet lends a traditional touch to your modern home interior
Add a touch of traditional to modern home interiors with a CNC cutting design on a storage cabinet

5. Try CNC Cutting Gate Design On The Entrance Door

Entrance doors are the book covers that define your home! So, don’t hold back on dramatising your entrance doors. If you follow a traditional or earthy look in your home interiors, flaunting a door with a CNC cutting gate design at the beginning of your home can be a bold but great idea. The door to this home has jaali work on wooden material that highlights the elegant interiors inside the home. We have teamed the jaali work on the door with warm lighting to accentuate the jaali design.

CNC cutting gate design on the entrance door highlights the elegant interiors inside your home
Make a great first impression with CNC cutting gate design

6. Did You Know There Are CNC Cutting Designs For Furniture Too?

Yes, from wooden chairs to metallic centrepieces, CNC cutting design is ruling home furniture. The CNC cutting designs patterns add an exotic appeal to the furniture sets, making them ideal for homes that want unconventional furniture. You can also try using designer jaali chairs for dining tables to add a luxurious feel to your home. The jaali work on furniture creates a unique vibe that instantly brings glamour. So, go ahead and explore some precious CNC cutting design furniture sets.

The dining room with CNC cutting design chairs creates a unique vibe that instantly brings glamour
Introduce decor in your dining room with chairs that feature CNC cutting design
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

7. Go Wild With Beautiful CNC Cutting Design For Window Panels & Balconies

Have a large open window area or a balcony that needs some covering? Well, you can go on and try some jaali window panels. The CNC cutting designs will add a luxurious feel to the windows and balconies and totally deck up your place. The best part is that the jaali’s geometric patterns allow enough sunlight to come through, making it suitable for bright and sunny weather. You can use both fixed or easy-to-open jaali window panels to create a marvellous aesthetic interior design that is unconventional and interesting!

CNC cutting design in your balcony adds a luxurious feel to the space
Create a marvellous aesthetic with CNC cutting design panels in your balcony

8. This is How You Can Use CNC Cutting Designs For Bedroom Decor

A jaali decorated headboard instantly uplevels the look of your bedroom. The jaali headboard is unique and totally steals the show. We have used golden jaali work on the extended headboard to keep things glamourous in the bedroom. Here the floor to ceiling, wall-length headboard is in a dark wood finish with the middle featuring a CNC cutting design. The jaali design here displays an intricate work of dark wood and golden geometrical patterns. Two golden pendant lights on either side of the bed complement the jaali design here.

Bedroom with CNC cutting design pattern headboard in dark wood keeps glamourous in the bedroom
Upgrade your bedroom decor with a headboard featuring CNC cutting design

Jaalis or CNC cutting designs are a way to make things interesting without changing too much. They are like design hacks that can totally define the interiors while not burdening your pocket. But above everything else, they are useful and practical design elements that can help you shape your home in different ways. So, go ahead and try these CNC cutting design ideas for your home and tell us how the jaalis are impacting your interior taste. 

Do you need some more CNC cutting design ideas, why not let us help you? Please write to us or visit us at your nearest Design Cafe experience centre!

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