A Touch Of Tradition: Indian Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 23, 2024 | 4 mins read

Interior design ideas indian style for your home

Behind all forms of design, there is an inspiration. India as a country is like a banyan tree that has its deep roots spread wide. These interior design ideas will inspire you to add a desi vibe to your space!

The colourful culture of India inspires many forms of design. Modern Indian homes are often about keeping the design subtle and minimal, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add a traditional touch to it. Check out these cool Indian interior design ideas for your home!

Home Is Where The Mandir Is

Let’s face it, Indian homes are incomplete without the traditional pooja room. Whether you believe in god or in the religion of humanity, you will agree that having a designated corner or even a room for the higher power you believe in adds a sense of serenity to your home. A beautiful pooja room is a great way to keep your home quintessentially Indian!

A beautiful pooja room in Indian interior design style adds a sense of serenity to your home.
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A Bit Of Bling

Gold and silver are important components in Indian culture, and they look equally wonderful as a part of Indian home interior design when done right. Metallic decor items or accents are a nice way to inculcate a desi look to your home interiors.

Traditional Indian home interior design hanged metallic decor items on the wall in the foyer in gold colour.

A Riot Of Colours

There is perhaps no better way of showcasing your culture than through colours! With Indian interior design using an array of bright colours does not have to mean loud and garish. Based on your preferences you can make different elements of your home design scream Indian with beautiful bold colours!

Indian traditional interior design, the white living room has different elements with beautiful bold colours.

Deck Up Your Walls With Indian-Inspired Art

India is home to such beautiful forms of art! Be it paintings, artwork, photographs, sculptures and more, There are many ways of incorporating the Indian touch in your home in the form of Indian art decor like the one used in this living room.

Indian home interior design ideas deck up a wall with Indian art decors like paintings, artwork, and photographs.

Wooden Furniture Invokes A Sense Of Traditional

Intricately carved and designed wooden furniture has always been a part of Indian households. You can retain some of that charm by going for wooden furniture reminiscent of the simpler times. Alternatively, you may make use of traditionally used wooden materials for a modern Indian interior design in your home.

Intricately carved and designed in wooden in the foyer area is Indian interior design ideas to bring charm.

Use Of Indian Prints And Motifs

Few things are as charming as traditional Indian prints and motifs. You can deck up your walls with beautifully printed wallpapers, furnishing and decor made using Indian materials and prints. One of the simplest and most cost-effective means to add an Indian touch to your home is by opting for bespoke items like bedsheets, dohars or throws.

Living room with wallpapers, furnishing and decor made using Indian materials and prints is Indian style interior design.
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Large Living Spaces

Large and spacious common spaces in Indian homes are synonymous with large family get-togethers. And for Indians, having a bunch of friends or family over for special occasions is the norm. Your modern home needs a living space that can accommodate your people. Having enough cosy seating options in the living room is one of the ways to ensure your home retains its desi touch.

Large living room interior Indian design style with cosy seating is one of the ways to ensure retains its desi touch.

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Carved Wooden Partitions

Intricate jali partitions have forever been used in Indian interior design. They add a touch of elegance apart from being functional, multipurpose elements of the design. Carved wooden elements in the form of partitions, panels, door design and more can be fixed or movable, and be a beautiful addition to your home.

Modern bedroom with jali partition in simple Indian interior design style adds a touch of elegance.

There is a lot to choose from for your home when it comes to Indian interior design. While the plethora of options might seem overwhelming, selecting the perfect one for your home that fits your budget is relatively simple! Tell us which one of these Indian interior design ideas is your favourite?

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