Space Saving Staircases For Small Homes

by Devna Tiwari | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Space saving staircases for small homes

Here’s everything you need to know about the staircases that works the best in a small home.

Think about the most ignored place in your home, the last spot you think of using or feel doesn’t need any aesthetics or planning? Any guesses? The answer is the staircase! Staircases are an important design element in double story homes. While it’s a simple task to include a designer staircase design in a huge home, it’s  challenging to incorporate one in a small house where there’s no extra square footage for design faux pas to creep in. Staircases must be functional and stylish at the same time.

In small-sized houses, where every inch is precious, it’s important to design a staircase cleverly and with the right approach. Hence, it is essential to incorporate compact staircase designs that optimise space available under the staircase.

Too much information? Let’s make it simpler for you. Today we bring you all that you must know about space saving staircase designs for small homes, so let’s get started!

What Staircase Designs Work Best In Small Homes?

Spiral staircases remain the popular choice for small homes because they occupy less space as compared to the sweeping designer staircases. What most people don’t pay attention to is the fact that spiral staircases are not a functional choice especially for small homes even though they look attractive.

Also, they are not a safe choice for a home with elderly and kids. We recommend incorporating a compact, corner or a straight staircase depending on the layout of your home. These designs will leave you enough space underneath as additional storage space or add a separate unit. Not to mention they look stunning as well! Here’s a lowdown on some of our favourite space saving staircase design ideas for small homes.

A Corner Staircase With A Pull-out Pantry Underneath

Can you believe that this was possible? Well, it is! This custom designed, corner staircase is designed with the intent to add storage under the staircase. It features a pull-out pantry with easy to pull out shelves to store containers, condiments and all other kitchen supplies making it the perfect space saving staircase design idea for a small home. So when there’s not enough space to spare a separate room it is time to create a walk-in pantry. The design of the staircase is also high on style. Glass has been used instead of conventional wooden and iron railings that makes it a perfect addition for uber-stylish modern homes. The steps are further topped with black granite stone binding the look together.

Space saving corner staircase design with a pull out pantry underneath

Compact Staircase With An Open Bookshelf

If you are extremely low on space or if you don’t like the idea of a pull-out pantry how about designing yourself an open bookshelf and a display unit under your staircase? Another good thing about this clever design is that it doesn’t need a lot of space to incorporate one. It can fit under the narrowest staircase design as well. Open boxed shelves are a great spot to pile up your books and magazines, place tiny potted plants or showpieces and all other knick knacks that otherwise have no dedicated space.

Space saving staircases for small homes with an open bookshelf for storage
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A Classic Staircase Design With A Bar Unit Underneath

This narrow staircase design idea is an excellent design choice if you like a touch of tradition in your home interiors. This classic wooden staircase with iron railings is custom made with a swooping bar unit underneath. A combination of multiple drawers, open shelves, a wine cellar and an extension with attractive bar stools make this a great space saving hack for homes! The finishes and colour palette are matched with the staircase above and blend in with the aesthetics of the home. A space saving staircase design like this is perfect for modern day couples who love to invite their friends and colleagues over the weekends only to take out bottles from kitchen cupboards!

Space saving classic staircase design for small homes with a bar unit underneath

A Narrow Space Saving Staircase With A Shoe Unit

Not every homeowner is blessed with a walk-in closet to flaunt their shoe collection or keep dust free. This narrow staircase design is not only a warm addition to this home thanks to the wooden material. The shoe unit underneath provides a dedicated spot for all shoes in the house so they don’t get strewn all over the bedroom, in your foyer or living room only to clutter your space.

Narrow space saving staircase for small houses with a shoe unit

A Minimalist Corner Staircase With A Study Space

A simple yet stunning staircase with a study section like this one is a must have in a small home. We all need a study space regardless of the size of the home we stay in. This design features a simple staircase design with wooden planks on steps and a floating ledge as the study desk underneath. The whole design is a blend of industrial and minimalist style of interior design.

Minimalist corner staircase design with a study space
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And it’s a wrap! We hope this helps you to make an informed decision now that you know that the idea is to choose a clever staircase design that is a perfect blend of style and functionality!

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