7 Spiral Staircase Designs For Your Home That Will Leave You Spellbound

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 18, 2024 | 6 mins read

Eye-catchy Spiral staircase designs for your home

Bring home a touch of elegance with some stunning spiral staircase designs for your home

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Deep within, we all love being rooted in our traditional values while being open to modern perspectives, so why not add a bit of yourself into your home interiors? Spiral staircases have been a trend for generations but mostly found in lavish homes, palaces and the like. However, large urban homes have incorporated this design element in modern times. Here in this blog, we have curated seven unique spiral staircase design ideas that are sleek, elegant, compact and blend seamlessly with your modern home interiors.

So if you want an alternative to ordinary staircases, then these spiral staircases are perfect for you. They require less space and make a stunning statement to your home’s interiors.

These spiral staircase designs have been crafted with care keeping in mind space crunch in urban cities and the present-day taste of urban dwellers such as yourself. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with these spiral staircase design ideas.

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A Wooden Spiral Staircase Design

Wooden staircases add a touch of warmth to your entire home. So if you want your home to feel cosy and inviting then a  sleek wooden spiral staircase is an excellent option for you. These are easy to maintain and blend well with your furniture. You can add some beautiful pendant lights to give your spiral staircase design an edgy look. Complement your home’s interior with wooden flooring, a stylish bookshelf and a comfortable sofa unit to stitch the look together. You can add some potted plants to cut the monotony of wood.

Spiral staircase design India made from wood adds warmth to the entire home with wooden flooring and pendant lights.
A living room with a vintage wooden spiral staircase adds a mesmerising look to the entire space

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A Concrete Spiral Staircase Design

Want a simple staircase design that looks elegant but lighter on your pocket? Concrete is the solution for you. They are comparably cheaper than natural stones yet blend well with industrial style of home interiors. And if you are a little conscious about the look and feel of it, let us assure you there are numerous ways to make this type of staircase design look attractive. Concrete spiral staircase designs with iron railings look marvellous. You can also add some strip lights or small spotlights to highlight the stairs. A brick cladding accent wall, sputnik lights and a comfortable leather sofa set are all you need to stitch the look together. A marble flooring and some plants make the space look spacious and airy. Add a floor rug and some drapes to lend to the comforting vibe of the space.

Concrete spiral staircase designs with iron railing and wooden steps in the industrial style living room look attractive.
A concrete spiral staircase is perfect to amp up your industrial style living room

A Marble Spiral Staircase Design

Marble spiral staircases are pretty popular in India but mainly in an outdoor setup. If designed with expertise, these marble spiral staircases will lend a stylish touch to your house and make your home look spacious and edgy. If you want to bring in a serene vibe to your space then try white marble flooring as well. The luxurious veining and texture of this natural stone adds to the elegance of your room. Pair your marble spiral staircase with glass railings for an uber-cool look. A white sofa set and painted walls bring a serene vibe to the living room. Add some sputnik lights and spotlights for a well-lit living room.

Marble spiral staircase design in white with iron railing in black lends an urban-cool look.
An all-white living room with a marble spiral staircase for an uber-cool look

A Staircase Design With Hidden Storage

If you’re obsessed with clutter-free living and are looking to optimise every nook and corner of your home, there is nothing better than a spiral staircase design with hidden storage. They provide ample storage space and make your home look chic. So when there is a plan for a spiral staircase for your home, do consider utilising these stairs to carve out some hidden storage space as well. This gives you space to store shoes and other items neatly. This spiral staircase design is excellent if you live in a small apartment and want to improve the functionality of your space.

A wooden spiral staircase designed with hidden storage in the small apartment makes the home look chic.
A trendy wooden spiral staircase, intelligently designed with storage space
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An Iron Spiral Staircase Design

Iron spiral staircase designs are great for adding a sleek look to your home. They are edgy, minimalistic and blend perfectly with Indian home designs. A simple iron spiral staircase can be the focal point of your home. They look trendy yet minimalistic and add a bold statement to the entire space. A vibrant yellow wall and some indoor plants complement the look of black iron spiral stairs beautifully as we see in this image here.

A small living room with an iron spiral staircase design in minimalist adds a sleek look against the yellow wall.
A simple and elegant iron spiral staircase in black

An Artistic Metal Spiral Staircase Design

Are you an artistic person at heart and love adding elaborate decor to your home? Then the artistic metal spiral staircase design is something you cannot miss. This metal spiral staircase will add a vintage vibe to your house and make your space look like a piece of art. This staircase here is in gold and dazzles up the interiors effortlessly. This kind of spiral staircases will become the cynosure of your designer home, even if placed in a corner.

Spiral staircase design idea, artistic metal spiral staircase design in gold colour adds a vintage vibe to the house.
A metal spiral staircase in gold with an intricate design to lend a luxurious look to your space.

A Spiral Staircase Design In Glass

Another way of adding an edgy and ultra-modern look to your spiral staircase design is a glass spiral staircase with a glass side panel. It gives a delicately stylish look to the living room. Glass reflects light beautifully, illuminating the entire space while rendering a clean look to the surface. They look lighter and cut the monotony beautifully. Glass spiral staircases might be a little challenging to maintain as you need to keep it clean and dry always. Still, the elegance it will lend to your living area is worth the pain.

Staircase spiral designed in glass gives a delicately stylish look to the living room cum dining area.
Go for the glass spiral staircase to lend a clean and elegant look in your living room

We hope this blog could answer some of your questions like “spiral staircase design”, “spiral staircase design India” and “How much space does a spiral staircase need”. If you are overwhelmed with the spiral staircase design ideas we mentioned, just leave them on us! Reach out to our designers, and we will design a home to your heart’s desire.

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