Types Of Staircases You Need To Know

by Ashish Rai | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Types of staircases - spiral, l-shaped, modern classic steel, wooden and floating staircases are different types of stairs

Staircases add elegance to homes; straight, spiral or pieces connected at angles the choices are aplenty.

A staircase is an integral part of home interior design. Choosing the style that fits right in with your home’s design style can be a mammoth task. There are ample designs you can choose from as well as those with space-saving and other features. Every design provides a different visual appeal and takes up a varying amount of space. This means it is important to identify the types of staircase design that goes with your family size too.

Spiral staircases Are Compact And Save Space

Spiral staircases are the most creative and innovative of all designs available. This type of design dates back to medieval times and was often built from stone in castles. In modern times spiral staircases are known for their space-saving features and the elegance they bring to homes. In this design, steps radiate around a central vertical post. Spiral staircases fit in with any style of interior design – rustic, modern, industrial or minimalist. Whether you own a large duplex villa or a tiny two-bedroom apartment in the city, a spiral staircase can be built anywhere. You can build it to climb to the second floor or outside to reach a large outdoor den/ garage. The only drawback with this design is that you may not be able to carry heavy or bulky things and only one person can climb it as the inner portion of the staircase is narrow.

Spiral staircases are types of staircase for elegance look and saves space too
A spiral staircase lends a sense of elegance and saves space too

L-Shaped Staircases For Corners

Also known as quarter-turn stairs, L-shaped staircases transition in a different direction at 90 degrees and hence the name. This angle results in a landing space and is a great design for corners or restrictive spaces. This design is safer than regular straight stairs, thanks to the landing area that becomes a natural resting area. If you don’t want your corners to be left out of your interior design plan then opt for an L-shaped staircase. This will also boost buyer appeal of your home. The flipside of this design is that it can be difficult to carry large furniture and they are a bit more difficult to install than straight staircases.

Types of stairs design with l-shaped staircases for corner spaces and small homes
An L-shaped staircase is great for corner spaces and ideal for small homes
Visually striking staircase designs that make your home beautiful

Stairs With Extra Shelving

No place to keep your books or shoes? Do you need extra storage space? Look no further than the space beneath your staircases. Designing a staircase with shelves and storage space underneath is an excellent way to declutter and make an unused space more functional. Use this area to store books, make it a home office or display knick-knacks. A staircase can look incredible on its own, however if you design it with a bookcase, like in this image, it will make a bold statement. The possibilities are endless with this one.

Stairs with extra shelving for extra storage under the staircase is a types of space saving staircases
There is always room for extra storage under the staircase, don’t waste it

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The Modern Classic Steel Staircase Design

Steel is a versatile material and offers numerous design possibilities. Steel is easy to maintain and does not require additional protective layer. They are budget-friendly, durable and are even great for outdoor spaces, in the garden or in multi-storey homes. This can also be used for any kind of interior design style, even though you may think it will blend in only with industrial style. Steel staircases come in various designs like a spiral staircase, steel beams, stairs and ladders and can be customised to your taste and requirements.

Modern classic steel staircase design gives simple and elegant look to your home

The Perfect Wooden Staircase For Your Home

Wooden staircases are as old as the world of architecture. With time it has been used by homeowners thanks to its versatility and elegant charm. Wooden staircases are known for their beauty, design adaptability, and quality, and are always a choice of those you live an elite lifestyle. Maple, cherry, walnut or mahogany: these are just a few of many choices of wood when selecting your perfect staircase design. Wooden staircases will last you and the next generation that will come to live in your home.

Wooden staircase is one of the type of stairs design and its versatility and elegant charm

Floating Staircase With Glass Panelling

Have you seen a floating stair with a contemporary glass panelling? Doesn’t it look cool as if the stairs are floating in the air? Yes, they are eye-catching for sure and will definitely impress your guests. Design a stunning staircase with wooden planks supported by thin glass on the side. An industrial styled home will look edgier with this design especially if your walls have a rough finish.This kind of design also lends an open and airy look to your home. And if you mount some decor on your walls, they will not be hidden either!

Floating staircase with glass panelling brings airy and a light style to home interiors
Floating staircase brings in an airy and a light style to home interiors
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Staircases are more than just a piece of architecture. They provide functionality and add a certain charm to the whole house. Whether you opt for a grand design or a minimalistic symphony of metal and glass, a well-designed staircase will elevate the style quotient of your home.

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