9 Staircase Design Ideas For Indian Homes

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

“9 Staircase Design Ideas For Indian Homes” is locked 9 Staircase Design Ideas For Indian Homes

From the moment you hear the word staircase the primary thing that strikes your brain is basic square-like structures sans any visual or aesthetic appeal. These days staircases have gone beyond the mundane. They are visual enhancements to a home and make up much of the home decor. Here we tell you how to get imaginative with it. 

Indian homes need more planning than others since they usually have a few floors above the main entrance, at least with traditional setups. These staircase design ideas for Indian homes will add to its charisma and charm for a desi chic look. More so these designs are big on style and save space too.

Wonderfully White And In A Corner

Staircases are best built in corners of your Indian home. Corners are great places to build a staircase connecting floors without intruding the layout of the rest of your home. Also, they add a dash of visual appeal to any home. Sheer glass railings for instance increase appeal and make a space look bigger too.

White and cornered staircase designs for indian homes are the best options for staircase design
Corner spaces in your home are great to build staircases as they fit in beautifully

Say Hello To Woody WoodPecker Staircases

Ah! One of the most wonderful elements found in nature is wood. Wood, from barks of trees, adds warmth to any space when used. Wooden staircases bring in rustic beauty to Indian homes. These wooden planks are not only sturdy but occupy less space also. The space beneath these wooden staircases is usually kept empty where you can place small items for temporary storage.

Wooden staircase design gives your home elegance looks and wooden staircase bring in rustic beauty to indian homes
A spiral wooden staircase plan is gives your home a certain elegance needed to stand out

Airy, Open And Convenient Staircase Designs

This type of staircase design comes with no railings or support on either side as is the usual norm. This kind of design also acts and serves as a storage space in many cases. And beyond the functionality they bring in an element of luxury. They are airy, convenient to clean because of its simplicity in design and pleasant to look at.

Open staircase design comes with no railings or support and this kind of staircase design serves as a storage space
Open staircases are pleasing to look at because of the simplicity of design

The Grand Spiral Staircase Design

Spiral staircases save square meters because of their sleep design. The most common variant is the one where the staircase takes a sharp U-turn after every four-to five steps. This kind of geometrically curved staircase design is not advisable for home with children or elderly couples as climbing it is cumbersome. Make sure that there is always sufficient amount of light to climb up easily if you opt for this design.

Spiral staircase design with a delicate wrought iron railing is beautiful to look for indian homes staircase design
This spiral staircase with a delicate wrought iron railing is beautiful to look at
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Set The Mood With Illuminated Staircases

If you are a person who loves to have steps or staircases in a corner of your house then you will probably love this staircase design. The illuminated staircase design is for lovers of light and all things bright. Stairs here are adorned with lights on either side making that climb more enjoyable and vibrant! Perfect to run down and catch a midnight snack.

Illuminated staircase design is for lovers of light and bright gives you modern staircase design for indian homes
Dimly lit lights adorn this staircase for that extra glow

Step Outside On A Spiral Staircase Ride

If your living room is full up not that large then you can shift your staircase outside your house. And just because they are outside does not mean they can’t look beautiful. You can retain beauty and elegance of your home and of the staircase. The staircase structure outside your home can be as decorative as you want it to be. By using spiral staircases you save space and add to the beauty of the facade as well.

Outside spiral staircase design add to the beauty of your home small spaces
Staircases outside add to the beauty of your home

Steel Staircase Design For Modern, Metallic Look

Steel is literally a strong staircase design idea for Indian homes. Steel staircases and meshes is also a great way to secure your house. The only drawback with this kind of material is that is that is difficult to dismantle. So think wisely and carefully before picking steel staircase design as an option.

Steel staircase design, steel is literally a strong staircase design idea for indian homes
Steel staircase designs are good for homes that want a modern yet industrial look
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Spiral Staircases Can Be Inside Your Home

There is no rule that the spiral staircases can only be used outside – you can use this staircase design idea within a home too!  You just need to just find out a perfect spot for it. Since these spiral staircase requires a lot of space and they cannot be placed in any corner of your hallway.

Spiral staircases can be placed inside your home
Spiral staircases can be placed inside your home too to add to the decor of your home

So make sure to build them smartly in a space that would otherwise remain empty.

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