10 Creative Ways To Decorate An Empty Wall In Your Kitchen

by Nikita Raikwar | February 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Install floating shelves on the empty kitchen wall

Wondering what to do with that empty wall space in your kitchen? Here are 10 ways to make the most of empty walls.

Your kitchen is the place where magic begins. It allows you to be creative, not just with cuisines but also with visually appealing elements and decor ideas. Right from building additional storage solutions to creating a visually striking haven for kitchen enthusiasts, empty spaces hold the most creative potential. With that being said, here are 10 ways you can amp up the empty wall spaces in your kitchen into a beautiful kitchen add-on. 

A Bare-Brick Wall Design To Enhance The Overall Look Of Your Kitchen

When you have a fully-functional kitchen yet feel like something’s missing, you can count on wall textures and patterns to do the job. Just like this stunning bare-brick wall design that’s built to create an aesthetically pleasing rustic-themed kitchen design. You can either experiment with bare-brick or white-washed brick and if not these, you can replace the bricks with wallpapers or textured paint. The choice is entirely up to you.

A bare brick kitchen wall ideas to enhance the overall look
Bare-brick is a striking kitchen wall design

Install Floating Shelves On The Empty Wall In Your Kitchen For Jars Or Potted Plants

If bare-brick wall designs, textures and patterns are not your ideas of aesthetics, you can choose to add some meaningful biophilic decor to your kitchen area. This can be done with floating shelves that can store indoor potted plants as well as your spice and condiment jars. A light wood shelf looks visually appealing, minimalist and clean in design as compared to dark wood or walnut / ebony wood colours. So, ensure that you stick to a single wood type. But, you are free to choose what most resonates with your liking.

Install floating shelves on the empty kitchen wall ideas for jars or potted plants
Floating shelves for a minimalist design

A Popular Empty Kitchen Wall Idea Is To Curate Moments With Photo Frames

Who doesn’t love a little personalisation? In the world of interior designs and decor, personalised decor ideas get a lot of love and fanfare. With that being said, let your kitchen walls etch onto them memories and moments captured in time. Create a wall of picture collages and photo frames that remind you of the beautiful moments you experienced with your loved ones. Similarly, you can also look into quirky typography frames for a fun and modern vibe to your cooking haven.

A popular empty kitchen wall ideas is to curate moments with photo frames
Create a wall of moments in your kitchen

Use The Blank Kitchen Wall For A Wall-Mounted Dining Set

If your kitchen area comes with extra space to house the dining table, but not enough for a tiny family, then a wall-mounted table comes in handy. Look out for wall-mounted dining or breakfast counters, as a way to make the most of your kitchen walls. Complement the table with bar stools or comfortable minimalist chairs that do not take up space around the kitchen, and you are good to go. What’s best about these wall-mounted tables is that they can be folded back up on the wall, offering you additional space around the kitchen when the table isn’t in use.

Use the blank kitchen wall ideas for a wall-mounted dining set
Wall-mounted tables make best use of open spaces
Well designed modular kitchens that save 20% space

Create A Tea Or Coffee Corner In The Kitchen

Whether you are a tea or a coffee enthusiast, having a coffee/tea corner in your kitchen is a great way to show your guests that you are a fine host equipped with all kinds of snack time needs. With that being said, these coffee corners are such an aesthetic addition that we are totally swooning over it. You can also add a coffee machine and floating shelves to accommodate your tea/coffee essentials like mugs, other tools and accessories for making your favourite hot beverage and comfortable seating space.

Design A Mini Bar Corner For Unique Kitchen Wall Ideas

An industrial kitchen like this deserves a chalkboard wall design and rustic wooden shelf aesthetics. To top it all, it’s the perfect ambient setting for a mini bar counter, as seen in the image. This mini bar counter is perfect for weekends and nights of partying away when you want to access your favourite drinks and cocktails easily. What’s more, there’s ample space to store all your gleaming glasses, bottles of vino de piccolo and ceramicware. 

Design a mini bar corner for unique kitchen wall ideas with modern home aesthetics
A charming mini bar for modern home aesthetics

Dado Wall And The Additional Smart Space-Saving Storage Solution

Just when you thought all kitchen designs and interior ideas had been used up, we came up with this dado wall storage solution, in the nick of time. What’s so good about using up your dado wall is that it does not creep into your kitchen space, offers ample storage space and can easily store your spice jars, oil bottles and pulses, making it reachable and quick to access when you are in a hurry.

These open dado wall shelves are also easy to clean and maintain and offer a clutter-free look to your kitchen. Complement it with floating shelves to host your potted plants, and with just the right amount of greenery around, you have yourself a stunning kitchen space, all to yourself.

Dado wall and the additional smart space-saving storage solution kitchen wall ideas
Smart space-saving storage on the dado wall

Adding Hooks For Cutlery On The Backsplash Is A Classic Empty Kitchen Wall Idea

Don’t forget that the age-old hang-on-the-wall cutlery idea is still a classic and cleverly used in modern kitchens as well. Make it easy for you to work in the kitchen by having your cooking essentials at eye level. Easy to maintain and worth the classic rustic charm, these wall hooks are easy to install. You can also try out command hooks and avoid that dreadful hole in the wall situation.

Adding hooks for cutlery on the backsplash is a classic empty kitchen wall ideas
Hang your cooking tools on hooks

Use Chalkboard Paint On The Backsplash For Kitchen To-Dos

If you are looking for fun and quirky empty kitchen wall ideas, you can choose to paint your backsplash with chalkboard paint. What’s so cool about chalkboard paint is that it works as a canvas for you to jot down your to-dos, grocery must-haves, pending kitchen shopping or simply creative outbursts and fun times with doodles and art.  

Use chalkboard paint on the backsplash for kitchen wall ideas to dos
Chalkboard paint makes for a fun kitchen backsplash

Cover The Blank Kitchen Wall With An Open Shelf Rack For Display And Storage

The idea of having a scenic kitchen may be a far-fetched idea for urban homes. But nobody said no to bringing the scenic beauty inside. Add a touch of biophilic interiors with moss plants, indoor plants, potted succulents, strings of pearls alongside some lovely enamel and ceramic ware for just the right amount of visual appeal to your kitchen space. 

Cover the blank kitchen wall ideas with an open shelf rack for display and storage
Bring nature indoors with plants in the kitchen

If you’ve been wondering what to do with the empty wall in your kitchen, now you have more than one idea! And with that, we come to an end of some of the finest top choices to spruce up your kitchen’s wall space. Are you itching for an interior project and want to upgrade your space? Book a free consultation with us to get a quote and design the kitchen of your dreams! In the meantime, be sure to read more about 2022 Kitchen Trends that you can follow.

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