New Year, New Kitchen | 8 Kitchen Design Trends You Cannot Miss In 2022

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 12, 2024 | 6 mins read

A U-shaped kitchen home interior design with black matte finish cabinets that add a sleek look

Give your cooking space a timely upgrade with these kitchen design trends for 2022

Kitchen design trends are one of the most searched New Year trends in 2022! As remote working continues in several parts of the world, people are looking for better home designs. And kitchen design remains a crucial aspect of home interiors. We are seeing clients wanting more and more personalised kitchen designs. This proves that the cooking haven is now an integral part of home design. 

If you look at the kitchen design trends for 2022, you will see how this year is going to be about personalised kitchens. It will be all about creating bespoke kitchens that fit right into homeowners’ lifestyles. So, let’s discover what’s hot and what’s not in our exclusive list of kitchen design trends.

Make Note Of These Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

  • Mixing vintage and modern will be one of the hottest kitchen design trends
  • Natural-looking flooring is definitely a popular kitchen trend in 2022  
  • Living areas will accompany open kitchens in design trends for 2022
  • Colourful cabinets are must-have kitchen design trends in 2022
  • Make way for personalised appliance units in this year’s kitchen trends 
  • Tiered islands are making waves in kitchen design trends 2022
  • Bringing the outdoors inside is a must for this year’s kitchen trends
  • Interesting dado tiles are the rage in kitchen design trends this year

1. Mixing Vintage And Modern Will Be One Of The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends

Yes, according to our design police, kitchen trends in 2022 will bring in a lot of vintage elements. The year will witness a throwback to vintage-style kitchen designs. We are talking about classic cabinets, French windows and antique tapware. However, functionality-wise, people will still look out for modern solutions. So, smart organisation racks, drawers, pull-out cabinets and bi-fold shutters will still rule. The cabinets will have more vintage appeal in terms of design. You can also expect a lot of vintage-style wooden furniture for kitchens. 

Mixing vintage and modern will be one of the hottest kitchen design trends
It’s time to blend some vintage elements into your modern kitchen interiors

2. Natural-Looking Flooring Is Definitely A Popular Kitchen Trend In 2022

This year, kitchens with warm wooden finish floors or natural stone floors will be a hot favourite. Since homeowners are becoming more conscious about the environment, we are seeing a lot of natural materials in home interiors which extends to kitchen design trends too. One such example is hardwood flooring. So, if you already have wooden floors in your kitchen, you are lucky. If not, you can always go for wooden looking floor paper as an affordable renovation choice.

Natural-looking flooring is definitely a popular kitchen trends in 2022
Wooden floors are a great way to introduce natural materials in your kitchen

3. Living Areas Will Accompany Open Kitchens In Design Trends For 2022

As we have started spending more time at home, we want its design to be more suitable. One such personalisation aspect is the layout of your kitchen. Since all of us have turned into home chefs (thanks to YouTube and Reels), we want our kitchen to be a part of our living areas and not sidetracked. Hence, open kitchen extension in living areas is a worldwide phenomenon right now! Such a kitchen design lets you cook, stay in the living area and not get dissociated from the rest of the house. So yes, bring in open kitchen layouts!

Living areas will accompany open kitchen trends 2022
Open kitchen layouts with the living area ensure you don’t miss the fun

4. Colourful Cabinets Are Must-Have Kitchen Design Trends In 2022

Gone are the days when people neglected kitchen designs and opted for boring, standard cabinets. Today, kitchen design is all about personalisation. Therefore, naturally, we will see a lot of bespoke kitchen cabinet colours. If you want to follow the trending colours precisely, go for the Pantone colour of the year 2022, Very Peri, as a kitchen cabinet colour. Or you can also go with muted green, which is also a trending colour this year. 

Colourful cabinets are must-have 2022 kitchen trends to give your kitchen a personal touch
Give your kitchen a personal touch with colourful cabinets

5. Make Way For Personalised Appliance Units In This Year’s Kitchen Trends

As the functionality quotient rises for kitchen interiors, people are opting for more modern and grand appliances. Enter innovative microwave units and appliance garages. However, what’s more exciting is that people want these units in personalised designs to match the rest of their kitchen interiors. Thus, people wish to personalise wooden units for their appliances to allow a seamless integration in their kitchen design. Therefore, 2022 will be a lot about personalised kitchen design trends!

Make way for personalised appliance units in this year’s kitchen design trends
A customised appliance unit is what you need for a clutter-free kitchen

6. Tiered Islands Are Making Waves In Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Have you been wanting some extra countertop area in your kitchen? Well, we hear you! 2022 kitchen design trends bring a solid chance to multiply your kitchen countertop area. Because it’s the year for tiered kitchen islands. So, don’t shy away from bringing in tiered kitchen islands if you have the space. You can use the lower countertop as the prep area and the top as your dinner or serve counter.

Tiered islands are making waves in kitchen trends are a smart way to maximise space
Tiered kitchen islands are a smart way to maximise space

7. Bringing The Outdoors Inside Is A Must For This Year’s Kitchen Trends

This year, another amazing kitchen design trend is how kitchens are becoming more open and natural – one reason designers are bringing the outdoors inside the kitchen. If your kitchen opens into a backyard, add plants and trees in the area to bring in the natural vibe in your cooking haven! Modern kitchen designs utilise the outdoor environments to create a super sustainable kitchen design with large-sized kitchen windows or open balconies.

Bringing the outdoors inside is a must for this year’s kitchen trends 2022
This year’s kitchen trends are bringing the outdoors in

8. Interesting Dado Tiles Are The Rage In Kitchen Design Trends This Year

The kitchen will also feature a lot of exciting dado designs in 2022. From innovative backsplash tiles to creative dado colours – you can pep up your cooking spaces by adding a unique twist to your boring backsplash. If you have a neutral kitchen colour palette, a pop of vibrant backsplash will work wonders. And if you have a seamless cabinetry design, use backsplashes with textures and dimensions to add a unique appeal.

Interesting dado tiles are the rage in 2022 kitchen trends this year
Upgrade your standard kitchen interiors with a unique backsplash

There you are! We give you eight great kitchen design trends that will dominate home designs this year. Remember to use functionality as a base for your kitchen design and the above trending elements. If not sure, reach out to us, and we promise to guide you in your kitchen design journey.

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