Bring In Positivity With These North-Facing House Vastu Tips For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 12, 2024 | 6 mins read

North facing house vastu plan for your home

Keep your north-facing house in alignment with Vastu Shastra dos and don’ts

Every culture has its own system of beliefs and set-ups. In India, homes have been designed in concordance with Vastu Shastra for quite a long time now. ‘Vastu’ is the architecture of a house that should provide good energy and bring in health and wealth — a good return on investment, in business terms.

Apart from the belief factor, there are many criteria in Vastu Shastra that can be justified on the basis of science, making Vastu principles an important factor taken into consideration by homeowners.

What Is A North-Facing House?

A north-facing home is one where the main entrance is facing the north direction. In Vastu Shastra, it’s not as if there are some directions that are not auspicious; a home can be facing any direction and can be made Vastu compliant.

A north-facing house is assumed to be auspicious, considering the north direction is dedicated to the God of wealth, Kuber. But there are certain conventions to be followed while thinking of a north-facing house Vastu plan. The rest of the house should also be Vastu-compliant and any defects that can possibly bring negative energies into the house should be rectified.

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It Starts With The Placement Of Your Entrance Door

If you have ever taken interest in Vastu Shastra for your home, you will have heard of the term ‘padas’. So, what exactly are padas?

For a north-facing home, when you divide the distance between the northwest and the northeast into nine equal parts, each part is called a pada.

Though all the padas are considered auspicious, the best placement of a door according to the north-facing house plan as per Vastu is in the fifth pada. It is seen as the most beneficial for attracting wealth. Additionally,

  • In the event of any problems complying with this rule, say that space falling in the fifth pada isn’t enough for a door, you can make use of the space between the first and fourth padas without leaving out the fifth pada
  • If you’re left with absolutely no choice, you can place the main door between the sixth and ninth padas. Preferably, try to avoid using the sixth pada, and keep it as the last resort
  • If you are using the first pada for the door, ensure that it does not touch the northeast corner. Always keep some gap between the corner and the door edge
The entrance door in green colour facing the sixth pada is the north facing house entrance Vastu.
The sixth pada is the best placement option for the entrance door of your north-facing house

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Placement Of Different Rooms In A North-Facing Home

Kitchen Placement As Per North-Facing House Vastu Plan

You can place the kitchen in your home in the northwest or southeast area. Agneya, i.e. southeast, is the most recommended as it stands for fire. Do not place the kitchen in the northeast corner.

Kitchen Vastu for north facing house, white u-shaped kitchen placed in the northwest brings auspicious.
Northwest or southeast directions are auspicious for kitchens in north-facing homes

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Bathroom Placement As Per North-Facing House Vastu Plan

Although a very small and often neglected space, the placement of the bathroom is an important aspect to take into consideration while planning your north-facing home according to Vastu. Ideally, you should design a Vastu plan so that the bathroom is located on the southwest side of the home. You could also go with the southeast direction in case of more than one bathroom. Avoid having the bathrooms or toilets in the northeast corner of your home.

Mint green and white bathroom design with washbasin placed southeast direction is the bathroom Vastu for north facing house
The southwest direction is optimum for placing the bathroom in a north-facing home

Bedroom Placement As Per North-Facing House Vastu Plan

The ideal location of a master bedroom is the southwest area in your north-facing home. For children’s bedrooms, a west-central room is your best bet as per Vastu recommendations. Similarly, the northwest direction is good for placing guest bedrooms in your home, if any.

The Master bedroom placed in the southwest direction for auspicious is the north-facing house plan as per Vastu.
Your master bedroom should ideally be placed in the southwest side of your home

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Pooja Room Placement As Per North-Facing House Vastu Plan

Ishanya, i.e. the northeast direction, is considered perfect for your pooja room. There is a holy significance to this direction, which is also why you should not place any bathrooms, or places with the potential of waste generation here.

Pooja room Vastu for north facing house, pooja room in a simple design with backlighting behind the wood frame.
Pooja rooms in a north-facing home should be placed in the northeast portion
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Other Dos And Don’ts As Per North-Facing House Vastu

  • Place the stairs in a clockwise direction. Avoid placing them anywhere in the north direction. If left without a choice, the northwest could be an option to consider. South, west, southeast and southwest are good areas for placing the staircase
  • For better results in the career or life of women in the household, ensure proper Vastu-compliance in the southeast as the direction of Venus is related to women. The north zone should be kept open, well-lit and wide. If you place water tanks in the northwest as well, it would be good for the development of women’s lives
  • Do not have trees or plants placed in the north. Also, avoid placing water tanks in the northeast
  • You can place an idol of Kubera towards the north. Placing a tulsi plant in the northern directions or the east will also help in establishing positivity in the home
  • With mirrors, do not go with south or southeast directions
  • All-time colours such as shades of white, beige, warmer greys/greens or even blue go well with a north-facing home Vastu

North-Facing House Vastu Cheat Sheet

Here’s a summary of the important points to remember:

  • Do not have the main entrance in the northwest direction/or just in the first pada
  • Make sure you have not placed any toilets, bedrooms or kitchens in the northeast corner of the house
  • Wastewater outlets should not be in or towards south or north directions
  • Avoid placing doors other than the entrance door in the sixth pada
  • Don’t colour your house with dark warm colours such as red
  • The underground tank should not be on the northwest side of the house
  • Water tanks should not be in the north, northeast or east direction

There are many aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying a house according to Vastu. We recommend consulting a Vastu expert to guide you with the process.

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