Vastu Done Right: Fill Your Kitchen With Positive Energy

by Noopur Lidbide | January 11, 2023 | 4 mins read

Vastu tips for kitchen

Achieve the right balance of energies in your kitchen with these vastu tips for overall peace and prosperity.

The kitchen is the centre of any household. According to Vastu experts a kitchen is an ideal place to improve energy and motivation. While aesthetics and functionality are two sides of the same coin when it comes to designing spaces, Vastu brings in free flow of positive energies. Your kitchen needs to be as much of a recipient of the right Vastu as other parts of your home. It helps maintain a happy and positive atmosphere. Here is a curated list of essential Vastu tips for kitchen spaces.

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Direction Of Your Kitchen

According to the principles of Vastu, your kitchen must ideally be located in the Southeast zone of your home. This is where Agni or the Lord of Fire is said to be present and therefore becomes the perfect spot for it. Another alternative is the northwest direction. However, a point to note is that one must avoid constructing a kitchen in the north, northeast or southwest direction as it can cause strained relationships between family members.

Kitchen vastu direction, according to vastu shastra your kitchen must ideally be located in the southeast zone of your home

Place Your Kitchen Equipment Right

Several pieces of equipment used in kitchens represent fire as well. Therefore it is said that appliances like gas stoves, microwaves, toasters and the like must be placed in the southeast part of your kitchen. As per Vastu Shastra, equipment must be placed in such a manner that it compels the person using it to face east while cooking. This attracts positive energy.

Kitchen vastu for equipment, it must be placed in the southeast part of your kitchen

Opposites Don’t Attract

The principles of Vastu Shastra water and fire are opposing in nature. Therefore these elements must not be placed on a common platform or even parallel to each other inside a kitchen. This means your sink and gas stove if placed together can have a negative impact on members of the residing family.

According to vastu shastra kitchen, water and fire not be placed on a common platform

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Water, Wealth And Health

The north or northeast directions of your kitchen are ideal to place wash basins, washing machines, water pipes and the drain. If you have an overhead tank in your kitchen avoid facing it towards the north or northeast. Instead place it outside your kitchen in the west zone of your home. A good balance between water and fire elements leads to good health and abundance of wealth.

Vastu tips for kitchen for water elements to be placed in north or northeast directions of your kitchen vastu
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Place Your Refrigerator In The Southwest

In order to maintain a peaceful environment the best direction to place your refrigerator is in the southwest. Vastu Shastra also believes this helps in overcoming obstacles in life.

Vastu shastra kitchen for fridges, the best direction to place your refrigerator in the southwest

Place Those Grains Right For Good Gains

For a prosperous life and abundant luck, grains and other essentials must be stocked in the southwest direction of your kitchen. Place it right and you attract all the gains!

Kitchen vastu direction for grains must be stocked in the southwest direction of your kitchen vastu

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A Window Is A Must

Windows not only provide better ventilation but maintain good health for all family members, say Vastu Shastra experts. A kitchen must have at least one window facing the east. North or northeast directions are also good options for your kitchen window.

According to kitchen vastu, your kitchen must have at least one window facing the east

Use Vibrant Colours

For better Vastu paint your kitchen walls in bright colours like yellow, orange, red and the like. Avoid using dark colours especially black for kitchen interiors as they go against kitchen Vastu guidelines.

Kitchen vastu colours, paint your kitchen walls in bright colours like yellow, orange and red

Clutter-Free Storage

One of the most important principles of this science is that your kitchen must be devoid of any clutter. A clean and organised kitchen brings in better energies to the table, quite literally! All utensils must be stored in areas especially built and demarcated for them. Your kitchen cabinets must preferably be installed around the southern or western walls of your kitchen.

Vastu tips for kitchen with a clean and organised kitchen brings in positive energies
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And with these tips in place your kitchen will be bringing in all the good vibes. Make sure you design your kitchen with the right Vastu Shastra. The proper use of this science will channelise all good energies to your benefit. A few tweaks here and there and your kitchen will bring you a happy household, one that is full of positive energy!

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