Vastu Shastra For Good Vibes! Enrich Your Home With These Tips

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 3, 2024 | 4 mins read

Basic vastu tips for your house

Follow these Vastu tips to bring that abundant flow of positive energy into your home for peaceful living.

While the awareness about Vastu Shastra is rare and often overlooked, it still holds significance for your home. As an ancient branch of science and architecture in India, basic principles of Vastu Shastra for homes ensures your house attracts positive energy for a joyful life. Good Vastu ensure health, wealth, mental and emotional well-being of all members residing and therefore designing a balanced environment is crucial to achieve the same. Five key elements – fire, water, air, earth, and space – need to be in perfect harmony.  However, with the hustle and bustle of fast-paced lives, modern homeowners are moving into ready apartments and homes. However, these Vastu tips for homes are a good reference point before you choose to rent or buy a home which will help bring harmony to your life.

Vastu For The Main Entrance Of Your Home

The main entrance of your home is where energies enter and exit. Therefore it is critical to ensure the main door is at the right direction. Positive energy blooms in bright areas, so avoid keeping the space outside the main door dark. Also, make sure the door opens inwards. It should be located in the north, east or north-east direction. When you head out of your home, the main door should let you step out in the north. Avoid painting a main door black or place a water-centric element near it. Don’t place a shoe rack or dustbin near it either. Instead adorn it with torans or nameplates and feel the good vibes instantly!

Vastu Shashtra tips for home entrance is to ensure the main door is located in the north, east or northeast
The main entrance sets the tone for your home, so make sure it is vastu compliant

Simple Vastu Plan For Living Rooms

Your living room is where most of the activity of your home is centered including social gatherings. Place all the bulky furniture near the west or south-west direction of your living room. Ensure that your living room faces the north, east or north-east. North-west is also favourable according to experts. If mirrors are part of your home decor then ensure they are mounted on a northern wall. Electronics must always be placed in the south-west direction.

Vastu tips for living room is to place all the furniture near the west or south-west direction
Placement of furniture is important in living rooms for a balanced flow of energy

Perfect Vastu For Bedrooms

A bedroom designed with right Vastu not only brings in all the positivity but also strengthens the bond between couples for a harmonious relationship. Your bedroom should be in the southwest direction. Your bed too must be in the southwest corner Choose earthy and grounded colours for your bedroom as it radiates positivity. Avoid placing a TV or a mirror facing your bed. Also, subtle lighting perks up your mood and invites calmness.

Vastu shashtra tips for bedroom is that it should be in the southwest direction
A bedroom is where bonds are strengthened so invite calmness with neutral coloured walls
Home interior solutions for a happy stress free life

A Vastu Compliant Pooja Room

Your pooja room is a place for mediation and peace. A pooja room in the east or north-east zone of your home is great for spiritual pursuits. White, yellow, beige and green are perfect colours for this room. Make sure to decorate the altar of pooja with loads of torans and fresh flowers. Use incense sticks to evoke that zen vibe!

Vastu shashtra tips for pooja room is that it should be placed in the east or north-east direction
A pooja room is the heart of any home; keep it pristine with the right vastu

Kitchen According To Vastu

According to vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire, Agni  prevails in the southeast direction of homes. Therefore this area is perfect for kitchens. If you cannot place it here then the northwest is also a good option. Avoid placing your stove near the water sink. Your kitchen must not face any washroom either, and also ensure it never shares a common wall with it. Strategically place your fridge in the south-west direction of your kitchen space. All of this makes sure your family stays healthy!

Vastu tips for kitchen is that it should be   in the southeast direction
A kitchen in the right direction keeps a family together

See? Just a few changes here and there, gives you a well-balanced environment. Follow these Vastu tips and transform your house into a home! Do you need assistance for Vastu compliant home interiors? Then do visit our website and book a consultation.

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