Make Your Home Blossom With These Mesmerising Pink Paint Colours

Pink colour rooms for your home

Want something to blush about in life? These pink colour ideas for your home will get your home covered!

Unlike popular opinion that those umpteen shades of pink are just meant for millennials, decor Gods have blessed pink with the power to magically transform your home! Whether you are planning to repaint your home not yet, the colour pink should be on your mind for all the joy and freshness it exudes. 

Like a bold pink colour wall? Or does that cherry pink make you go gaga? From something subtle to outright edgy, pink as a colour spoils you with its versatility. You can use it in your hallway, master bedroom to fire up the romance or in your child’s bedroom or study.

Relevant to almost every style and space, pink paint colour offers an array of options. Check out our list here to see which one strikes a chord with your sensibilities!

Bold Rose Pink Colour Wall

Looking for a sophisticated, uplifting shade of pink? This is the perfect shade for you then! It is soothing to the eyes and also uplifts the vibe of your home at the same time. You can easily pair it with metallic decor and signature wooden furniture.

Pink colour bedroom which easily pair with metallic decor and signature wooden furniture
Choose this bold rose pink scheme for a classy vintage room

Nothing’s Better Than Blush Pink For A Wall

Nothing can beat the feels of a light, soft shade of pink in your home. An evergreen shade of pink, this colour gives a nice sheen to your hallways or bedroom in no time. Furthermore, its modern colour palette makes the room look more spacious and airy.

Pink paint colours for your home with modern colour palette which gives a nice sheen to your hallways
Ideal for teen bedrooms, blush pink is a refreshing colour

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Turn your home into a blush pink paradise!

Peach Pink Is Perfect

Thinking that pink might be too girly for you? Don’t fret. Go ahead with this moody shade of pink that blends perfectly with the decor and overall vibe of a modern home. This shade of pink goes well with contemporary furniture as well.

Pink colour wall for your home which blends perfectly with the decor and overall vibe of a modern home
Not too pink or too girlish, this shade shows the versatility of this colour

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Sensational Neon Pink Wall Paint

Attractive and sensational, neon pink gives your home an edge over others. It’s welcoming and very retro. Remember the 80’s anyone? You can use this shade to paint your foyer, hallways, and even the entrance. It lends a charming feel to your home that is absolutely unmissable.

Pink wall paint for your home which is welcoming and very retro pink paint
Neon pink is a fearlessly adventurous colour and great for an unconventional home
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Cotton Candy Pink For A Room

Great for a kids’ bedroom and for everyone young at heart, cotton candy pink has a soft and dreamy vibe to it. This colour truly showcases your bubbly personality and is also very easy on the eyes. Moreover, it’s quite vintage in appeal, so if you like the good old days, choose it without a doubt.

Cotton candy pink colour room for your home for everyone young at heart
Cloudy, dreamy and soft cotton candy pink brings your home back to life

Pale Pink Is Pretty For A Bedroom

If there is something called balance then pale pink epitomizes it! On the sweet spot of soft and subtle, this shade of pink goes perfectly well with most backdrops and a plethora of styles. Do you have a penchant for pastels? Then you must absolutely opt for this shade of pink.

Pale pink paint colours for bedrooms which goes perfectly well with a plethora of styles
Pale pink is one of the most balanced and beautiful shades of pink

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Go A Bit Different With Orchid Pink

Like a shade that is bold and different? Orchid pink is just right for you then. With an aesthetic pop and burst feel to it, this shade enhances dull walls in no time. So, if a revamp is on your mind then orchid pink is your colour, folks! It is time to get on with that home interior project.

Orchid pink wall paint designs for your home which enhances dull walls in no time
Want to set up a unique home? Pick orchid pink for your walls then

Pearl Pink Colour Wall

Straight out from the pink sea if you might want to say, this shade of pink is as pacifying as ocean breeze. Not only for your little princesses’ room but this one also goes pretty well with your living area. If you like a dreamy and expensive vibe then choose this shade by all means.

Pearl pink colour house for your home which is pacifying as ocean breeze
Chic and contemporary, pearl pink is great for all home styles

Fluorescent Pink Wall Paint

Fresh and extraordinary, fluorescent pink helps break the monotony of your dull home. From all the pink paint colours you like, this one might prove to be a great choice for the kind of statement that it makes in your home.

Fluorescent pink bedroom colour helps break the monotony of your dull home
If selective is your middle name then fluorescent pink is the shade created just for you

Mauve Pink For This Kids Bedroom

Got a small space? Then trust on mauve to move the decor mountains for you! It is a quintessentially unique shade of pink and on that absolutely perks up your home. Most importantly, it makes those plain boring walls look beautiful and also sets a tone for a stately space.

Pink colour wall paint for your home which makes plain boring walls look beautiful and perks up your home
Mauve is an elegant colour for a small home interior design

With all these shades of pink colours for your home interiors trust us your life is about to become rose-tinted and lively! Plan that overhaul without thinking twice. And for that slightly more informed decision, rely on consultation any time. Book now!

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