Tips For Good Energy: Colour Your Home The Vastu Way

by Pooja Dara | January 13, 2023 | 7 mins read

Vastu colors for your home according to vastu shastra

Here is our Vastu colour code to fill your home with peace, good health and joy

You cannot deny the fact that home is where you spend a major part of your life. Even if you are working and have busy schedules, you always come back home to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Specific colours stimulate specific emotions and moods. So it is important to have the right balance of Vastu colours in your home to live a healthy and blissful life.

Vastu Shastra is defined as the ‘Science of Architecture’ that helps in building a perfect layout for your home based on cardinal zones. The theory of Vastu Shastra encompasses various principles to make a home compliant such as site-planning, orientation, architectural rules or dimensions, proportions, and aesthetics. In the current context, it will be relevant to talk about choosing the right colour schemes as per the principles of this science.

The main purpose behind using the right colours as per Vastu across your home or property is to bring continuous advantages and benefits to its inhabitants. Adhering to the principles of Vastu ensures peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity, physical and mental wellbeing, strength, security, growth, and success in everyone’s personal and professional lives.

Colours have the ability to instill in you a sense of love, joy and excitement, don’t you agree? If yes, then have you ever wondered that colours can also influence you in the way you live and how your luck can be charted? And it can begin right from your own home.

Of the many aspects dealt within Vastu Shastra, colour therapy emerges as the most relevant one here. You often choose the colours of your house to enhance its aesthetic beauty and reflect your personal style. Using colours as per Vastu for your home interiors can be extremely beneficial as they stimulate certain moods, emotions, and your thought process. It helps achieve an optimal balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Using specific Vastu colours on the walls of various rooms in your house has a direct effect on your behavior and mental state. Outlined below are colours that are considered extremely auspicious. Before that do note the following.

  • The ceilings of all the rooms must be white while you can paint other sidewalls with Vastu-specific colours that you like either as a monochrome or a combination. 
  • Avoid painting the walls of your room(s) with darker shades such as black, dark grey and dark red as they represent fiery and non-lucky planets that bring unhappiness and despair. This colour scheme may disturb the energy pattern in your house by deflecting happy positive energy and attracting unwanted negative energy.
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Now that you know the basics, let’s jump into the details:

Vastu Colours For Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom, the king of all rooms, is meant for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day’s long work. It is also a space that promotes a healthy and stable relationship between couples. Vastu colours for a master bedroom can include light blue, light green, pink, white, mauve, and tinges of gold. These colours represent new beginnings, calm emotions. They enhance strength, represent prosperity and wisdom, help induce peaceful sleep. These shades are considered as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude.

Vastu colors for master bedroom can include light blue, light green, pink, white, mauve, and gold are the right vastu colours according to vastu

Kids Bedroom

A parent always wants a secure future for his/her child, be it in terms of education or a professional life in later years. So, it is in your hands to provide him with a conducive environment that is nurturing and bright. The Vastu colours for the kid’s room can include light green, light yellow, light blue or lavender. These colours help improve the child’s focus and also enhances his/her personality. In addition to this, it also represents balance, youth, growth, joy, and clarity of thought.

Vastu colours for the kids bedroom can include light green, light yellow, light blue or lavender

Study Room

Good education indirectly leads to good health and abundant wealth. One can use colours such as lavender, light purple, green, light blue for a study room. These shades help to make a kid’s learning environment pleasant and improve his/her concentration and memory. This apart from ensuring healing and prosperity.

Best colour for study room according to vastu are lavender, light purple, green, light blue for a study room

Vastu Colours For Living Room

Your living room is where you spend quality time with your family and friends, and also entertain your guests. Keeping this in mind it must introduce your personality in some sense. To give your living room a warm, bold, serene, lively and welcoming feel, colours such as yellow, beige, tan, floral whites, cream and light blue can be used in combination with white colour. These colours bring in goodness, innocence, calmness, charm, beauty and warmth, perfection and honesty in conversations and relationships.

Living room colour as per vastu, choose yellow, beige, tan cream and light blue can be used in combination with white colour

Dining Room

Dinings room is where we feed ourselves for survival and pleasure, and also catch up with our family. According to Vastu your dining space must be in shades of green, pink, saffron and light orange. These colours bring prosperity, health, peace, creativity, enlightenment, and healing. They also facilitate assimilation and digestion in one’s system.

Vastu colors for dining room according to vastu in shades of green, pink, saffron and light orange
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Vastu Colours For Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home where delicious and wholesome food is made. Hence, the kitchen walls should be painted with light scarlet red, saffron or brick orange, silver, white, peach, woody green or light chocolate. According to Vastu, these colours have immense benefits as they increase your appetite and metabolism, and accelerate the digestion process. They also represent purity, power, courage, stimulation, good health, and energy.

Vastu colours for kitchen, choose brick orange, silver, white, peach or woody green are the best colors according to vastu shastra for kitchen color

Home Office

Lighter shades of Gold, yellow, green or cream for your home office ensure a balanced working environment. It helps you deal better with stress, balances your soul body and mind, increases productivity and profits, and also your respect and engagement at work.

Vastu colors for home office with lighter shades of gold, yellow, green or cream, these are vastu colors for home

Prayer/Pooja Room 

We always enter a pooja room or prayer room when we wish for internal peace and positivity. Hence, when building your spiritual and sacred space to connect and be one with the higher being, you opt for white, yellow, light green and saffron orange. These colours signify patience, wisdom, auspiciousness, nature, harmony, life and cleanliness. They also provide the necessary stimulation for positive prayers.

Vastu colors for prayer pooja room can be use white, yellow, light green and saffron orange

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Meditation Room

The right pop of Vastu specific colours can provide you with positive energy required to approach meditation in its truest sense. These colours can include light blue, white, pale yellow, green or Indigo. They provide immense benefits in the form of peace and tranquility while being connected with the higher self and nature.

Vastu colours for meditation room can be use light blue, white, pale yellow, green or indigo


The most private space of the house is your bathroom where you clean and groom yourself. Some Vastu colours are especially more suitable for the bathroom as they look relaxed and elegant such as pastel shades, white, lime green, and light blue.

Vastu colors for bathroom can be choose white, lime green, and light blue these are the best suitable room colour according to vastu
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Main Entrance

Positive or negative energy enters your home through the main entrance. So it is doubly important you choose the right combination of Vastu colours for your main entrance to attract good energy. Choose lighter colours in combination with some amount of green.

Vastu colors for home main entrance to choose lighter colours according to vastu colours for house

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Drawing Room

This is the place where you entertain your guests so you need to make it look inviting and warm. Use Vastu colours such as light blue, white, and yellow to make space look bigger , brighter and instill it with positivity.

Drawing room colour according to vastu use light blue, white and yellow

Having gone through Vastu colours in detail,  you must have realised the amount of significance it holds for better living, health, and success. It is not only extremely important but also an indispensable need for every person building or moving into a new home. We hope this blog helps you build and design a dream home and be Vastu compliant so you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

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