Make Your Home Auspicious With These Easy Vastu Tips For Pooja Rooms

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Auspicious pooja room vastu tips for your home

Do you want to know how to design a Vastu-compliant pooja room in your home? Follow these easy Vastu Shastra tips.

Importance Of Vastu Shastra For Pooja Room

According to Indian tradition, the pooja room in your home holds great significance. You could be shifting to a new house or in the process of getting your old house revamped, in either of the scenarios, you cannot ignore your pooja room. A pooja room not only provides your family a safe spiritual space but it also ensures that there is a perennial harness of positive energies in your home. It creates a feel-good area for prayers, rituals, and meditation as well.

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of building harmonious homes to attract positivity and abundance. This science recommends that a pooja room can be a cradle for optimism and good vibes if we adhere to its principles. Pooja rooms are where we worship idols, read religious scriptures and so its imperative the aura of this room is devoid of negative energies. And to maintain harmony and positivity, you need to follow principles of Vastu Shastra for your pooja room. In dilemma for the same? Let our Vastu guide help you.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Pooja Room

Pooja rooms, like other parts of a home, need to be in complete alignment with the principles of Vastu. From the direction, materials, colour palettes and overall spatial specifications, Vastu guidelines must be followed to ensure your pooja room attracts good energy. Do read more to know the complete guideline for designing pooja room as per Vastu Shastra.

Pooja room vastu tips for direction, material, colour palettes and overall spatial specifications
A pooja room that does not follow Vastu is inauspicious
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According To Vastu Where Should A Pooja Room Be?

A pooja room is where Indian homeowners start their day to get charged with positive vibrations. The aura of this space is determined by its location. Vastu Shastra recommends north-east, north or east as an ideal direction for a pooja room. In case, that is not possible then you can also opt for east or north direction.

North facing house vastu for pooja room
Always keep the north-east, north or east direction home in mind for your pooja room

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Vastu Tips For Pooja Room Design

Ensure the ceiling of your pooja room is comparatively lower than those in other rooms. Also, the apex of your pooja unit should be pyramid-shaped or like a gopura. This symmetry ensures a constant flow of positive energy in your pooja room. Also, if space permits, design a threshold and a two-way door for your pooja room. This prevents insects from entering this sanctimonious space. And most importantly your pooja room should not be built near a washroom or toilet or a wall adjoining these spaces.

Pooja room as per vastu: pooja unit should be pyramid-shaped or like a gopura
Plan a spacious pooja room with a threshold and doors to maintain the sanctity of the space

Choose An Appeasing Colour And Texture

Vastu principles prescribe choosing a soothing colour palette for your pooja room. Lighter, softer colours help you meditate better. On the other hand, a dark room can distract you with negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions. Therefore, Vastu Shastra prescribes light colours like white, pastel yellow, pastel blue to calm your senses. And if you want to spruce it up with some textures opt for white marble or pastel yellow palette, for peaceful and zen vibes.

Calming Pooja room colours as per vastu: white, pastel yellow, pastel blue
Pastel colours will make your pooja room soothing and zen-like

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Store Sacred Items The Proper Way

Wondering where to place religious texts, sandalwood, lamps, and other pooja room paraphernalia? The south-east zone is just right for them as per Vastu Shastra. This ensures your storage spaces do not block the flow of natural sunlight or obstruct positive auras.

Pooja room Vastu recommends placing religious texts, sandalwood, lamps, and other items in the southeast zone
Dedicate separate storage for placing sacred items as per Vastu
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Let There Be Light in your flat for pooja room

Imagine meditating peacefully in an airy and well-lit pooja room? Blissful isn’t it? Design a pooja room with space for a window inside it. By doing so, your pooja room be well lit with lots of natural light. Even those diyas will shine brighter!

Vastu for a pooja room in flats should include a window to allow natural light
A dark pooja room is not Vastu-compliant

Place Your Idol Right in the pooja room

One of the most important elements of your pooja room is the idol of your deity. You need to be equally careful about where you place it. Vastu guidelines suggest placing your idol away from surrounding walls so that there is a perennial flow of air around it. Also, the idol must be placed at least five or more inches above ground level. Avoid placing gory paintings or objects around the idol or inside your pooja room in the first place.

Pooja room vastu direction suggests placing idols away from surrounding walls
The idol must have enough space around it so there perennial flow of air around it

How Can I Fit A Pooja Room In A Small Flat?

If you live in a small home it can be challenging to find dedicated space for a pooja room. Your two best options are the kitchen or bedroom. However, your first option should be in the north-east direction of your kitchen. Design it with doors so you can keep the space devoid of kitchen dust and fumes. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen then your bedroom should be your last resort. Place the pooja unit in your bedroom in the northeast direction in such a way that your feet never point towards the idol.

Pooja room location as per Vastu recommends the northeast direction of the kitchen when there is no dedicated space
A kitchen or bedroom are two other options to build a pooja room

Use these tips to create a Vastu Shastra compliant, peaceful pooja room in your house. If you need further assistance, feel free to book an expert consultation from our website.

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