7 Clever Kids’ Storage Organisers to Declutter Your Child’s Bedroom

by Pallabi Bose | January 8, 2024 | 4 mins read

Kids Bedroom Storage & Toys Organiser Ideas

Organise your kid’s room like a pro with these 7 designer-recommended storage solutions.

If you have kids, you know their room is an ever-messy space. How much ever you tidy it up, within seconds, it will become messy again. So, here are our 7 top organising kids’ room storage ideas that will make your life much easier.

1. Smart Kids’ Storage Organiser

With twins, cleaning and organising are like full-time jobs. No matter how much you invest in storage organisers, it’s never enough. So, the trick is to use the existing space in their room to create smart organisers. Take inspiration from the image below. We have used the high ceiling to our advantage and created a platform for building hidden storage spaces. The steps leading to the platform and the bunk beds also have hidden drawers, so you never run out of storage space for their clothes, books, and toys.

Kids organizer and storage bin for twin's room
Hidden kid’s toy organiser and storage bin for twin’s room

2. Compact Storage Organiser For Kids’ Bedroom

Kids grow up very quickly. As a result, their needs and interests also shift rapidly. Hence, parents need to keep things simple and invest in furniture that is neutral in design and will last at least some years. This electric green and brown wardrobe is a sensible choice, with ample storage space and open shelves. And the best part, your child can reach even its top shelves easily.

Compact storage organizer with open shelves for kids bedroom
Kids room organisation storage for uncluttered space
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3. Cupboard-style Kid’s Toy Organiser And Storage Bin

Don’t have enough space for an additional toy organiser in your child’s space? Fret not. This modular cupboard can do the job of both clothes organiser and toy storage bin effortlessly. Plus, it comes with open shelves for special knick-knacks to display. The toy organiser below is made of clear fibreglass, so it’s not easily breakable, and your kid can select their favourite toy and reach it easily.

Kid's toy organizer and storage bin in cupboard style
Kids storage organiser for compact space

4. Modular Multifunctional Kid’s Bed-cum-Toy Storage

If you are struggling to tidy up and store your twin’s overflowing collection of toys, then it’s time to upgrade their room. This modular bunk bed with a staircase is an ideal choice. Wondering why? Because it comes with multiple hidden drawers in the form of steps of the staircase, and there are more drawers under the bottom bunk. Now that’s why we call space maximisation.

Kid's bed cum toy storage with staircase for twins
Kids toy organiser and storage bin natural with wooden finish

5. DIY Kid’s Storage Organiser: Shoe Cabinet-Turned-Bench

We have converted a modular shoe cabinet into a bench for this bedroom. It is an interesting way to add storage and seating in a room with space constraints. Take a cue from the image below. The storage bench below the window keeps everything neat and uncluttered.

Converted modular shoe cabinet into a bench with storage for kids
Maximise space with a modular shoe cabinet turned storage bench for kids

6. Wooden Modular Multipurpose Bunk Bed With Attached Bookcase

Create a fun and functional kid’s bedroom with a wooden modular bunk bed. The bottom bed is double size, the top bed is single size, and there is even a trundle bed for sleepovers. An attached staircase leads to the top bunk, and the side of the staircase doubles as a large bookshelf. The room features a wardrobe and a colour scheme of off-white and various shades of green.

Wooden bunk bed with a modular design and a conveniently attached book storage
Wooden modular bunk bed with clever storage space
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7. High-ceiling Kids’ Bedroom With Dual Bunk Beds And Hidden Drawers

Maximise storage space in a high-ceiling kid’s bedroom with dual bunk beds. Each bed comes with a study nook underneath and ample storage space. The beds are connected by a common set of stairs with hidden drawers at every step for additional storage. This design ensures your kids have room to decorate and customise to their heart’s content.

High ceilings kids' bedroom features two bunk beds equipped with concealed drawers
Kids’ dual bunk beds and hidden drawers

In conclusion, keeping your kid’s room organised can be daunting, but with the right storage solutions, it can be made easy and stress-free. From smart storage organisers to modular multifunctional beds, there are many ways to maximise space in your little one’s room. If you want to customise your kid’s storage organiser, book an appointment with our experts today and maximise space while minimising clutter. Check out our blog section for more tips on designing your kid’s bedroom!

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