Explore The Best Colour Combinations For Bedroom Walls And Ceilings

by Pooja Dara | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Color combination for bedroom walls and ceilings

The bedroom ceiling is the first thing you see when you wake up. Opt for the right ceiling colour(s) for the bedroom to make it worth the watch. 

Introduction: The colour of your bedroom ceiling and walls is one of the most important elements which can greatly impact the overall vibe and aesthetics of the space. If you want to go beyond the basic neutral shades and add excitement to the ‘fifth wall’, you’ve come to the right place. Bedroom ceilings are of two kinds – false ceiling designs and normal ceiling designs.  Now, let’s dive into the most popular colour choices/combinations for the bedroom ceiling and walls.  

Chocolaty False Ceiling Colour For The Bedroom

You can achieve this chocolaty false ceiling colour for your bedroom through brown paint or wooden panelling. It blends well with the beige and white accent wall and helps hide minor imperfections. The wooden panelling can also extend behind the bed for a warm, inward-oriented and cosy effect.

Chocolaty false ceiling colour for bedroom blends well with the beige and white accent wall
The large glass door beside the bed enhances the beauty of the bedroom.
Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

Criss-Cross Creativity With Beige & Grey Ceiling Colour For The Bedroom

Go creative with this beige and grey colour criss-cross pattern with your bedroom ceiling. It creates an interesting visual drama/story and is a stunning focal point for the guests. The light setting beyond the false ceiling accentuates the intricacies of the design. The beige colour creates a summery ambience and looks elegant too.

Bedroom false ceiling color combination with beige and grey
You can place standalone ceiling lights to add more brightness.

Grey & White Ceiling Colour For The Bedroom Brings Rainy Vibes

This dark grey and white colour combination for the bedroom ceiling is a perfect mix of boldness and softness in one frame. The ceiling colour scheme gives you the vibe of rainy days, while the cream flooring gives the bedroom an airy and cool feel.

Bedroom wall and ceiling color combinations of grey and white give an airy and relaxed feel
Install green plants to add a dose of nature to the bedroom

Starry Nights With Blue Ceiling Colour For The Bedroom

Experience the feeling of sitting and sleeping under the night starry sky with this patterned blue ceiling colour for the bedroom. The blue colour represents the earth and sea elements and is also a symbol of calmness and abundance. Pair the blue ceiling with white walls to bring a utopian touch to the space.

Use blue and white color combination for bedroom walls and ceilings
Place comfortable seating to make the bedroom more inviting

The Purity of The White Ceiling Colour For The Bedroom

White colour for the bedroom ceiling reflects purity, simplicity and innocence. It makes the bedroom look visually bigger and lighter as the colour reflects the sunlight and provides an illusion of depth. Hang minimal decor in the form of artwork and hanging lights to add character to the bedroom.

False ceiling color for bedroom that reflects purity, simplicity, and innocence is white
White colour bedroom ceiling is versatile and easy to touch-up

So, here are a few tips and tricks regarding colour combinations for bedroom walls and ceilings:

  • The bedroom colours heavily influence our energy, attitude and behaviour as human beings, according to Vastu Shastra. For example, red signifies anger and aggression, so it should be avoided in the bedroom. In contrast, blue represents calmness and growth, so it should be incorporated. Read more on the Vastu colour combination for the bedroom
  • The bedroom ceiling/false ceiling colour need not necessarily be painted the same colour as the bedroom walls. For most of the homes, the ceiling is painted ‘white’ to balance off the bedroom’s colour scheme. However, make sure that the ceiling and wall colour complements the room’s overall design. 
  • Light pastel or neutral colours for the bedroom wall create a soothing and positive vibe, while warm colours for the bedroom make you feel comfortable and warm. 
  • It is advisable not to use more than 2 to 3 colours for your bedroom walls as it can negatively affect your mood and make it look overwhelming to the human eye.
  • Avoid too many ‘dark colours’ as they can make your bedroom look dull and smaller than it is. To make your bedroom look visually bigger, opt for light wall colours like beige, off-white, light grey, etc. 
  • Adapt the false ceiling/normal ceiling colour to the other elements in the bedroom (decoration and furniture) and not the other way around. 
  • Apart from magazines, you can also use ‘paint inspiration apps’ to picturise how your bedroom will look when it is painted with a specific colour.
  • You can use either flat, glossy or matte-finish paints for your bedroom ceiling. Glossy paints are water-resistant and reflect light. On the other hand, flat and matte-finish paints do not glare the light back, make the imperfections look less noticeable and don’t require constant cleaning.
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What are the most popular wall colour combinations for a bedroom?

The most popular wall colour combinations for a bedroom are classic blue with off-white, pastel pink with grey, and warm yellow with white. In addition, light brown with cream and peach and off-white are also highly preferred bedroom wall colour combinations.


All in all, pick a bedroom ceiling colour combination/bedroom false ceiling colour combination that pleases your personality and creates a uniquely personal space for yourself. For more guidance, book a free consultation with the DesignCafe team today, and we will be happy to design the bedroom ceiling of your dreams.

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