False Ceiling Colour Combinations For Your Home

by Sonia Sumitra Thakar | February 28, 2024 | 6 mins read

False ceiling colour combinations for your home

Let your house dazzle with these fabulous colour combinations for false ceilings. Rake a look at our designer-approved false ceiling colour combinations for yout home.

False ceilings like Christian wedding dresses are almost always white. Tradition? Perhaps. But do you really want to go down that oft-taken road? Yes, there is an unparalleled elegance and simplicity in white. And yes, white ceilings are modern and minimalist. However, they aren’t the only option when it comes to deciding the ceiling colour combination in the bedroom or the living room. An aesthetically thought out ceiling paint color can provide an additional element of visual appeal to any living space without taking away from the elements on the ground.

Here are some unique and stunning false ceiling colour combination that you can consider while designing or renovating your dream living space.

False Ceilings In Regal Gold

We’re not talking shiny shimmery gaudy gold here – gone are the maharaja’s palaces of yore. But there’s no denying the warm glow that emanates from a beautiful matt golden-hued ceiling colour design. Gold is a neutral false ceiling colour choice which would look fabulous in a bedroom or living room. This contemporary false ceiling is painted in a textured elegant shade of gold that is accentuated by the hidden lighting.

False ceiling colour combination where gold colour exudes warmth as well as a sophisticated elegance
Gold exudes warmth as well as a sophisticated elegance

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This bedroom with its matching walls and false ceiling in a colour combination of burnt yellow and white is chic and pleasing to the eye. A good pick for a cozy bedroom interior.

Ceiling in shades of gold, beige and yellow cannot help but get our attention
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A Light Mauve False Ceiling Colour To Match With Your Walls

Here is the middle path when you want to go with white but don’t really want to go with white (if you know what we mean). You can choose a false ceiling colour combination that is a lighter shade of the wall colour. Diluting the wall colour with white will give you the exact perfect shade to complement the walls without creating huge blocks of bright colours that hurt the eyes. 

This bedroom with different shades of mauve on the ceiling, wardrobe doors, and headboard is so pleasantly purple. There’s no feeling of a colour overdose here as the shades all vary slightly and the effect leaves one with a sense of coherence and harmony.

Different shades of mauve on the ceiling, wardrobe doors, and headboard for false ceiling colour combination
This mauve bedroom is pleasant on the eyes and soothing to the soul

POP Ceiling Colour For Your Kids Room

Spaces like kids’ rooms prioritise warmth and love over minimalism. A pop ceiling colour design can add some liveliness to the room while eliminating the worry that you may be going over the top. The colour combination of white and a toasty peach beautifully complements the warm hues in the décor. The beautiful colours in the false ceiling make this nursery a cheerful and relaxing space.

Pop ceiling colour can provide bright colour to the room while eliminating the worry for false ceiling colour combination
This tastefully done up kids’ room is perfect for both play and rest

Though white is though white is the predominant colour in the ceiling of this room, an extra functional drop ceiling colour combination in sea-green and white adds an added design element to this vibrant kids’ room.

False ceiling colour combinatiion with paint colour for your home with sea green and white colour for a vibrant kids room
Contrasting colour combinations in the false ceiling can be funky and fun

Ceiling Color Combination To Recreate Dark Starry Nights

Another great ceiling colour for a child’s room is to create a night sky. Complete with stars, this false ceiling in deep velvety blue can really stir up a child’s imagination. Who wouldn’t like to go to bed under the stars every night?!

False ceiling colour combination complete with stars in deep velvety blue for your home where dark ceilings are a bold choice
Dark ceiling colour is a bold choice but in a kids’ room they can be delightfully playful
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Striking Black Ceiling Colours For Living Room

Black is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not when it comes to ceilings. But when the deep and dark ceiling colour design is balanced out by the rest of the elements in the room, they can have a bold and striking effect, infusing high drama in a modern living space.

Deep and dark ceiling is balanced out by the rest of the elements with a false ceiling colour combination
This loft-inspired living room with a black false ceiling is all set to impress

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Textured Colour Combinations For False Ceiling

A textured ceiling can bring an additional dimensional element to a simplistic room. This room has a speckled grey and black ceiling colours combination which blends seamlessly into the décor of the sober reading corner giving it a light and airy look.

False ceiling colours combination for bedroom which can bring an additional dimensional element to a simplistic room
The grey textured ceiling gives the natural feel of raw concrete

False Ceiling Colour Combination For Your Modern Living Room

You can’t go wrong when pairing wood with white false ceiling colour combination. Whether you opt for a darker wooden hue or a lighter one, a false ceiling which combines a wooden panel with white is bound to look classy and elegant. The walnut panel on this layered white false ceiling lends a rustic charm to this modern Living Room Design with a coordinated carpet and window drapes.

False ceiling colour combination for hall which combines a wooden panel with white colour for your home
Wood and white make a lovely pair on the ceiling

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Dark wood in combination with white gives a stately look and has to be cleverly drawn into the scheme so as to not overpower the design. Wooden rafters or beams in the false ceiling look great with white.

False ceiling colours for living room where white gives a stately look with the wooden beams in the ceiling design
Wooden beams on the false ceiling give the room an added visual element
Enhance your home's interior aesthetics?

Even if you choose not to go with real or faux wood, a dark chocolate brown contrasted with white can be used to create a lovely false ceiling with a striking colour combination.

False ceiling colour ideas where chocolate brown and white make for a great false ceiling
Chocolate brown and white make for a great false ceiling

Ceiling Border Design Colours To Add Some Extra Jazz

All these various colour options do not discount the timeless appeal of the white false ceiling. It reflects light and gives an illusion of depth, making rooms look bigger. By adding golden borders to a white false ceiling you can create textures to break its monotony. Simple metallic accents set as crisscrossing lines in this ceiling provide just a hint of design.

False ceiling colour combination for your home which reflects light and gives an illusion of depth, making rooms look bigger
Sometimes, white is the best bet after all

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White can also be used along with inset decorative mirror panels to provide a luxurious and grandiose effect as in this POP false ceiling.

False ceiling colour combinations where mirrors can be used to embellish a monochromatic white false ceiling
Mirrors can be used to embellish a monochromatic white false ceiling

Now that you know that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your home ceiling colours making a decision may be so much harder! But aren’t you that much happier for it? With a little imagination and some aesthetic intuition, you can create the perfect false ceilings for your dream home.

If you still have some questions or want some expert help in  designing your dream, book a free consultation with us today. Our Designer will help you out with personalised home interior design solutions that suit your budget and lifestyle. Hope to design your dream home soon!

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