10 Best False Ceiling Light Designs To Zing Up Your Home

by Anmol Kalro | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

10 Best False Ceiling Light Designs To Zing Up Your Home

You can have the pick of the litter when it comes to furniture to enhance your home – an antique coffee table, a royal chaise lounge, a state-of-the-art painting to vintage wallpapers and high false ceilings. However, without the right lights you’ll never be truly satisfied with the look and feel of your home. If you happen to have installed false ceilings already, hurrah! You have officially levelled up and unlocked the opportunity to use a whole new set of false ceiling light designs to ace your space. 

Arguably, perfect lighting might seem more of an add-on rather than a priority to harp on, for many. What most people fail to realise is that lighting is more than just a glamorous enhancement to illuminate your home or shine on your powder room mirror to get your mascara right at first go. Sure, these are fair points that make up good use cases. Be that as it may, properly planned lighting, especially those used for your false ceilings, have the power to amend moods and sell an illusion of larger than real spaces. Need we say more?

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights,” Irish author Bram Stoker once said. Stoker, infamous for Gothic novel Dracula, was talking about false ceiling lights when he said this. Not only do contemporary false ceiling light designs make a room feel more luxurious, but are also strategic in their placements to complement your fondest furniture. 

False Ceiling Lights For Your Living Room


This list would be truly incomplete without a mention of everyone’s ideal chimera – champagne under chandeliers. A living room favourite, this delicate hanging light with multiple engraved branches of light bulbs have a charming effect on the entire room. It is after all, meant to be the centre of attraction in homes with high ceilings, leaving your entire living room space illuminated. There are plenty of variants available right from traditional crystal-like shiny large chandeliers to slightly subtler contemporary designs to make your home a not-so-humble abode. 

Crystal chandelier false ceiling light
A beautiful crystal chandelier centred in the living room that sparks up your home

Back-Lit Ceiling Panels

Entirely unlike the showiness of chandeliers, backlit ceiling panels are rather subtle ceiling lights. They are perfect for creating a natural, daylight kind of glow. Even though they’re not particularly fancy or pomp, they still manage to spruce up the  elegance of your living room ceiling. Not meant to specifically highlight a particular architectural element, they are compact and successfully broach a calm and relaxing mood.

Back-lit false ceiling light type for living room
A living room with beautiful backlit ceiling panels for a calm ambience

Elegant False Ceiling Lights to Slick Up Hall

Flush Mount Lighting

If your hallway is probably not spacious or have as high a ceiling as your living room, you’re will need lighting options that spread across a large area without being too severe on the eyes. Flush mount lights do just that. They save the day when low ceilings of your hallway can’t incorporate hanging lights or constricted spaces in your hall forbid any massive embellishments.

Flush mount false ceiling light for hall
Flush mount ceiling lamp save the day and space
Smart home interiors that are easy on the pocket

Track Lights

Another way to ginger up your hall ceiling is to add a decorative ambience with track lights. You know how you spend fortunes on exhibits like that life-sized portrait by your favourite artist don’t you? Who would not want to show-off such fine pieces, albeit subtly?  Your lights could do them for you. Track lights work like a charm when installed in your hallway ceiling, bringing out the beauty of wall paintings or artsy knick-knacks hung on your walls or placed on shelves.

False ceiling hanging track lights
White hanging track lights with soft focus put the spotlight on fine exhibits

False Ceiling Lights That Make Your Bedroom Bonny

Recessed Lighting

Selecting the right kind of lights for your bedroom can be tricky considering how it’s sort of a multi-activity space. It’s where you read, possibly write (if you have a bedroom study), play dress up and most importantly, sleep! So, it’s imperative to install a combination of two or more types of lights, because one simply will not suffice. 

Recessed bedroom false ceiling lights
Scattered recessed lights to complement dark wood furniture

Recessed lights are a great way to incorporate cove as well as LED light fixtures for two different moods. They’re usually installed behind false ceilings so it gives your room a softer touch. And since they’re barely visible, you can combine this with a set of fancy pendant or interior LED lights to give your bedroom an unmatched glow. In the words of musician Miley Cyrus you get the  ‘best of both worlds’.

Gimbal Recessed Lights 

We get it, recessed lights are a fantastic option for your bedroom ceiling but what if we told you they could be better? Recessed lights can be made more flexible and efficient by using a gimbal (rotator of sorts), to create more drama and splendour without being gaudy. Easy to install, gimbal lighting is perfect when you wish to draw attention to specific frames or decor. A tufted round ottoman in the corner of your bedroom, for example, could be drawn focus to using these swivelling subtleties.

LED Lights For A POP Ceiling

LED Recessed Lights

LED Recessed lights are like Radhika Apte in Netflix – spotted almost everywhere, but for good reason. You would think that the positioning of tiny recessed lights is random and haywire, but more often than not there’s more planning that goes in. You can install these behind your POP false ceiling quite easily and placed strategically to highlight the front runner areas of any room. Also, they are super budget-friendly!

Recessed false ceiling led lights for kitchen
Modern kitchen ceiling with led recessed lighting

LED Indirect Lighting

A quite popular host in the children’s bedroom thanks to its customisable colour-changing properties, LED indirect lighting is the whole reason ceiling lights became a thing. Well, that and how truly alluring they are. It’s a mount-free lighting arrangement involving installed strips of LED lights around your POP ceiling. They look in vogue and the indirect reflections make your room appear a whole lot bigger than it is.

Indirect false ceiling led lights design
LED indirect lighting design for false ceiling

LED Pendant Lights

Light fixtures don’t have to be boring. In fact, far from it. Pendant lights are hanging LED bulbs enclosed in the most creative coverings have been around for a while. Interestingly enough, they always find they way to the ‘what’s trending’ list. It’s because of how artistic one can get with these lights. Fascinating how they can be used as a statement piece in the centre of your dining hall or simply hang on either side of your bathroom mirror. There’s honestly so much you can do to enhance a room with the right selection of LED pendant lights.

Led pendant light design for pop ceiling
Modern white shiny pendant lights with white curtains

Cove Lights For False Ceiling

If you’re looking to set the mood and provide mellow, sweet illumination throughout your room, cove lights have got to be your go-to. You know how warm lighting makes for the best selfie spot? Cove lights could be used to dramatise an exquisite element in your house, just the same. These indirect lights draw focus on your false ceiling and diffuse gently down the walls, giving the rest of your room a warm, cosy vibe. Take me back to hot-cocoa-sweater-weather, please?

False ceiling cove light for living room
Sitting area in a master suite with a coved ceiling

Rope Lights For False Ceiling

Often confused with strip lights, rope lights are just a wee bit different. Rope lights are essentially LED lights placed in a row inside of a long cylindrical tube that gives an illusion of glowing. Generally, the tube is made of plastic or epoxy so lights inside easily shine through. Too much information? Basically, they’re more of an embellishment than a light source. Although predominantly used for decorative purposes, rope lights can be installed as an add-on light in your kitchen or home theatre false ceiling when you don’t need light per se, but pizazz is non-negotiable.

False ceiling rope light for kitchen interior
Modern kitchen design with rope lighting

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