Best Balcony Railing Designs For Indian Homes

by Design Cafe Team | February 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

Best Balcony Railing Designs For Indian Homes

Balconies or open verandas have been a common feature in homes for centuries now. Homeowners today design balconies with decorative railings to safeguard homes and for privacy. Balconies are also everyone’s favourite spot for that evening cup of tea or space out into the beauty of the outdoors. Back in the day, homes were designed with bulky railings that often blocked the view outside and served no aesthetic purpose either. While they may have provided the safety they were not beautiful to look at.

With modern-day developments in technology balcony railings have undergone a sea-change in designs and style variants thereby adding to the overall decor of your home. Modern balcony railing designs come in a plethora of materials and colours that can enhance the visual beauty of your home. Glass, iron, wood among others are some commonly used materials for home balcony railings. The first impression always counts, so why not make this space stand out with some simple balcony railing design ideas? Here are some different types of railing designs you can choose for your balcony and make that mark!

Go Sheer With Glass Railing Designs

Enclosed glass railing designs consist of plain glass panels that are not framed by other materials like steel or iron. It is neat and clean in appeal with no fuss or frills. Glass railings add an element of luxury giving your apartment or home a swanky look. This modern balcony railing design type does not obstruct your view, is budget-friendly and quite popular among urban homeowners, especially millennials. Now you can sit in the safety of your balcony and read a book or watch those birds fly by – all with clear vision so to speak!

Glass Railing Designs For Balcony - Glass Railings Add An Element Of Luxury Giving Your Apartment Or Home A Swanky Look
Glass railing designs for balconies are non-obtrusive and a budget-friendly option among modern homeowners
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Keep It Slick With Stainless Steel Railing Designs

Stainless steel, as a material, is long-lasting and durable thanks to its non-rusting properties. Therefore it comes as no surprise that stainless steel railings are a go-to choice for many homeowners since they have a long operational life. Apart from being a solid choice for balcony railing design, this material lends a smooth finish with its metallic glow. A secure decision to make without a shadow of doubt!

Stainless Steel Designs For Balcony, This Material Lends A Smooth Finish With Its Metallic Glow
Stainless steel frames around glass panels keep your home secure and looks slick too

Make A Mark With Iron Railing Designs In Your Balcony

Apart from stainless railings, iron is a metal that is another great option for a solid structure and a secure home. This material used for your balcony railing design adds an extra layer of security because it is by far one of the strongest of all metals known. Iron railings are low maintenance and super strong – both traits that are a plus for balcony railing design in your modern house. And what’s more, they can be painted in any colour to match the theme of your home. Its maintenance too falls well within budgets. Iron balcony railings just need a touch up of paint every few years to prevent rusting.

Metal Railing Designs For Balcony, This Iron Railing Design Is Slender In Its Appeal
This iron railing design is slender in its appeal but sturdy enough for home safety

Wonderful Wooden Railing Designs For Balcony

Oh, the wonder of wood! Wood is a beautiful natural material that lends a rustic look to your balcony railing design. The only drawback with wooden railings is that they require very high maintenance. If you opt for this kind of balcony railing for your home then ensure you check it every few months for rotting, damage from insects, chipping paint or splinters. Neglecting your wooden balcony railings can result in cracks that will weaken your railings.

Wonderful Wooden Railing Designs For Balcony - Wood Is A Beautiful Natural Material That Lends A Rustic Look
A wooden balcony railing spreading across the length of a large balcony gives your home a countryside feel

However, wooden balcony railings are an inexpensive option, are convenient and gives your home a rustic, country-style decor. Just ensure you refresh it with termite treatment or paint every few months! And there you have a handful of options for balcony railing design for your modern home – those that are simple to install and pleasing to the eye.

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