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Have More Than Just A Joyful Sleep with these Innovative Bunk Bed Designs

Innovative bunk bed design ideas for your home

Give your kid’s or your room a complete makeover with amazing and multi-purpose bunk bed designs. It is one investment that will continuously deliver its functionality and convenience for years to come depending upon the purpose it is chosen.

With the world becoming more fast-paced and families becoming larger, many architects/designers have been transforming ordinary single/double occupancy bedrooms into multi-person quarters to accommodate their kids, overnight guests and extended family. In this context, bunk beds can prove to be a saviour. 

A bunk bed, now seen as an important element in modern home furnishings, is a type of bed consisting of two bed frames placed vertically (one on top of the other) in a single framework to form a unit. Bunk beds are ideal for all people of all ages, although the top bunk of the bunk bed may not be ideal for kids below six years of age and old people in your family. The lower bunk is not ideal for kids below three years of age. 

Beyond homes, bunk beds are also seen in dormitories, summer camps, military ships, et al The price of a particular bunk bed may vary depending upon the purpose you want your bed to serve. 

Bunk beds have their own share of benefits which make them the most popular choice today:

  • It is a space saver since you get two beds for the floor space of one, freeing the remaining area for other essential furniture and decor items you wish to accommodate in a small space
  • It provides options for storage/ workspace / play area, eliminating the furniture that you would have otherwise needed additionally to complete the room’s functionality hence saving you even more space
  • It maximises sleep space as it accommodates more than one or two persons without giving them a feeling of being uncomfortable or cramped while also giving them a sense of privacy. So, you need not worry about sleepovers anymore
  • It saves on money since you don’t have to spend extra for constructing separate bedrooms in your house (if it isn’t necessary) and also eliminates additional expenses on headboards et al
  • It incorporates flexibility for the future as you can alter the arrangement of the bunk bed as the space needs change. You can dismantle the bunk bed into two individual twin beds side-by-side or even shift one bed to another room if one of your kids grows up and needs his own private and personal space in  a separate room 
  • It allows the child to have more fun with more than just a place to sleep at night. Children can unleash their creative imagination by turning their beds into castles, forts and much more. They can even opt for separate lighting by having night lamps with individual switches so that either of them can stay up or read/play to their complete satisfaction without disturbing the other.

Now, coming to the types of bunk bed designs available in the market today: 

  • Standard Bunk Bed – Most common it is designed with two bunks, one on top of the other
  • Trundle Bunk Bed – It has a third bed that is below the lower bunk of a standard bunk bed which can be hidden when not in use. It can be pulled out on castors when there is an overnight guest and you have enough floor space available
  • Loft Bunk Bed – Only the top bunk of the bunk bed is dedicated for sleeping while the lower bunk area can be replaced by enough floor space to play, study, move around or store your stuff
  • Futon Bunk Bed – The top bunk functions as a standard sleeping bed while the bottom area is a versatile and convertible space where it can be used as both as a bed as well as a sofa for extra seating while watching TV or doing any other activity
  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed – A twin bed is mounted over a bigger full-size bed at the bottom, accommodating up to three people at the same time (ideally a teen and two small kids)
  • Full Over Full Bunk Bed – The top and the bottom bunk both have the same width as that of a double bed, so they can accommodate four people at the same time
  • L-Shaped Bunk Bed – A great addition to a medium-sized room where the bottom bunk is placed at the right angle to the top bunk of a bunk bed
  • Triple Bunk Bed – There is one bed at the bottom and two beds on top, accommodating up to three people, unlike a trundle bunk bed
  • Study Bunk Beds – There is a built-in workspace or study desk at the bottom bunk with the top bunk meant exclusively for sleeping, unlike loft bunk beds. They may prove to be a little more expensive than the other bunk bed designs  
  • Novelty Bunk Bed – A bunk bed that is meticulously crafted and styled in elaborate shapes centring around a particular theme such as a treehouse/dollhouse or even a castle.

However, there are also a few quick tips that you can keep in mind while buying the perfect bunk bed for yourself, so that it proves to be an informed and safe choice that you won’t regret later

  • Measure the height of the bunk bed to the ceiling and the height between the beds itself, so that there is ample room for the occupants on both the levels to sleep and sit up comfortably without hitting their heads. Along with this, also choose an appropriate mattress that perfectly fits your bunk bed and is low profile (5” thick) which also maximises space and headroom
  • Take into consideration the current age and size of your children and the fact that your children will get taller with age when buying a particular bunk bed, so that you have sufficient space to accommodate those needs later without spending more. Think of the future
  • Measure the size of the room and its available floor space, so that it is easier for you to navigate around the room everyday. It is here that you need to make a choice whether to go in for a trundle or a set of drawers underneath your bunk bed
  • You have to make a choice between stairs or ladders for safety and easier accessibility to the top bunk of the bunk bed. Stairs are inbuilt, not detachable, take more room space and are safer for younger kids. Ladders are separate, can be detached from the existing structure, take up less room space and are fun for older kids. You can also play it safe by adding guard rails and ensuring that there is a proportionate gap between the ladder’s / stair’s steps to avoid any kind of falling or slipping accidents. Never sacrifice safety for budget
  • Check whether the bunk bed comes partially or fully assembled. Some bunk beds are mostly delivered fully assembled while some bunk beds become a partial DIY project. In the latter case, carefully follow all the assembly instructions or hire a professional handyman to do the same
  • Decide on how you will be making the beds everyday, since you won’t always have direct access to both the sides of the beds
  • Here’s a quick tip for you: Either have the duvet and a fitted sheet tucked in at the foot of the bed or arrange for a small step stool so that you can reach the top bunk easily
  • Score more points by keeping it both stylish and functional. Consider the performance of the bunk bed as well as the existing furniture in the room, and then choose a colour that works perfectly well with the existing colours and the overall decor of the space. 
  • Age also matters when it comes to the design of the bunk beds, as many children tend to not oversleep those beds after a year or more. So make it a point to encourage them to choose a bunk bed that’s more flexible, so that it can grow  just as they do.

With that being said, let’s finally dive into some cool and amazing bunk bed designs that are sure to catch your attention.

Bunk Bed And A Mini Library Combo

This wooden loft bunk bed with a mini library underneath is all that you need in a kid’s bedroom. The guard railed stairs make it easier for your child to climb up to his/her bed at night while during the day, they can read their books and other school-related stuff in the library area. The wooden finishing compliments the interiors of the room really well.

Bunk bed designs with mini library combo with guard railed stairs

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Bunk Bed And Play House Combo

This white-painted wooden bunk bed has a playhouse underneath where small kids can play around all day with their toys and stuff in a mini tent-like setting. We are sure you have all been there and done that in your childhood too. The ladder has been tightly hooked onto the frame so it accounts for sturdier access upstairs. The teepee and the room’s overall kids room decor look fun and lively.

Bunk bed designs for small rooms and play house combo where decor looks fun and lively

Bunk Bed And Wall Bed Combo

If you are looking for some extra sleeping as well as seating space in your bedroom, you can opt for this bunk bed and wall bed combo. The bunk bed has some shelves built-in in the lower area for displaying your items while the wall bed can be pulled down during the night to create more sleep space and can be securely put back up during the day to open up a hidden sofa for seating. The setting of the room looks completely natural and pleasing to the eye.