Child’s Play: 7 Fun Ways Ideas To Integrate A Kid’s Study Room In A Bedroom

by Ekta Poddar | February 20, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kids study room with bedroom ideas for your home

A treasure trove of kids’ study room ideas to design your child’s bedroom in absolutely no time, and give yourself more me-time!

As parents, we want our children to grow up in the perfect bedroom. One in which they can enjoy a good night’s sleep in, somewhere where they (with your help) can store their clothes, books and toys in a clutter free manner. A quiet place where they can finish their homework, work on school projects and put in those long hours during testing times. Working with the natural proportions of your children’s study and bedroom, putting thought into the layout and colour scheme, choosing well designed furniture will help you create a functional and beautiful space for your child. Our guide gives you tried and tested ideas that will inspire you to hit the drawing board.

Be Calm And Carry On Studying

Exams, homework, sports, peer pressure – children today have a lot to deal with. This calm and airy place is perfect for your child to wind down and make progress with their studies. An efficient layout ensures smooth movement flow around the bed and study area. A mix of pale blue and white picked out with accents of charcoal make the room a sight for eyes made sore with poring over books. Clever use of wallpaper behind the study area and beneath the desk add flair to the space. Wall and floor storage provide a home for those textbooks and papers. A peg board makes organisation easy and brings visual interest. The large windows are minimally dressed with sheer blinds making the most of the natural light flooding in. Completing the look is ambient light in the form of flush-mounted ceiling lights.

study room with bedroom for your home where children today have a lot to deal with the kids study area
Kids study room with bedroom for your home where children today have a lot to deal with the kids study area
Desgin multipurpose study units for your kid's bedoom

Be Bold To Make A Statement

As your teenager grows into a young adult, help them make a unique statement with their bedroom and study interiors. We love the use of a striking teal colour palette in this bedroom and study space. The wall behind the study space facing the bed is painted teal. This is mirrored in the wall opposite in the form a tufted backrest that runs alongside the bed. Muted tones of the furniture allow teal to be the focal point.  The desk is kept simple and supplemented with both open and closed storage. A window seat upholstered in teal invites one to spend cosy hours reading by the large window. A desk lamp, again in teal, provides good task lighting to make light of the long evenings of study.

Children study room to help them make a unique statement with for boys study room
Use a bright colour like teal to add personality to a bedroom-study room combine

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Cater To Digital Natives

Children today are naturally savvy with all things digital and schools encourage utilising technology for them to learn and be productive. While designing a kids’ study room, remember to cater to this need. In this example, we love how computers and printers are provided for in a subtle and non-intrusive manner. A special shelf below the study table houses the printer and there is ample storage space for the computer paraphernalia and papers. A colour theme of subtle greens, greys and pale yellow can be seen in the Chevron pattern wallpaper and elsewhere in this room. A wall-sized whiteboard is installed for the creative artist in your child for when they want to dispense with technology and go old school!

Kids Study room ideas where designing a kids’ study room is remember to cater to this needs with kids room study table design
A minimally designed room that is pleasing and yet caters to the digitally savvy child

Create An Oasis Of Cool

Looking for inspiration on how to make a cool statement? Here’s an example that will get your creative juices flowing. Dispensing with bulky bed frames, the bed is placed here on a raised platform. The study space is seamlessly integrated and built on the platform. An L-shaped kids’ room study table utilises the corner fully. There is a closet mounted on the wall and another unit installed under the desk. A cool grey and beige colour scheme conveys oodles of style. The showstopper is a window seat at the foot of the floor to ceiling window, ideal to daydream by and to take in the views. The bed is dressed playfully ensuring that the overall vibe is that of a children’s study room and bedroom.

Kids room study table with a bed which will get your creative juices flowing
Experiment with beds and study table layout to create a cool and stylish look

Make The Space Work For You With This Study Table For Kids Room

We are totally digging this small bedroom. Look how it has been turned into a cool and sophisticated children’s study room and bedroom with so much ease?  The layout is simple and effective with a double bed facing the window and study space. The desk is installed in a manner that affords the best views and natural light. There is limited desk storage that is compensated by wardrobe space and overhead lofts that run across the room. The boldly done up brick wall is a match made in heaven with wooden flooring overlaid with a black and white rug. The daring use of black dispels any notions of the dark colour being a taboo for small spaces.

Children's study room ideas where the layout is simple and effective with a double bed facing room with a childrens room study table
A small bedroom and study is given a no-holds barred treatment with fantastic results
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Go Green With Nature

A bond with nature is one of the best gifts we can give to our children. Be inspired by nature when designing their room for a beautiful and soothing space. Here the most is made of a small room by placing the desk to run parallel to the bed. Touches of olive green on the wall storage and wardrobe and on the under the bench storage are a great nod to nature. The area below the study table is left open for a clean look. The window seat smartly doubles up as storage. The wall behind the desk can be done up with cork boards and a chalkboard for your child to express their creativity and keep important homework deadlines handy. Fresh plants, succulents and flowers tie the nature-inspired theme together.

Study room design for kids where you are inspired by nature when designing their study table in kids room
Embrace the colors and elements of nature for a fresh and soothing effect

Make Small Look Stylish

You may not always have the space or requirement to go big on the study space. This kids study room is a great example of how good things can come in small packages. The focal point of the room is this handsome platform bed. The lines of the furniture and storage are bold and clean. A floating shelf desk occupies a side of the bed where a side table would typically be. The use of bold contrasting colours of royal blue and bright yellow add a fun element to the space. The storage too is kept minimal in keeping with the rest of the room. While not extravagant, the space provides a cosy corner for your child to take care of their homework and study for their exams. With that we wrap up our list of kids bedroom ideas – from layout suggestions, to colour palettes, to desk designs and tips and tricks to organise your kid’s study and bedroom. Make sure to involve your child – the actual user of the room – to increase their sense of ownership.  This will go a long way in ensuring that they maintain their room and use it to play, sleep and study to the fullest.

Study table for childrens bedroom with bed which is a great example of how good things can come in small packages for girls study room
Floating desks make the most of small space in a child’s bedroom

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