Bedroom Furniture Designs To Nurture Your Kids’ Dreams

by Ekta Poddar | January 31, 2024 | 5 mins read

Looking to earn some cool brownie points with your kids? Our ideas for children’s bedroom furniture are a sure hit!

A child’s room is quite special – it is where they express themselves, it is one of the first spaces that belongs to them, where they get to understand the freedom and responsibility that comes with ownership. Our guide on kids’ bedroom furniture and bedroom furnishing ideas will help you give them a great space to grow up in. Our recommendation is to include them in the design of their room and make this process fun too. They are sure to value and enjoy the outcome more!

A Complete Solution To Children’s Bedroom Furniture

We absolutely are in love with this Lego-themed boy’s bedroom interiors. A sturdy set of stairs in the form of Lego bricks lead up to a loft bed. There is a desk below with plenty of shelves and closed storage for books and other things. The theme continues into a Lego-themed wardrobe and soft furnishings such as curtains.

Kids bedroom furniture with a toy themed cupboard stairs going to the bed of the kid in bedroom furniture for small rooms child
Integrated bed, desk and storage in a Lego-themed room

Make Bunking Down Fun with your children bedroom furniture

Nothing matches the excitement of having a bunk bed! The popular children’s bedroom furniture for small room works like an absolute charm. This boys’ room has bright car-themed wallpaper and a matching bunk bed that promises to be great fun. The only battle you will have to resolve is who gets to choose the top bunk!

Childrens bedroom furniture for small rooms with car theme wallpaper made up of small cars and a bunk bed which contributes to childrens bedroom furniture ideas
A compact and enchanting bunk bed designed for great adventures

Keep The Kids’ Bed Furniture Simple

We adore the elegant interior design of this music themed bedroom. The bed is kept simple with a prettily designed headboard. The soft furnishings are in shades of teal picked out with yellow to go with the wall décor. The overall result is pleasantly inviting.

Interior design bedroom furniture with a  minimalistic room furniture in kids bedroom furnishings
A simply designed bed, dressed in a pleasing style
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Storage Ideas To Keep Your Kids Things Out of Sight

Children are magnets for all sorts of possessions, clothes, shoes, accessories, sports gear, study material – the list is endless. You can never build enough storage for them! This room keeps it cool by having a full-length wardrobe, loft space above the wardrobe and extra storage in the form of additional closets.

Kids bed furniture with a study table and shelves
Stylish storage solutions that keep the clutter out of sight

Go Vertical With Storage In Small Rooms

To solve the perennial storage problem, go vertical with wardrobes and shelves. This room features a tall wardrobe with glass sliding doors, another fabulous idea for children’s bedroom furniture for small rooms. Open shelves built on high give this corner asymmetrical look.

Bedroom furnishing ideas for your kid with a big transparent cupboard and a small study table beside it in kids room bed furniture
A tall wardrobe with sliding doors is perfect for a small bedroom

Make Toddler Bedroom Furniture Accessible

This delightful car themed room puts storage within the reach of a toddler. The organiser bins are colourful in keeping with the décor and are neatly tucked under the window seat. A toddler can easily pull their toys out to play. One can only hope that they will put their toys back too!

Master bedroom furniture ideas with short cupboard attached to the window where you can sit and a big white cupboard attached to it and room filled with toys in childrens themed bedroom furniture
Storage within arm’s reach of a toddler

A Desk Is Must Have Furniture For Kids’ Bedroom

Your little one needs a quiet space where they can finish their homework and study (or at least pretend to study!) This fabulous study space next to a window ticks all the right boxes – a study surface, attached closet for books and school supplies, and open display shelves.

Child bedroom furniture design with a glass wardrobe and a study table attached to it with a green textured wall in bed design ideas furniture
A gorgeous study station done up in white and teal

A Cool Desk For Two

A cramped room need not keep you from providing study desks for your children. In this room, a long floating desk is mounted on the wall, providing ample space for two children to work at their books. The floor space below is left open for an airy look. Floating shelves overhead make for storage and the polka-dotted wallpaper are a playful bedroom furnishing idea.

Boys bedroom furniture with a large study table and shelves attached to the wall next to a globe print in bedroom furniture decor ideas
Floating desks that kids will find cool to study at

Building Play Area In A Small Room

Room to indulge in games and physical play is a must for growing children. Not all homes can afford to devote valuable floor space to play. Enter the loft play area. Through some clever design, this space has room enough for two beds, a workstation and a loft play space. The rungs set in a tree trunk bring an added fun.

Toddler bedroom furniture with a tree style stairs going to the bunk bed and two beds in the bedroom with a study table in bed furniture ideas
A loft space in which children can play to their heart’s content
Looking for a free design consultation

Where Your Child Can Express Themselves

Children grow and develop when they can freely express themselves. This happily bright wall décor is every child’s dream canvas. The tall blackboard set against patterned wallpaper will have your child clambering to scribble on.

bedroom furniture for children’s rooms with a big chalk board on one side and a study table attached to it with children style drawings on it for interior design ideas bedroom furniture
Incorporate solutions such as chalk paint and blackboards for your child to doodle on

Open Windows To The World

If you want to encourage your child to read, build a reading nook for them. This room has a window seat with a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. Open bookshelves in interesting shapes are just waiting to hold books which can be accessed at a moment’s notice.

Kids bedroom furniture ideas with cupboards attached on both sides of the window and a seating attached to the window for bedroom furniture and decorating ideas.
A window seat invitingly framed by bookshelves, a perfect spot for reading

From quirky beds to plain ones, nifty desks to practical storage, from pretty canvases to playtime solutions, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to designing a bedroom for the resident little rockstars. Our practical and fun furniture for your children’s bedroom is sure to have them declare that you are awesome!

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