Pandemic Life Made Easier With DesignCafe’s Seven Innovation

by Mehnaz and Sreya | January 31, 2024 | 10 mins read

7 pandemic home interior innovations by design cafe

Make your home a multifunctional space to redefine lifestyles in a pandemic-marred world!

The pandemic has changed our lives—be it the way we work or the way we live. And hence, it is only feasible to align ourselves and our lifestyles to these new post-COVID-19 world rules where work from home, socialising at home, etc., are possible. The interior design industry has seen some tremendous changes along these lines of new world standards. When we spoke to our Assistant Studio Manager, Sudeshna Guha, she told us how the demands of our home interior clients have been changing and evolving through the pandemic. She threw light on how people are becoming more involved in their home designs and how their interior needs are changing.

“People don’t just want traditional homes anymore. They want their places to help them function better. Besides the obvious inclusion of the home office, we also see a rising inclination towards multipurpose home designs. These are the future homes—with interiors that are more user-centric, activity-based and ergonomic than ever! Homeowners want separate zen rooms, workstation corners, entertainment rooms, etc. I think this is a new dawn in home interiors, both domestically and globally,” Sudeshna said.

Our discussion with Sudeshna revealed the multifunctional agenda of home interiors. And DesignCafe is embracing this change with cutting-edge interior solutions and future centric designs that are redefining our comfort havens.

Bring The Green Inside With These Indoor Plants For Home Ideas

Indoor plants for home decor has been an emerging design trend, especially in urban homes. However, during the pandemic, people’s urge to connect with nature has become an integral part of home interiors. We have recently seen our clients demanding indoor plant corners, garden corners, balcony garden space, etc.

You can try adding your indoor plants for home at one specific area of the house or create several such green corners throughout your space, as shown below.

The best part of indoor plants for home is that they can be placed in any corner without caring much for the availability of sunlight. You can either create an ‘indoor plants for home’ section near your foyer area. For this, choose a collection of indoor plants and create your home garden. Use wall hanging planters, plant pots, turf flooring decor, etc.

If you don’t have much room in your home for a separate green corner, use indoor plants for home as design elements for different areas such as the kitchen, the living room, the bookshelf, etc.

Tip: Some of the best indoor plants for home that are easy to maintain are ferns, money plants, ZZ plants, snake plants, etc.

Indoor plants for home, having a dedicated green corner at home provides fresh air during the lockdown.
Indoor plants for home decorating in-room corner place act as a decor element and lend a relaxed vibe during a pandemic.
Small indoor plants for the home kitchen connects with nature and become an integral part of home interiors.
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Make Work From Home Ergonomic And Productive With These Home Office Set-Ups

Have you been working from your bed, sofa or dining table? Well, these can work temporarily. However, work from home or remote working is going to stay. Therefore, you need your home to be well-equipped for the long work hours. DesignCafe has come up with different home office set-ups that will reignite the passion of working.

You can set up your home office table or desk by your balcony to create a refreshing work corner. Go for a simple desk finished in laminate which is sleek and won’t take much space. Team it up with a simple, comfortable bucket chair.

The home office table can also be a separate section. You can go with a simple, easy to move, wooden home office table and an armless chair set-up for your workstation at home. Add more storage by including a chest of drawers and a bookshelf near your home office table.

If you want to include a separate workstation in your bedroom, try using glass partitions to create a zoned work/study corner.

Balcony home office setup during the pandemic with perfect green creates a refreshing work corner.
Industrial home office design setup with an armless chair during lockdown increases productivity.
A corner home office set up in the bedroom with glass partitions increases work efficiency during the pandemic.
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Missing On Instagram Views? Here Is Your Own Selfie Wall/Photo Booth At Home

The pandemic has indeed halted our social lives. People miss going out and posting incredible photos on their Instagram accounts, so they are now also demanding selfie walls at home.

“Staying indoors has also limited our Instagram selfie backgrounds. That is why we see people are demanding selfie walls or photo corners at home. And this is definitely becoming popular,” says Sudeshna.

For selfie walls, you can go for an industrial brick wall cladding design near your balcony, as shown. Decorate the selfie wall corner with proper lights, a pair of chairs where people can sit and click photos, etc.

Adding a selfie wall in your foyer area is also a good idea to make your guests feel welcome. You can also add your selfie wall corner in your corridors to utilise the space and make it more interactive and design-driven.

Selfie wall idea, decorate brick wall cladding with lighting and a pair of chairs where people can sit and click photos.
Selfie wall design with wooden frame and fairy light in foyer area during a pandemic is the perfect photo booth corner.
Selfie wall background with birds and flowers design in corridor perfect instagrammable corner in the pandemic.
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How About An Extra Space For Buffets For Our Food Photo Lovers?

We all love posting pictures of the sumptuous food we have. But with restaurants shutting down early or being closed, taking Instagram pictures is becoming a bit difficult. That is why people are also demanding separate dining platforms where you can display delicious home-cooked food.

DesignCafe has come up with unique crockery unit designs with extended platforms to display your recipes for quick photos. Such designs are also loved by some of our food-critic and photographer clients who require a proper setting to show food to take professional pictures.

Wall-mounted dining table set-up as food photography table you can display delicious home-cooked food.
Dinner table photography with an elevated central part to display food and take pictures.
Food photography table idea, Set up side table as a buffet for the get-together at home and take pictures.
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You can also try adding this food display platform to your dining set-up with a central elevated platform in your dining table, as shown. Or you can use regular buffet tables beside your dining set-up as a food photography table.

Missing Your Coffee Breaks At Office? Make Your Own Coffee Corner At Home

A good cup of coffee early in the morning or during a relaxing evening after a long day of work is all you need to lift your mood and give you a new level of energy—be it a classic French press, a soothing cappuccino or a cup of traditional South Indian filter coffee. Are you someone who misses sitting for hours in coffee shops working on your laptop or the coffee breaks that you took between work during which you chit-chatted with your colleagues near the coffee vending machines of your office pantry? We know that you cannot go back to that social life for some time now, so we brought you some stunning coffee bar ideas for your home. A cosy coffee nook where you can enjoy your favourite coffee breaks with friends and family in the comfort of your home.

Thinking of adding a coffee machine in the kitchen? Well, you can use your appliance garage or the kitchen countertop for it. But we have a better idea. Why not use your breakfast counter to create a cafe vibe at home. Place some funky mugs and a jar of your favourite cookies, and voila! Your cosy coffee nook is ready. You can also place two high chairs and illuminate the coffee corner with some decorous pendant lights and spotlights.

The kitchen has a coffee corner with two chairs to create a cafe vibe and the best coffee bar idea for kitchen counter.
Amazing coffee bar ideas for kitchen counter
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

If you are someone who loves to start the day with a shot of caffeine, we have the perfect solution for you. Now you don’t have to walk to your kitchen with sleepy eyes for coffee. This coffee cart is compact, space-saving and will snug into your bedroom with ease. Add some hooks on your wall to hand your coffee mugs and decorate the wall with some inspiring quotes. You can add a cosy low-lying seating arrangement beside the window to enjoy the outside view while sipping your favourite coffee.

Set up a coffee corner at home bedroom during the lockdown with hooks on the wall with inspiring quotes and mugs.
Your exclusive and stylish home coffee bar with a view

You can also turn your living room into a cosy home cafe with some simple coffee bar ideas. Utilise the cabinet top to create a chilled-out home cafe. A coffee vending machine, some quirky crockery and ambient lights will do the magic. You can place some books and decor items on the floating shelves to amp up the space.

Coffee bar idea during a lockdown, turn the dining area into a chilled-out home cafe with a coffee machine and lights.
Transform your dining space into a chilled-out home cafe

A Meditation Room To Keep Your Sanity During Self-Isolation

Mental health is one of the most critical priorities of today’s life. So, adding a meditation room in your home where you can spend some time and gather mental peace is extremely necessary. Here, we bring you some beautiful home meditation room ideas that can be incorporated into your home even if you don’t have a separate room for it.

Place a statue of the Buddha in the corner of your living room and add some indoor plants around it to bring a tranquil vibe to your space. A stone cladding wall, marble flooring and ambient lights lend a soothing aura to your meditation area. Place some candles and incense sticks to create the perfect ambience for meditation.

Meditation room idea in lockdown, add Buddha statue in the corner of a living room and indoor plants lend tranquil vibe.
A quaint meditation room design that fits comfortably in your living room
Get a free design consultation from design cafe

A brick-cladding meditation room with lots of woodwork brings warmth to the meditation room. Use some intricate interior decor elements on the wall to amp up your space. You can go for a ceiling design with wood and mirror work to make your area look more spacious. If you are looking for modern yoga and meditation room ideas, this design is perfect for you.

Meditation room design with intricate woodwork brings a peace vibe to space during a pandemic.
A beautiful meditation room design with intricate woodwork

Utilise the space beside your balcony to create a peaceful meditation room for your family. The white walls with beautiful wallpaper will lend a calming aura to the space. Add a soft furry floor rug to sit and meditate comfortably. You can also place a chair if you have old parents at home. Some excellent ambient lighting and sheer curtains can be used to illuminate your meditation space.

Meditation hall design beside the balcony with beautiful wallpaper lends a calming aura in lockdown.
A serene meditation hall with a soothing vibe

Sports And Entertainment Room Ideas For Your Home

Missing out on movie dates or going to a sports bar? Here are some entertainment and game room ideas for your home. Enjoy some indoor games or movies without stepping out of your home.

A tiny table tennis board in your partition is an excellent idea to keep your kids entertained. This design is space-saving and can be easily incorporated into your living area. So, get ready to spend some fun time with your kids even if you do not have enough space for an additional entertainment room in your home.

Game room idea for a small apartment during the lockdown.
Intelligent gaming area ideas for your tiny apartment

You can add some comfortable recliners, pouffes and bean bags to enjoy your favourite movie or some Netflix shows. To amp up your theatre experience, install a projector and a high-quality music system, and you are all set for a cinematic experience. Add a soft carpet on the floor to bring some extra seating options.

Entertainment room idea to experience cinematic vibe in pandemic install a projector and a high-quality music system.
Your very own entertainment room for a cinematic experience
Want to see your dream home before its built

You will fall in love with this multifunctional dining table if you are a gamer. This dining table doubles into a pool table in no time. Add a bar unit and some pendant lights to create your personal sports bar where you can enjoy playing with your friends while sipping your favourite drink. This pool table is a clear winner if you are thinking of some space-saving furniture to design your multifunctional living-cum-gaming room.

Gaming area idea during a lockdown, spend fun time with family at home by adding dining cum pool table and lights.
A must-have dining cup pool table for your entertainment room

We hope these design ideas will help you amp up the multifunctionality of your home. If you want to recreate these designs in your home or have any queries related to home interiors, please book a consultation with our designers. They will guide you in designing your dream home just the way your heart desires. And for more information on home interior designs, check our blog and guide section. Stay home and stay safe.

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