Home Office Desk Ideas That Will Make Working Fun In A LockDown

by Ashish Rai | January 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Creative home office desk ideas for your home

Home office desks so cool and yet so professional, it will make you want to sit down and complete your to-do-list. 

Are you getting distracted from doing your work at home? Are your children making too much noise for you to concentrate? Well, we are here to make your life easier. A dedicated work desk is an absolute must if you work from home often. And given the nationwide lockdown, most of us are doing exactly that! You need a place to surf the web, calculate bills, scan emails, and finish those pending tasks. The only way you will be more productive is with a well-designated office workspace.

While some homeowners run their business from home including meetings, why use a boring desk when there is a possibility to turn your workspace into a creative zone? Your desk, in particular, plays a vital role in any office space, especially one at home – it has to be comfortable and functional.

Where should you place your home office desk?

For someone who works from home, determining where to put the desk is always mind-boggling. So where should you place the home office desk? You should always set up your desk in an area that doesn’t have much traffic, is properly ventilated and has ample light (natural light is preferable). It must accommodate all your needs, supplies, and equipment you use often. Basically this space must be free from distractions. Remember to minimise clutter and tidying your desk helps you focus and working becomes easy. Add a few personal touches, like family photographs, goals, motivational quotes to make it feel more comfortable.

In this post, we shall see how we can turn a dedicated area of your home into a smart office and functional desk that offers a lot of space for your work, study or hobby needs. Now let us look at some creative home office desk ideas.

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A Foldable Desk

A rotating or a sliding desk adds extra workspace when you need it and saves space when not in use. You can use such spaces in your home more efficiently when you need it with a sliding desk. This impressive design fits on the walls and utilises less space but lends a far more productive work experience. And because it can be tucked away when not in use, you can get all the benefits of a larger working space as well.

A home office foldable desk with a rotating or a sliding desk adds extra workspace
A foldable desk can add a lot of versatility and help you save tons of space too

A Floating Desk

Have you ever hit your little toes on the leg of a desk and cried in agony? Not enough legroom to stretch your legs? Then how about a floating desk? A floating desk is getting increasingly popular because it saves space and looks modern. If you are cramped in an area, this is an ideal way to save space due to its lightweight design. One way to make it, even more, cooler by building matching floating shelves over it, as this combination looks sleek. It is ideal for modern, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalistic and many other styles of interior design.

An antique home office desk to save space due to its lightweight design
The desk is usually wider than the shelves above it to make sitting at it comfortable

A Vintage and Rustic Style Office Desk

Vintage and antique furniture is always in vogue. This style makes spaces look refined and lend character. A vintage office desk can be appealing and blends well into any style. And if you’re into shabby looks, this style of an office desk will appeal to your sensibilities as it will remind you of the heritage. An old reclaimed desk fitted with drawers, a cane bamboo chair, and a few indoor plants will make your working experience a good one. 

adjustable home office desk which looks appealing and blends well into any style
A sizable reclaimed wood vintage styled desk works well for any study space in your home
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A Wardrobe With An Office Desk

Innovative designs are helping a lot of people who choose to work from home. Interior designers are coming up with ingenious ideas to save space and create a multi-functionality room without compromising on anything. This ultra-modern desk oozes innovation and technical design with clever use of space. A floating desk is attached to the closet making use of dead space in the corner that would have otherwise been left empty. Open shelves and cabinets are built into the wardrobe to store books, stationery and other miscellaneous things. 

Best executive desks for home office where Open shelves and cabinets are built into the wardrobe to store books
If you are looking for optimum use of space, this idea makes great use of a dead corner

A Desk With Dual Functionality 

If you work from home, you will know the importance of decor in a home office desk. After all, who will want to work in a dull environment that doesn’t motivate you? Add quirky and innovative designs to make your work fun and creative. This image shows how a chalkboard wall is set up in the workspace, that gives users a space to doodle, write down the day’s to-do list and so on. This design lets you scribble essential dates, schedules, and notes needed for your work. You can also stick motivational quotes and pictures to keep you focused. 

Home office desks online with chalkboard wall and dual desk functionality
This creative home desk with a chalkboard wall will make your work fun everyday

There you go! We know that some days it gets hard to find the motivation to work, but if your home office looked amazing, working would be easy and fun. We hope you liked our ideas on home desk and workspace and if you would like to add your thoughts or have questions, please mention it in the comment section below.

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Happy Working!

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Ashish Rai

Ashish Rai is a content writer at DesignCafe and believes that words have the power to change the world! He comes with five years of experience and has experimented with various roles including sales, a tourist guide, and ran a tattoo parlour too!

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