What Are The Best Paint Colours For Home Office Walls?

by Pooja Dara | January 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

Home office paint colors 2021

A colourful home office may make working from home a lot more fun, energising and motivating. Explore further to find out the best wall colours for the home office and take your best pick. We’ve also listed down a few tips and tricks to help you in the process

The home office is probably the place where you spend a lot of your day, so your work environment needs to be such that it helps you focus more on your work rather than distract you from it. And when you’re working from home, the need for a well-thought-out home office design and an ideal work atmosphere becomes all the more important. For starters, here are some tips for you to manage work from home especially with kids around.

Coming to the crux of the blog post: research shows that colour psychology plays a major role in enhancing your mood and work performance in the home office. And modern-day interior designers and Vastu consultants also agree. 

Let’s first consider the factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the best colour for your home office walls.

  • Space Availability: If your home office area is small, then opt for lighter or neutral colours to introduce freshness and an illusion of bigger space. But if it’s large, you can choose any colour of your choice (except black). However, keep the ceiling white only in both cases (or even two shades lighter) so that the overall look is not too overwhelming. 
  • Working Style: If your work requires high focus and concentration then opt for minimalist and neutral colours paired with a few indoor plants to bring a pop of colour. In other cases, use bold colour combinations that help you in brainstorming better. 
  • Primary Goal: If you’re in a creative field (like graphic design and arts), then you should opt for contrasting colours that fire up your imagination and inspiration. But if you’re in a more professional field (like sales), choose colours that are more optimistic and energising. 
  • Lighting Options: Lighting (natural or artificial) plays a major role in transforming the overall look of your home office irrespective of whether you’ve used cool or warm paint colours on its wall.  Use a balanced combination of ambient lighting and task lighting fixtures for better functionality and comfort. 
  • Vastu Rules: You might want to lay special emphasis on Vastu colour recommendations for your home office if you’re an ardent believer of Vastu Shastra. It suggests that certain colours calm your brain and drive you towards success while some colours stimulate your brain owing to the circulation of cosmic energies.
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To give you a brief overview, there are certain Vastu wall colours that are meant to be used in certain directions in your home office to bring maximum results. These are:

  1. Light green (north) for calmness, relaxation and earthiness
  2. Light blue (northeast) for creative imagination, ideation and earthiness
  3. Red and pink (south) for sophistication, high energy, stimulation and speed 
  4. Silver (northwest) for success in product visibility and marketing efforts
  5. Tan or gold (southeast) for nourishment, stability and flow of money
  6. Yellow  (southeast) for happiness, positivity, the flow of money and creativity
  7. White, off-white or light grey (north, northeast and east) for financial stability and centralised control 

Now, let’s finally dive into some of the best modern home office paint colour ideas that are doing the rounds among many homeowners.  

Home Office Paint Colours 2022 For Business Vitality

Choose fire-related paint colours such as red or orange on your home office accent wall to stimulate your brain and increase your mental energy at work. These colours also bring a very casual feel to your workspace and boost your mood. Pair them well with off-white or beige-coloured walls for a more balanced look.

Home office paint colors 2021 for business vitality to stimulate your brain and increase your mental energy at work
This dark red-coloured accent wall in the home office adds more passion and vitality to your chosen business endeavour

Home Office Paint Colours 2022 For Financial Stability

To ensure financial stability in your business, warm whites or light greys are perfect. These colours also indicate simplicity, cleanliness, less distraction and a sense of more space. Light grey is also a highly versatile colour as it lends a peaceful feel to your home office and also promotes more organisation and focus.  

Paint colors for home office walls where colours indicate simplicity and cleanliness
These warm white walls in the home office act as an ideal backdrop to add nature-inspired elements like a wooden desk and an indoor plant

Home Office Paint Colours 2022 To Enhance Communication

Medium or darker shades of blue are considered some of the best home office colours to enhance communication in the company and improve intellectual and brainstorming capabilities. It gives your workspace a luxurious vibe that you’ll always want to come back to. Warm navy blue colour walls also create a meditative and refreshing ambience for maximum productivity. 

Colorful home office to enhance communication and improve intellectual and brainstorming capabilities
Blue as a home office wall paint colour represents reliability, trust and logic, so it will benefit you in terms of client acquisition and retention in your business

Paint Colours For Home Office Walls To Improve Concentration

Peach and soft pink colours are ideal choices for your home office walls if you want to bring an artistic vibe to your working space. It helps you improve your concentration, boost your creativity and is soothing to the eye as it is muted.  

Home office colors and walls to improve concentration and boost your creativity
The combination of soft pink and light green on the walls provide an inspiring atmosphere for your home office setting
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Paint Colours For Home Office Walls To Induce Creativity

Opt for green paint colour on your home office walls if you want to reduce stress at work. It is an earthy colour that’s not very ‘loud’ for the space and emits the much-needed calmness. It also helps you think out of the box, innovate and explore your creative imagination. Paired with lemon yellow, it lends harmony and balance to your home office. 

Home office wall color to explore your creative imagination with much-needed calmness
The green-coloured home office wall mimics nature and revitalises your mind while reducing your work anxiety

Paint Colours For Home Office Walls To Spread Calmness

A combination of beige and brown on your home office walls brings in a cosy feel to your workspace and also helps you focus on your tasks for the day without much distraction. These shades have the ability to seamlessly blend into the background behind the other decor in the office. Brown colour also represents hard work, strength and dedication. 

Best colors to paint a home office in a cosy feel to your workspace
These beige and brown coloured walls provide an aesthetic and industrial look to this home office and complement the leather furniture, wooden cabinets and desk

All in all, picking the right paint colours for your home office walls can make all the difference to not only the look but also the vibe of your regular workspace. So, get ready to experiment with your home office, and create a perfect working environment for yourself that has an ideal balance of comfort, creativity, inspiration and efficiency. 
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