Closet Organization Ideas To Maximise Your Storage Space

by Devna Tiwari | January 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

Closet organisation ideas for your home

From messy Mondays to Thank God It’s Friday, don’t let your closet follow your mood swings. Explore these ideas to keep your closet neat and tidy.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Are you reminded of discord and disharmony everytime you open your closet? Have you ever had one of those weekday mornings when you open your closet to get ready and out comes an avalanche of clothes? Closets are often the messiest and least organised parts of our homes. They receive no attention as they are often out of sight.  However, you can make your wardrobe an epitome of style, luxury and order. A neat closet will let you dump things in a hurry or store a dead body (just kidding). In this blog we will look at a few ideas that will help you organise your closet to maximise your storage space.

Invest In A Clothing Rack With Hanger Rods

It is always a good idea to have rods to hang your clothes instead of piling them up in a messy mound. Organising your clothes this way not only saves time digging through a large pile, but also gives you loads of space to stack in more clothes.

Closet organizer for your home with a clothing rack and hanger rods with a loads of space for clothes
Closet organizer ideas for your home with with a clothing rack and hanger rods
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Organize With Shelves, Drawers And Wicker Baskets

An easy way to turn chaos into order is by using shelves to store bulky bed linen that is used daily like blankets, covers and bedsheets. They do not require gentle handling or ironing and are best tucked away on open shelves. Drawers can also be used to store accessories, cosmetics, or other smaller items. Wicker baskets are the best way to put your old or dirty laundry in a pile without it being an eyesore. Place them in the bottom most shelf to quickly put away all your soiled clothes.

Closet organisation for our home where you can organise with shelves, drawers and wicker baskets
Best closet organiser system for your home where you can organise shelves and baskets easily

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Doors! There’s More To Them Than What Meets The Eye

When low on space the backs of doors can literally open up endless storage possibilities. From hooks and hangers to narrow shelves or even open boxes, you can customise the back of your closet doors to maximise your storage potential by freeing up space inside the closet.

Closet organisation ideas with hooks and hangers to narrow shelves or even open boxes

Design A Closet With A Sliding Door

Are you tired of walking from one end to the other looking for your clothes and accessories? Well then, it’s time you consider a sliding door wardrobe. Sliding doors closets are great space savers and work well in tight corners where two doors will swing into each other. You can design a wardrobe with deeper storage thanks to sliding doors. 

Closet organisation tips small closets with a sliding door for clothes and accessories which are great space savers

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Say No To Ironing, Use A Trouser Organiser

Nobody likes to iron! Get away from having to iron your trousers every morning with a dedicated pant organiser that will keep your trousers neat and wrinkle free. Most pants or trousers require minimal to no ironing if they are folded up right after washing. These organisers will help you do just that by making that process as easy as it can be.

Closet organisation ideas with a trouser organiser which keep your trousers neat and wrinkle free

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! 

A mirror inside your closet or on the back of a closet door is a good design feature as it helps you quickly get ready without having to run to the bathroom or dressing area. Now you can quickly try on hats, ties, belts, handbags right in front of your closet and save time when you’re late for that party.

bedroom closet small closet organisation ideas with mirror on the back of the closet door
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An Island To The Rescue

Get rid of the ‘chair’ that houses an avalanche of clothes. Instead build yourself an island. Assuming you have ample space in your closet room or own a walk-in wardrobe you can benefit with an island. It will help you maximise storage space for all your accessories such as belts and bags. It can also act as a dresser if you place a vanity mirror on top. An island also gives you extra surface area to sort of clothes. Not to mention it becomes the major focal point for the room.

Entry closet organisation ideas with as island or a walk-in wardrobe where you can  maximise storage space

Design Cafe’s Design Tips

  1. Label: Though this sounds like more work – labeling drawers, boxes, compartments – for designated items will enforce the habit of putting away things where they belong. This will make your job of searching for everything easier in the future.
  2. Donate: Give away all your old clothes and accessories you no longer use. If you want to share some of your ideas
  3. Buy appropriately: Do not buy unnecessary things only to repent later. Your closet only needs essentials – not a dress when you wore on your first date!
Bedroom closet organisation ideas where you can label items such as drawers, boxes, compartments

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