Modern Cupboard Designs For Clutter Free Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | February 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

A beautiful cupboard in your bedroom provides you with ample space. Check out our latest collection of modern cupboard designs for your bedroom.

These modern Bedroom Cupboard Designs will spin your bedroom into an oasis of peace and order.

Is it possible to imagine a bedroom without a cupboard? We’re sure it isn’t. The perfect bedroom interior includes enough storage for all your belongings – clothes, handbags, cosmetics, documents and footwear. And the perfect cupboard does not compromise on aesthetics and functionality. Therefore designing or buying one requires a lot of extensive planning and research. Doing so will make your bedroom cupboards look clutter-free and make your life easy.

Factors to keep in mind while designing your bedroom cupboard

Let’s directly dive into bedroom cupboard design ideas that can give your personal space a trendy makeover.

A Built-In Modern Bedroom Cupboard

This six-door cupboard is built into the wall to provide you with extra space in your bedroom. It stands tall from the floor to ceiling making this room look airy, open, and breathes elegance into this room. It perfectly complements the brown-toned veneer floor tiles.

Bedroom design cupboard which is built into the wall to provide you with extra space for your latest modern bedroom cupboard designs
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A Corner Cupboard for Bedroom

Make efficient use of those awkward corners that are often overlooked in your room with these corner-styled cupboards. You can use every inch of the space and accommodate all you want in a neat and organised fashion with this design. This corner cupboard also comes with a side-closed cabinet with multiple shelves where you can store smaller and more delicate items.

Modern bedroom cupboard design where corners that are often overlooked

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Four-Door Sliding Bedroom Cupboard

This four-door sliding cupboard is one of the best designs to save space since they are really easy to use, look modern, stylish and luxurious. Spread across an entire wall, this design also frees up floor space so you can easily move around your bedroom without any hindrance. A metallic door handle also gives you a good grip. It is the perfect addition to a beautiful modular house.

modern bedroom cupboard design to save space since they are really easy to use and also check out these cupboard interior designs

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A Plywood Cupboard For Bedroom

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to wood in terms of budget, opt for this 3×1 plywood cupboard. Fine finishes and earthy coloured doors go well with the decor of this bedroom’s interiors. You can choose from among a wide variety of designs that can be directly laminated onto the cupboard itself.

modern bedroom cupboard design where fine finishes and earthy coloured doors go well with the decor for bedroom cupboard design

A Cupboard With An Attached Dressing Table for Bedroom

If you want to cut down on time running back and forth from one corner of your room to the other to ace the perfect look (clothes+grooming), then design a bedroom cupboard with an attached dressing table. Place all your cosmetic, beauty and grooming products neatly into various drawers provided.  They are quite trendy, popular and in-demand.

Bedroom cupboard designs photos which are quite trendy and popular in demand

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Cupboard With An Attached Study Table For Bedroom

This cupboard with an attached study table is a great choice for a kid’s bedroom since they need maximum storage for their toys, clothes, shoes. Apart from this they require a dedicated space for reading, writing and assignments. Long and open shelves, drawers and the sea green-beige tone of this cupboard makes this bedroom’s interior look more creative, energetic and attractive.

modern bedroom cupboard design with an attached study table for bedroom

A Cupboard With Built-In Mirror For Bedroom

Add a cupboard with a built-in mirror to your bedroom to instantly glam up your space. These mirrors help reflect light to every corner of your room, thus making it look bigger and brighter.

modern bedroom cupboard design ideas where mirrors help reflect light to every corner of your room for bedroom cupboard interior design

Decorative Laminate Cupboard

This decorative laminate cupboard looks classy and adds a bold statement to your bedroom space. Its unique design is trendy and eye-catching. Decorative laminates are popular and available in several finishes so you can choose any of them to complement your décor. Also, they are extremely scratch-resistant and super easy to clean with a cloth.

Modern bedroom cupboard design colours which ooks classy and adds a bold statement and also check out these cupboard colours for bedroom

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A Designer Cupboard For Bedroom

This black designer cupboard comes with open shelves where you can display your favourite books, souvenirs and store other essentials in closed cabinets. Glossy door panels, smooth door closing makes your cupboard look attractive and stand out from other furniture in your bedroom.

Cupboard models for bedroom which comes with open shelves where you can display your favourite books
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A Narrow Cupboard By The Window

These white narrow cupboards accompanied by multiple drawers on either side of the bedroom window, definitely bring in coastal and sea-side vibes into the interiors. A low seating area in between the cupboard adds freshness and light to space.

modern bedroom cupboard design for a narrow cupboard by the window

A Wooden Bedroom Cupboard

This solid wooden cupboard is a perfect blend of versatility and durability. It suits the theme of almost any style of bedroom interiors – traditional or modern. Wood adds a charming element to bedrooms since it emits warm and earthy vibes. Though wood is more expensive than other materials, it becomes as good as new if it is given a good coat of polish.

Wooden cupboard designs for bedrooms which suits the theme of almost any style of modern bedroom cupboard designs

Now that you have a cherry-picked list of bedroom cupboard design ideas, build your own customised version that blends in harmoniously with the decor of your bedroom.

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