Space Saving Bedroom Furniture Ideas

by Anmol Kalro | February 12, 2024 | 4 mins read

An unusual blend of classy, contemporary and multi-utility, this bedroom is built with remarkable space-saving furniture ninjas. 

All that is trendy and chic doesn’t necessarily have to be shoved in large spaces. Remember when Angans were built right at the centre of large homes, because no-purpose chunks of land could once be built-in humongous bungalows for no specific reason? But whoops! With a lack of space and soaring real estate prices, most of us don’t have the privilege to build acres of a mansion today. This isn’t to say that small spaces can’t be glamorous. Big things come in small packages – but only if you pick the right furniture. Space-saving bedroom furniture are a true blessing in disguise in 2020: the era of skimpy square footages. A petite bedroom design that is in all true senses- the apex of functionality and style is not an easy task, but not unachievable. Let us walk you through this extremely bonny boudoir so you can see just how.

Large Paintings That Make A Statement In Your Bedroom

Although it might seem contrary to what you’re trying to achieve- having a huge painting as a decorative statement piece to save up on space is one of the better options to amp up a petite space. Using many small ornaments to spruce up your bedroom will only add to clutter. The last thing you want is to trip over a vase or a figurine in lying in the centre of your bedroom during the passage. Anything that is etched onto a wall flat, occupying negligible space, yet making a bold statement is your best bet. So go ahead and gussy up with paintings of handsome horses or family portraits.

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Hang Pendant Lights in Your Bedroom

Besides making your bedroom look absolutely stunning, hanging pendant lights are the best replacement to your everyday table lamp. Given that reading light is so important to some people, they seamlessly fit in a modern bedroom design without occupying any floor space. 

Ample Lighting

It is imperative that a small bedroom has enough natural light coming in to make it appear more spacious. If this is not achievable, you can always use a combination of two or more kinds of light fittings to make your space glow. Ceiling lights play a huge role especially in smaller condos considering the fact that they practically occupy no space. Ditch anything that invites clutter. Chandeliers, for example, are a big no-no. A combination of recessed ceiling lights and cove lights – now there’s a winner!

An All-In-One Closet As A Space Saving Furniture

In a bedroom that has restricted closet space, a walk-in closet might not be a viable option. (But in the event that you can stick in one, good for you – nothing like them!) A sleek and space-saving design that is a mix of utility and style is a glossy white handleless cabinet that does a fabulous job in upping your bedroom interior game! Wood and white are a timeless dynamic duo that never seems to run out of style. More than just a clothes closet, this splendid piece is an all in one storage cabinet for your clothes, coats, shoes and bags!

Mini Dresser With A Pull-Out Chair To Save Space

A petite glossy white dresser to go with your glossy white closet is just what you need to complete the modern bedroom. Fun fact about adding gloss: Besides the obvious charm that glossy cabinets add to a mundane bedroom, the glossy coating ensures a stainless wardrobe experience that you will thank us for later. Handleless cabinets and drawers are mega space savers giving your room a clean finish and clutterless feel, almost effortlessly. 

Pro tip: Have your dressing chair picked out in a way that it can slide back in underneath your dresser when not in use. Less clutter is always better.

Abstract White Study Chair 

What’s a daring design without a few statement pieces that truly stand out, right? Given that most furniture design in your bedroom is pre-decided and can’t be gilded any further, there’s only some stuff you can play around with to create a vibe that says ‘fun!’ Occupying the least bit space, this abstract white grid chair with niches not only adds to your room a sophisticated yet artistic element but the niches of the design give it an illusion of occupying practically no space and manages to blend in with the rest of the furniture without creating muss.

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