5 Genius Ideas To Maximize Space In Your Small Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Ideas to maximize space in small bedroom

Have you all seen The Chronicles of Narnia? A whole world inside a cupboard, amazing isn’t it? What if we could fit a barrage of our favorite things in our favourite room as well? And well, home is where the heart is. We all aspire to our homes to be the best version of themselves and rightly so. But in this fast growing country, where there is space crunch in every apartment and owning a home has become a financial burden for many, settling for a smaller home is slowly becoming the norm. But a smaller area in square feet should never be the cause for a cramped lifestyle. With so many innovations and technological advancements in the field of home interiors at our service, we can easily transform the small bedrooms we have, to accommodate all our necessities and have some space left for making memories, as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the expert tips session for converting your bedroom into the haven you always wanted it to be! Read this to know how to create more room in a small bedroom.

Maximizing Space In Your Bedroom: Decluttering And Organizing Tips

Force-fitted furniture, cluttered corners and clothes-carpeted floors can give the impression of disorder and disarray, and visually shrink your room. A good place to start when trying to give your bedroom a more spacious avatar is decluttering. By reducing visible objects, you can build a perception of space and breathe airiness into your room. Organise your storage and give everything a home. Tuck your meds into your nightstand, put your clothes inside your closet and arrange your open shelving into an aesthetic vignette. While you’re at it, do a thorough assessment of your furniture too. Move out what’s not required to craft generous passages of negative space. There’s nothing like a little decluttering to give your bedroom a new lease of life.

Maximizing space in bedroom by decluttering and organizing your small bedroom
Declutter and let the colours of your bedroom do the talking
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

Lighten Up: Brighten Small Spaces With Color Palette

More light equals more space, capeesh? A light colour palette for your walls and ceilings can be just what the doctor ordered for your small space conundrum. Neutral colours can open up your room to more light and serve as natural mood-lifters. If you’re a connoisseur of dark colours, no fear. By playing it smart, you can use them to your advantage and still get the extra space you want. When it comes to dark colours in a small or medium-sized room, paint all your walls the same colour. This can blur your boundaries and diminish your corners, stretching your room beyond its true size. If your room is a veritable shoebox, opt for a monochrome palette across your walls, bedding, furniture and fixtures. This can create evenness across your elements and offer a smooth flow. 

Brighten small spaces bedroom with color palette
Striped, textured walls and a multi-colored bedspread

Playing With Stripes: Transforming Your Bedroom

Stripes are nifty little things, transforming the shape of your room by tricking the eyes. Vertical stripes in muted colours can offer the illusion of a taller ceiling, whereas horizontal stripes can stretch your room lengthwise. Given the monotonous appearance of stripes, you can rest assured your walls won’t steal your room’s thunder, but instead, serve as a pared-back showcase for the elements within. Consider going for striped wallpaper, or if you’re an artistic soul, go wild with paint, either freestyle, or with a stencil or masking tape!

Small bedroom wall with vertical stripes in muted colours
Pastel green stripes on one wall make a statement

Elevate Your Space: Statement Ceiling Ideas

If you’ve always given your ceiling step motherly treatment, it’s time to dole out some love. A statement ceiling can lend depth and structure to your room and urge the eyes upwards, creating an impression of a taller ceiling. There are several ways you can add oomph to your ceiling aesthetic – quirky patterns, head-turning fixtures, bold colours and dramatic textures are some. For example, you can turn your ceiling into a deep star-spangled sky or a summer vision of butterflies. Make sure to maintain a consistent colour palette across your walls to minimise borders and highlight your ceiling.

Elevate your space with statement ceilings to make more space in small bedroom
A ceiling adjoined to the bed is innovative and fun!
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Mirror Magic: Maximizing Space And Light

With mirrors, what else? Mirrors can double the space within your room and add oodles of luminosity and lustre. Get creative with incorporating them into your bedroom scheme. Hang an ornamental mirror on a spare wall, sheath mirror panels over your wardrobe doors, or experiment with cut-out mirror decals. 

Small bedroom with a round shaped mirror gives more space and light
A big round-shaped mirror can be the cynosure of your bedroom

You, as a homeowner, should never have to compromise on the decor and design you want in your bedroom and private space just for the lack of space in there. Even a small bedroom can be turned into a spacious haven if you play your cards right. Go on, play your cards right and smart and give your bedroom the facelift and space extension it deserves, or rather, you deserve!

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