Spruce Up Your Small Bedrooms With These Amazing Wall Colour Combinations

by Pooja Dara | February 19, 2024 | 7 mins read

Wall colour combination for small bedroom

Wall colour combinations for small bedrooms, along with the right kind of lighting and furniture, can have a major impact on your mood and the space’s coziness. Take a sneak-peek into some amazing small bedroom colour ideas and get inspired.

Are you tired with the look of your small bedroom and plan to give it a makeover? If yes, then wake them up with amazing wall color combinations. One often assumes that the only colour which can make a room look visually larger is white, but that isn’t true anymore!

You can choose from a wide range of dark and light/bright colours as per your personality and design aesthetics. A bedroom is more than just a place to relax and rejuvenate, right? Moreover, both dark and light colours have their own benefits.

What colours(s) should I paint my small bedroom with?

Broadly, there are three popular categories of shades that you can choose your perfect wall colour from:

  • Saturated Shades – Dark Green, Dark Red, Coral

     Overall Effect – Expressive, Bold, Bright, Energetic

  • Pastel Shades – Yellows, Soft Blue, Light Pink, Light Green, Lavender, Light Grey, Mauve, Misty Grey, Sage, Mint, Lime Zest

     Overall Effect – Peaceful, Relaxing, Soft, Serene, Elegant, Warm, Cozy

  • Neutral Shades – White, Off-White, Black, Grey, Taupe, Ivory, Butter, Cream, Very Pale Blue/Pink, Light Pearl, Beige

     Overall Effect – Soothing, Classic, Earthy, Visually Receding

If you’re looking for a two-color combination (scheme) for small bedroom walls, then we’ve got you covered there too!

  • Cotton White & Canary Accents – Airy, Bright, Fresh
  • White Base & Vibrant Accents – Visually Larger, Modern, Optimistic
  • Charcoal & Burnt Orange – Classy, Gender-Neutral
  • Aquamarine & Electric Blue – Bold, Contrast, Dimension
  • Indigo Blue & Pearl White [Nippon’s paint colors that can exactly recreate this combination is White (NP OW 1081 P) and Tremont Blue (NP PB 1519A)] – Evergreen, Tropical, Soothing, Cozy
  • Bourbon & Cream – Rich, Elegant, Urbane 
  • Buttercup and Baby Blue – Bright, Summery
  • Silver & Emerald – Peaceful, Calming, Luminous
  • Biscuit & Mocha – Earthy, Warm 
  • Timber & Grey – Industrial, Full of Character
  • Ivory & Beige – Luxurious, Soft
  • Off-White & Lavender – Individualistic, Comforting
  • Radiant Yellow & Light Blue – Happy, Bright
  • Muted Green & Light Brown – Spacious, Natural
  • White & Peach – Cozy, Warm
  • Pink & Lime Green – Energizing, Optimistic and many more.

How do you make a small bedroom look bigger using paint?

  • Enhance the depth of your space by incorporating illusions and special effects. Use vertical or horizontal banding to trick your eyes and create the illusion of height and/or width respectively in a small bedroom
  • If you’ve opted for a monochromatic look for your bedroom then paint the ceilings or trim in a lighter color to make it look higher
  • If you choose light colors for your bedroom, create the feature/accent wall in a comparatively stronger color so that it becomes the focal point of attention
  • If you choose dark colors like navy blue, black or dark grey for your bedroom then don’t paint every wall in that color. Instead, create an accent wall of a lighter color to tone down the overwhelming effect

Wait, we’ve also got some useful tips for you to keep in mind while choosing wall paint colours for your bedroom.

  • Visualise the chosen paint colors for your bedroom walls on tried and tested paint colour apps such as that of Dulux, Berger And Asian Paints. Paint visualiser apps help you to filter colour palettes that are an almost match to your chosen color and share it with your friends for their two cents as well
  • If you’re struggling to choose the perfect color/colour scheme among the many options for your bedroom then hiring a colour consultant will be a wise decision. An expert in the field, he will be able to put you in the right direction by giving you paint colour ideas and practical lighting advice that’s in sync with your home interiors
  • Test your paint colors on the walls using samples before making a commitment to your time and funds. We’re sure you don’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain. It’s one of the most important steps in finding the right choice of wall paint for any room in your house.

BONUS – How do you make a small bedroom look nice and spacious?

Moving beyond just the wall paint, you can even experiment with the other elements and decor of your bedroom. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Install floating/mounted/built-in shelves instead of separate storage around the bed to save on the floor space
  • Opt for neutral color flooring so that the bedroom’s overall look isn’t overwhelming. Choose white/light vitrified tiles or marble over wooden or laminate flooring instead
  • Choose an appropriate window treatment for ample amounts of natural sunlight to come in. If that’s not possible, then place a large mirror in the room to create the ultimate illusion of space as they’re reflective. Also, don’t let the window curtains and drapes drop down to the floor
  • Plan an efficient layout for your bedroom space through the clever spacing of furniture and other necessary items. You can maximise your small bedroom by using glass/transparent furniture that serves dual purposes (read: multifunctional and space-saving) such as tables with shelves, convertibles, and wall-mounted light fixtures instead of tables and floor lamps 
  • Get rid of the stuff that you don’t want and neatly organise the rest to reduce visual clutter in the bedroom 
  • Play around with smaller prints and solid colours when it comes to the bedding and upholstery.

Now, it’s time to dive into some stunning bedroom color schemes that can bring new life into your tiny havens.

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A Golden Brown Beauty

These golden brown walls paired with the white ceiling, bedding and furniture make the small bedroom look visually bigger with the least effort. The wide windows look sleek and let in ample amounts of sunlight to warm up the place.

Bedroom wall colour combination in golden

A Minimalistic Delight

Isn’t minimalism the best choice you can take? This blue-walled small bedroom is a delight for sore eyes. It blends in well with the wooden flooring and multi-functional stools. The white wall skirting provides a much-needed contrast and isn’t overwhelming at all.

Minimalistic bedroom wall colour combination

As Bright As The Sun

This sunny yellow and cream wall colour combination is perfect for bringing liveliness and energy into your child’s small bedroom. The starred rug, the green tree-style bookshelf and the bedsheets give an instant pop of colour to the room and literally spell fun.

Bedroom wall colour combination as bright as the sun
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Breezy And Cool Vibes

Experience the cool and breezy vibes of snowy mountaintops right in your bedroom with these icy blue-white walled interiors. This is as peaceful and calming as it can get. The delicate furniture and light curtain drapes look elegant and pretty.

Bedroom wall colour combination that gives breezy and cool vibes

Grey And White Can Be Friends

The classic white and grey is the best wall colour combination for Indian small bedrooms. The white rug, the distinctive lighting and the solid wood floating shelves tie the whole look together. Great, isn’t it?

Bedroom wall colour combination in grey and white

Let The Lights Guide You Home

This dark-brown walled bedroom coupled with a small balcony helps bring the outside nature within. The white vertical-lined ceiling gives the illusion of length, seamlessness and the curved lights become the focal point of attention.

Bedroom wall colour combination in dark brown
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Reflect Your Creative Self

This light-brown and white-walled bedroom help manifest your creative self to its fullest potential. The white walls and the light grey floor cleverly blur the bedroom’s edges while the mirror panels embedded on the walls lend a light and reflective vibe into the space.

Bedroom wall colour combination that reflect your creative self

That’s all there is! Hope this blog has given you some actionable advice on how to transform your small bedroom into a peaceful sleeping oasis. So, choose a small bedroom color combination that best suits your personality and enjoy the results. Good Luck!

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