Small Space, Big Style: 10 Attractive Designs For Small Bedrooms

by Devna Tiwari | February 14, 2024 | 6 mins read

Small Space, Big Style: 10 Attractive Designs For Small Bedrooms

Our design ideas for small bedroom interiors are not over the top but give you ample room to play around with.

Small space dwellers assemble! If you are looking for a bedroom makeover but doubt the space you have to work with, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a bunch of attractive small bedroom designs which prove that small can be beautiful too. And you don’t need to do much to design a beautiful bedroom either!

Your small bedroom can be a blessing for a good night’s sleep. For that, you need to keep electronic gadgets such as the TV, computer, internet out of the bedroom so it does not disturb your sleep pattern. The less you do in your bedroom the more sleep you get. How’s that as a starting point for selecting a smart small bedroom design?

Eager to embrace your small bedroom? Read on for our design tips to make the most with layout, decor, and design inspiration.

Stick To A Simple Layout

There is no magical formula for small bedroom layouts. The first tip is to set your bed against the main wall. Avoid getting too experimental with the placement of furniture. By this we mean do not think of floating your bed in the heart of your bedroom or at an edge in the corner. This kind of placement only makes a bedroom appear crowded. Also, it is not a bad idea to place your bed in the centre of the main wall (instead of placing it against an adjoining side wall). Ensure there is enough space on either side of your bed to walk around (so you don’t bump into things) and of course to make your bed! Simple layouts are functional and fun. Trust us it is a great idea!

Small bedroom design with simple layouts are functional and fun, it is a great small bedroom interior design idea

Don’t Be Scared Of Dark Colours

Don’t fear the dark! Yes, small bedrooms can be painted in dark colours too. So go wild and do not restrict yourself to plain whites or neutral colour palettes when it comes to your bedroom walls. Painting a small bedroom ash grey, teal or olive green can make it incredibly chic and make it look bigger and brighter too. However, what is essential to note is that whether you opt for a moody shade or stick to a sharp hues your bedroom needs a whole lot of lighting. Good lighting prevents a room from looking dull and claustrophobic. Overhead lights like chandeliers or pendant lights apart from bedside or deck lamps and reading sconces makes the overall ambience quite vibrant.

Painting small bedroom ash grey, teal or olive green can make it incredibly chic and bigger, its look like a modern small bedroom design
small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom

Choose The Right Cupboard

Well designed cupboards keep small bedrooms clutter-free. Bedrooms with attached wardrobes provide a lot of space compared to conventional iron almirahs that eat up most of the floor area. While choosing your cupboard design ensure it offers multiple cabinets and drawers to store everything for a clutter-free environment.

While doing small bedroom interior use well designed cupboards, wardrobes keep small bedrooms clutter-free

Give Your Bed A Second Job

Have you ever seen a bed that can store stuff? Yes, that’s the second job of beds we are talking about. When you have limited space, but you can’t stop shopping, you must figure out ways to store all those snazzy new things. A bed with inbuilt storage at the base is an ideal pick. Such beds give you storage options to fit in your trolley, comforters, winter wear or just anything that needs some space to rest. Cool isn’t it?

Small bed with much storage space for small homeowners bedroom interior design, its a best space saving idea for small bedroom

Have You Heard Of Illusions?

One of our favourite small bedroom design ideas is to create an illusion of space. Hanging sheers as close to your bedroom ceiling as possible is a trick that undoubtedly works to make your small bedroom appear bigger. While you’re at it, match curtains to the colour palette of the wall.  This is another trick to create an illusion of space because contrasting colours make a bedroom look smaller. So go sheer!

Small bedroom design idea is to create an illusion of space with hanging sheers as close to your bedroom ceiling

Cut The Clutter Out

Even the largest room in the world won’t be appealing in comfort or style if it’s packed with stuff. Keeping your bedroom tidy and clean is the best design hack anyone can give you. You can still do up your small bedroom just like you would do to a larger room – only if it is clean. And keeping your bedroom clear of clutter is really a no-brainer. An organised bedroom looks appealing, provides ample space to move around freely and makes your bedroom look more spacious.

Keeping your bedroom clear of clutter is always appealing and spacious and a must for small bedroom interiors

Go Big With Small Bedroom Interiors

It’s always good mixing it up when it comes to modern small bedroom interiors. A big canopy bed or a murphy bed juxtaposition itself well in a small bedroom. It is a great addition and a fabulous way to make a statement apart from making it look a whole lot bigger.

Big canopy bed or a murphy bed are good choices for modern small bedroom interiors
Running out of space in your small bedroom?

Space Maximisation Solutions To The Rescue

A common mistake most homeowners make is overcrowding a bedroom with too much furniture that does nothing but eats into space. So the trick here is to place furniture with a purpose. Multifunctional furniture is what you need. For instance, a side table with no drawer is a table with no utility. But a bedside table with drawers and cabinets is a space saver and does the job of aesthetics too!

Space maximisation for small bedroom design with a white side cabinet keeps a bedroom clutter free

Magic With Mirrors

Mirrors have the power to expand a small bedroom by creating an illusion of a larger space. Place a mirror such that natural sunlight bounces off it. It’s also a clever way to increase the amount of natural light in your bedroom. And do you know what’s the simplest way to fit a big mirror in your small bedroom? Get a full-body length one and place it against the wall or opt for a full-length mirror (ceiling to floor). Oh yes, this design hack doubles the size of your bedroom instantly. And, who needs a dressing table when you have a huge mirror all to yourself?

Simple small bedroom design with mirrors have the power to expand a small bedroom by creating an illusion of a larger space

Floating Shelves Free Up Small Bedrooms

If you are an avid reader or a traveller who ends up collecting souvenirs by the dozen but don’t seem to find the right place for it, fret not! Floating shelves free up space in small bedrooms. These shelves can be mounted directly on the wall, look really trendy too, and add some pizzazz to modern bedroom decor.

Floating shelves free up space in small bedrooms makes to modern small bedroom decor

A Design Hack For Small Bedrooms

  • Small rooms are perfect to create a mini art gallery
  • Shop at thrift stores or home decor stores for small prints and paintings
  • Hang a few of them on one wall of your bedroom for an eclectic collection
  • You can even print a few favourite pictures printed in 3×5 or 4×6 sizes and display them The smaller, the better!

We’d love to know these ideas have you motivated to give your small bedroom interiors a makeover.

Reach out to us on our social media platforms or leave a comment below. Happy decorating!

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