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Indian Style Living Room Designs That Warm Your Heart (And Home)

Indian Style Living Room Designs That Warm Your Heart (And Home)

Vibrant colours and cosy elements together deliver perfect Indian style living room designs to enliven your home.

Your living room is basically a social gathering of use cases that all your other rooms provide if you think about it. No really, think about it. It’s your go-to spot to relax and unwind after a long day of work, a place for coffee and conversations, last-minute sleepovers. Most importantly it is a place for material display of all your pride to subtly leave your guests a tad bit envious. So it’s safe to assume that while designing your Indian style living room, it’s clockwork precision hour.

Whether you’re aiming for a sleek state of the art look or snug as a bug in a rug vibe an Indian Style Living room will remain an almost perfect unless you add that ethnicity your amicable abode deserves. Here are 10 Indian style living room design ideas you can seek ample inspiration from.

Traditional Indian Living Room Designs

1. Tone Down The Tacky With Warm Blues

For an all traditional living room design that includes ethnic prints and wooden furniture, you must consider tones that make subtle backdrops complementing the aesthetics of these lovely prints. Dark wood almost never fails to add that extra touch of traditional. With enough light beaming in, you’re sure to make your living room appear ready for towny tea-parties.

Indian living room interior design pictures with big royal look brown sofas and a round center table in between with a fire place beside the table
Traditional Indian living room interiors with blue and white tones

2. Sixteenth Century Feels With Bolsters And Baskets

Mughal secrets of architectural designs continue to enter the world. If you do decide to go all-traditional, aim to make it equally majestic too. An inviting seating area decorated with royal hues and printed bolsters, handwoven carpets with floral designs – all of it. Ditch your regular coffee table and replace it with colourful handcrafted cane bar stools. With a high ceiling, you can also opt for a magnificent crystal chandelier that effortlessly steals the spotlight. Sounds splendid, doesn’t it, your imperial majesty?

Living room designs india with beautiful covered bolster which perfectly suits the luxury indian style for indian living room
Beautiful satin-covered bolsters in a royal Indian living room

3. The All Classic Vintage

Have you noticed how most of your attention is on the drawing-room of a beautiful home in movies and TV shows? The dim lighting, a neatly stacked wall-sized bookshelf and all warm hues complemented with browns brought but textured wooden furniture – smells like wisdom, doesn’t it? If you don’t have the extra square feet for a separate drawing room, does not mean you can’t incorporate elements of this rustic environment in your Indian style living room.

Indian Living room ideas with big sofas and lamps on both sides with a large mirror in between and big book shelves on both sides for Living room colours
Luxury Classic style living room with a bookshelf

Simple Indian Living Room Designs

1. Plants And Poufs Make For Pleasant Embellishments

To add an earthy vibe to your Indian style living room, consider sprucing up with some greenery. Even if you don’t happen to have a lot of natural sunlight beaming in, don’t fret. There are so many variants of house plants that are low maintenance. So go ahead and flex your green thumb with your favourite picks. Adding to the look, pouffes are a great way to embellish a humble abode. They look fun and casual and do much to make your living room appear warm and fuzzy.

Indian living room with cozy comfort sofa and a lot of plants with a hanging light and small tables in a modern living room design
A natural-style living room interior decorated with plants and a cane pouffe

2. Turn To Textures On A Budget

Most Indian style living room designs thrive on a budget. But this doesn’t necessarily demand a compromise in your style quotient. Textures are an integral part of living room interior design and can easily be incorporated with the right set of floor pillows. Besides, pillows also happen to be a great way to introduce pops of colour to contrast with dull backdrops.

Not a fan of pillow traffic? No problem. Ottomans do an equally great job, if not better. This soft ottoman with an ethnic design and pastel colours instantly amps up the elegance of your favourite room. Neat, is it not?

Indian living room india with a big sofa and big windows and a showcase with big pillars and a small table with books to read in a indian style living room
Designer ottoman in a traditional style living room

3. Statement Paintings That Bring Life

A statement piece in your Indian style living room can honestly breathe life into the mild colours brought by modern interiors. If vivid brights are not your cup of tea, then a beautifully handcrafted painting of ancient India or a collector’s piece that brings a refreshing vintage charm do just as good a job to add a zing of ethnicity to your modern living room area.

Notice how a pop of green just catches your eye amidst the rest of the grey? Sometimes, all you is that one single masterpiece and all set. Minimalism is everything.

Indian living room designs for small spaces with large paintings on the wall and large grey sofas with minimal interiors for small living room designs india
Vibrant Green paintings in an all-white living room

Modern Indian Living Room Designs

1. Class-up With Wondrous White Backdrops

Nothing exudes peace and purity like fresh white interior décor. Sometimes all you need after a long day of work is a visually pleasing clutter less view with no colour confusion whatsoever. Besides, if you do decide to go with an all-white interior design for your living room, you can easily switch minds later on because of how well every other colour in the book fits perfectly with a white backsplash.

Modern Indian style living room interiors use white as a key element throughout. They instantly make a mediocre room classy and create magic when paired with right combinations like wood or greys.