6 Ways To Recreate Traditional Living Room Design In Your Urban Home

by Natasha Unger | February 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

Traditional living room designs for your home

If you still feel attached to the traditional living room you once lived in, here’s how to incorporate it into your modern apartment

Do you too think that our grandparents’ home felt way more comfortable than modern urban apartments? It isn’t just the love that we miss but also that certain warmth and niceness that the living rooms of their home exuded. That is the traditional living room that we all look out for even today.

Well, if not the affection, you can always recreate the traditional living room design in your urban home with just a few changes here and there. While traditional home decor never goes out of style, here are a few tips to help you transform your living room today.

A Traditional Living Room With An Old-School Library

Back then, people had the lovely habit of reading books in their leisure time instead of being hooked to television. So, the tradition of a library within the living room goes back to the time before television and computers. You could just pick a book and make yourself comfortable on the couch. This is what you too can include for a traditional living room design. You can customise the shelves to be somewhat like modular furniture. Display all your favourite books and read them as and when you want to. This not just puts you back in the habit of reading but also adds to the decor. You can include indoor plants, decorative items and focus lights in your traditional living room.

Traditional living room design with an old-school library
A wall-mounted library lends a traditional touch to your living room
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Traditional Indian Living Room Designs Need A Comfortable Sofa

Even though modern trends may lean differently when it comes to living room sofas, the soft and spacious sofas can never go out of fashion. This is when you turn into a couch potato where all you want to do is laze or probably lie down all day long and watch your favourite shows on TV. These sofas don’t just allow you to sit comfortably but can also tempt you to take a nap. With cushions adding to the comfort, this will remind you of the traditional Indian living room designs that you can vaguely remember or probably have seen as a part of your parents’ homes. Put in the right upholstery and watch the magic unfold.

Traditional Indian living room designs with comfortable sofa
Large comfortable sofas are synonymous with traditional living rooms

A Beautiful Carpet On The Floor Enhances Traditional Living Room Design

Intricately designed carpets were a part of almost every Indian household back then. It was something that gave out this distinct warmth to the living room. Apart from that, it spoke for itself and required nothing else to add to the decor of the living room. You too can use the idea of covering your living room floor with beautifully designed carpets to replicate a traditional living room design. You can match the colour to the sofa or the walls. A carpet will grab the attention of visitors as well as remind you of the days gone by.

Traditional living room ideas with beautifully designed carpets on the floor
Carpets with intricate details give a royal look to traditional Indian living room designs

Antique Furniture Makes Traditional Living Room Design More Authentic

Antique furniture for your living room could either be the ones handed down by your parents or the ones that can be easily purchased from specialised shops. Either way, adding antique furniture gets to be a part of ethnic traditional Indian living room designs making your urban home look cosy. The elaborate designs or probably the use of good quality wood is what lends the traditional touch to it. It could be the side tables, the centre table, the storage cabinets, sofa or any other furniture for your living room – antique wooden furniture always has a special place.

Ethnic traditional Indian living room design with antique furniture
Antique living room furniture are pieces of nostalgia in a traditional living room

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Accessorise Your Traditional Living Room With Printed Curtains

It’s only now that people look for mono-toned curtains for their living room. Back then, printed curtains made living rooms look appealing. Most traditional Indian homes have at least one set of printed curtains that adorn the windows. Printed curtains with flowers, abstract art, birds, leaves and a lot more were a trend and you can bring it back if you are looking out for a luxury traditional living room. Just like designed wallpapers grab the attention these days, printed curtains can play a similar role. This also lets you minimise the decor of the living room as it is a great way to uplift the look and feel of the room instantly.

The luxury traditional living room has printed curtains with flowers that adorn the windows
Make your traditional living room bloom with floral printed curtains
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

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A Wooden Swing Completes Traditional Living Room Design

It is a fact that most urban homeowners secretly long for a swing to be a part of their home. Due to the dearth of space, not everyone can bring one home. Well, you can always replace a sofa with a swing that is designed like one. A traditional swing for the living room can add to the beauty especially when it has intricate designs on it. It serves both as a seating space as well as fulfils your wish to spend your leisure time on a swing. This too can be picked from an antique store or be custom-made according to your preference.

Traditional swing for living room in wood doubles up seating space and decor
A well-crafted sofa swing doubles up seating space and decor

Traditional Indian homes had a lot of good things in one place that makes us miss our childhood. Traditional living room decor ideas making their way to urban homes have a lot to say about our roots still being intact. To get help with revamping your living room, get in touch with our designers at Design Cafe today! We specialise in customising homes and converting them into something that reflects your personal choices.

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