Tricolour Home Decor Ideas Inspired By Independence Day

by Shreya Bilagi | February 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

15th august independence day decoration ideas

Let’s show some respect and love towards our nation with 15th August Independence Day decoration ideas. Read now to find out more!

Thousands laid down their lives so that our country could be free and breathe in peace to date. Let us not forget those who stood for our nation and sacrificed themselves in order to bring us freedom. This Independence Day, let’s decorate your homes honouring our freedom fighters and cherish our independence with these Independence Day decoration ideas.

Independence Day Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

Independence Day decoration is a must if you are a true patriot of the country- this is the time to show some love and respect. Take a look at this quick yet fantastic Independence Day balloon decoration that’s been implemented in this living room. This easy and fast Independence Day decoration will surely bring the tricolour vibe into your living room. A small living room with elegant white curtains, a wooden panel floor and a beige accent wall, represent a light-hued living room. But hang on a second! Take a look at the tri-coloured balloons in orange, white and green, neatly stuck on the wall to represent our country with mini flags and DIY craft decor. To pep the place up even more, tri-coloured plush cushions have been placed on a frosty white sofa!

Independence day decoration with balloons in the colours of the national flag to your living room
A simple living room with a punch of tri-coloured decor

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Independence Day Decoration For Your Bedroom

Who said you can’t have Independence Day decorations in your bedroom? We say you can! Independence Day decorations must be done with respect and style. This bedroom is decorated with curtains that seamlessly blend in without effort to represent our national flag. A white vase in ceramic is filled with flowers in the flag’s colours. Above the headboard, a meaningful painting depicting India and what we as a country have to offer is an eye-catcher for those who enter this space. This bedroom Independence Day decoration includes a stand with our flag and a tricoloured pillow for the desk chair.

Independence day decoration ideas for your bedroom with soft flowing curtains in orange, white and green
Bedroom with soft flowing tri-coloured curtains
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DIY Independence Day Decorations For Your Dining Room

Why not dine at home surrounded by your country’s colours? This gorgeous yet simple dining room shows its love for India effortlessly. This dining room has a six-seater dining table with six white plates, bowls and napkins in the colour of our national flag – orange, white and green. To honour our country,  you can prepare a tri-coloured salad and keep a bowl of blueberries to represent the colour blue for the Ashoka chakra. What more do you need for a traditional Independence Day dining experience?

Independence day decoration 2022 for your dining room with a tri-coloured salad and napkins
Independence Day decoration ideas for the dining room

Cubicle Decoration Ideas For Independence Day

Bring in some patriotism by decking up your home office space with cubicle decoration ideas for independence. Bring in some patriotism by decorating your home office space with cubicle decoration ideas for Independence Day. Have a plain wall? Time to get artistic and bring out various sizes of canvases to create a painting representing Independence Day with freedom fighters and the national flag. Pens in white, green and orange stand tall and elegant in a white pen stand. A blue single-seater sofa represents a hint of blue, as we see in the national flag.

Home office space with cubicle decoration ideas for independence day 2022
A patriotic workspace with a painting of freedom fighters

DIY Independence Day Decorations

Time to DIY! Are you ready to show your value as a true citizen of India? Then try these DIY Independence Day decorations ideas. Make beautiful DIY craft lanterns in the colours of the national flag that can hang off the ceiling with pride. Pep the wall with lotus flowers made from craft paper in shades of orange, green and white, along with flags made with cardboard paper!

DIY independence day decorations with handed crafter lanterns, flowers and flags
A library nook with DIY Independence Day decorations

This is our tribute to Independence Day with decoration ideas from DesignCafe to you. We hope you enjoyed this read. And if you are looking for home expert help in designing your dream home, book a free consultation with us today. All our designs are personalised to match your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. Hope to design your home soon! Jai Hind!

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FAQ on Independence Day

1. What are some easy and affordable ways to decorate my home for Independence Day?

Affordable ways to decorate your home include using tricolour balloons, flags, and DIY craft decor. Hang tri-coloured curtains, add tricolour cushions, and display paintings or images that represent our nation.

2. Are there any specific colour combinations that work well with the tricolour theme?

Tricolour themes for Independence Day decorations can be achieved with classic hues like Orange, White, and Green or softer tones of Saffron, Ivory, and Forest Green. Bolder looks can be created with Deep Orange, Cream, and Olive Green, while Rust, Off-White, and Emerald Green offer a rustic charm.

3. Can you provide tips for creating a tricolour-inspired gallery wall?

To create a tricolour-inspired gallery wall, use frames with orange, white, and green borders. Include photos or artwork that symbolise India’s rich culture and heritage. Add mini flags or DIY craft decor for a patriotic touch.

4. What are some alternative tricolour home decor ideas for small spaces?

For small spaces, consider using tricolour throw pillows, table runners, or wall decals. Hang tricolour bunting or create a tricolour centrepiece for your dining table. These small touches will still bring a patriotic vibe to your home.

5. How can I add a touch of patriotism to my living room decor?

Add a touch of patriotism to your living room by using tricolour accents like cushions, rugs, or curtains. Display tricolour paintings or artworks that depict our country’s culture and history. Use tri-coloured accessories to infuse patriotism into your living space.

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