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Republic Day Is Here! Bring In Colours Of The Indian Flag To Your Home

Republic Day decoration for home using crafts, charts, handmade posters

India’s 72nd Republic Day is around the corner, make sure you give your home a tricolour theme to your interiors with these simple and affordable ideas. 

The country is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day this year. For most of us, Republic Day celebrations are usually an affair at the workplace, while the rest of us spend the day off with friends and family watching the grand parade on TV. How about beautifying your home this year in tricolour? It’s going to be fun and definitely have you feeling way more patriotic than you usually do! Check out these stunning decor ideas and let your home bring in the colours of the nation this Republic Day!

Republic Day Decor For A Kids Bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms are playful and fun spots in every home. Ignite the patriotic spark in your child with creative depictions of India’s history. Bring in a tricolour theme on those walls, wardrobes and bed linen. Get a wallpaper that appraises your child on the country’s constitution. Here is your grand chance to help your kids understand celebrations beyond Holi and Diwali.

Ashoka Chakra, The Wheel Of Time

Did you know that 24 spokes on Ashoka Chakra symbolise the principles of life and twenty-four hours in a day? That’s precisely why the blue chakra on our National flag is known as the ‘Wheel of Time’. A clock inspired by Ashoka Chakra like this one is a thoughtful addition. Make this a focal point of your home interiors this republic day.

Tricolour wall hanging to decorate home for republic day along with tri colour sofa cushions
A clock inspired by the wheel of time puts a creative spin to your living room interiors

Accessorise Your Space for republic day decoration

Decorate your home interiors with tricoloured accessories. It’s pretty and patriotic – perfect for this day!

DIY Republic day decoration inforgraphics showing use of crafts, charts, balloons, wall hangings.

Tricoloured Upholstery Does The Trick

Changing the colour palette of home interiors for every special day or festival is never an option for homeowners. However, you can refresh the upholstery on this day for just the right vibe! Throw in tricolour drapes, cushion covers and rugs in your living room. Stick to the same tricolour them for other corners of your house like pillow covers, bedsheets, bedcovers, rugs, and throw pillows.

Tricolour upholestry to decorate your living room for republic day on 26 january
Revive your living room with tricolour upholstery on Republic Day

Deck Up Your Dining Space for republic day decoration

There are plenty of ways to decorate your dining room table and make it as palatable as those festive dishes you will serve your guests. Throw in tricolour runners and coasters, paper hangings and balloons. Take the decor to a whole new level with tempting food items like tricolour sandwiches, drinks and serve them on chic porcelain platters.

Decoration for republic day to deck up your dining space for republic day decoration
A classic dining room gets a pop of tricolour for a special look

Design Cafe Design Tip:

Flaunt your love for everything desi with ethnic decor. Jute furniture in your garden or patio is an easy design hack. Tap into your creative juices and beautify your home’s entrance with attractive rangoli designs in tricolour or with flower petals. 

We hope these decoration ideas for your home are going to bring in the cheer this Republic Day. Let us know if you liked our ideas in the comments section below.

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