Festival Decoration Ideas That You Can Do At Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Beautiful festival decoration ideas at home
Why wait for another festival when you can start prepping up for the ones on their way. Take a quick read at our blog on festival decor tips and get set for the upcoming season. The festive season is always fun! The festive season means a lot of delicious festive food and pretty festive decor. If you live in India, then you will know just how much festivals mean and are celebrated. Festival decoration at home takes place with enormous thought and devotion. The joy of eating a variety of food and playing fun games like lagori are sure to be some favourite festival time memories.  When its festive season in idea a lot of us buy baskets of flowers to decorate our homes and colour our entrances with pretty rangoli designs – both elements make up an essential part of the festive decoration in India. The festive season is just around the corner in India so if you are looking at festival decoration ideas for your home take a quick read at our latest article to make this season memorable and beautiful.

Origami As Festival Decoration

Isn’t it fun when cousins and close ones come together when there is a festival at home? It definitely is. All the sweets and fresh flowers used for festival decoration will leave you feeling ecstatic. And this year since we are all homebound thanks to a lockdown you can use this time to get creative with your decor ideas. Lights and origami are now becoming a cool new trend when it comes to festival decor. So you can get your gang of friends and family together and start prepping for the festive season with some Origami sessions at home. See this living room? Miniature origami cranes have been strung together that hang delicately in place of garlands against the wall and archway. Origami in blues, yellows, and pinks make up a beautiful ensemble and have also been used as decorative items on the dining table.
Ganpati decoration at home with origami in blues, yellows, and pinks colours & lights in this white room look beautiful.
A living room decked up with miniature cranes made from origami paper

Go Crazy With Colourful Kites As Festival Decoration

The first festival of the year starts off with Sankranti, also known as the festival of kites. And here are some really cool festival decoration ideas with kites which by the way make for an amazing decor item. Hanging different coloured kites from the wall or from your balcony are sure to give your home a festive look. Colourful kites can be used to decorate your home for any other festival too as they look super cool. Needless to say they add a fun element to your home.
Ugadi decoration ideas at home hang colourful kites & beads in the balcony to bring the festival vibe.
A balcony decorated with colourful kites and beads brings in vibrancy to spaces
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Decoration Idea For Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is welcomed in Indian homes during the festival of Ganesh Chathurthi and continues right into Diwali season. When it comes to decorating and celebrating him Indian homeowners do it with aplomb and fervour. This festive season decorate your home with some fantastic floral decor. Flowers are a great decoration idea for Lord Ganesha at home. Flowers don’t just smell great but they also look great. You can mix a variety of flowers together and still count on the amazing aroma and pretty petals to do the job of decoration and fragrance. Flower mala’s or simply flower petals arranged in a bowl look absolutely stunning.
Decorate with flowers and add lights behind it looks stunning is decoration ideas for Ganpati at home
A pooja room with the idol of Lord Ganesha decorated with mala’s made from flowers
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime
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Clay Pots And Flowers As Pooja Room Decoration At Home

Make this Janmashtami inspired decoration idea stand out like it never did before. Handi’s are an essential part of Indian tradition so why not put some of our earthenware into play and deck up your home for the upcoming festive season? You can hang handi’s by the ceiling of the pooja room or simply place handi’s on the floor. Handi’s can be surrounded by pretty flowers of your choice and mala’s to make them look even more amazing. Handis can also be painted in different colours or patterns to make them look even more lively.
Janmashtami decoration at home with handi pots decorated with white paint and flowers & lights looks fantastic.
Clay pots decorated with white paint and flowers are the centre of attraction in this pooja room

A Colourful Festival Decoration

We have some super colourful festival decoration ideas that you can use throughout the year and also on Lohri. Colours scream fun. So if you want a lively and vibrant festive season then balloons are something you can bring in as decoration. If you like to light up your home you can hang lanterns made from coloured paper. Make yourself a large lantern that hangs from the ceiling like a piece of decor and also a chandelier. Coloured streamers are also an excellent idea for festival decor as they pep up spaces instantly.
Decorate the living room with colourful balloons, streamers and hand made lanterns are bright festival decoration ideas.
A living room decorated with colourful balloons, streamers and hand made lanterns are sure to light up this space for any upcoming festivals
And there you have it, a handful of colourful festive decoration tips to make this season joyful and abundant. Your home is where memories are made so make 2020 a beautiful year to remember.  Explore, more about

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